The Federal Government Attacking the Family and Parental Rights – including Homeschooling

Homeschool stuff:
1) My article from early June (raised the call for parents to read the Federal Register’s post for the US Dept of Ed and the proposed IDEA $ changes.
2) My article following that up (it’s laying out the price tag for our children):
Attached you’ll find the documents I will refer to.
The first is the 1992 Medicaid covered services guide (still in use, a few updates, I believe, have been made, but will tie into the proposed changes by US Ed)
The second is the just release US HHS (Health & Human Services) Comprehensive Guide
4) The show I did with Dr. George on the subject (I’m including so the audience can hear
from a doctor who has stood against the intrusion of the State into ed/healthcare:

Common Core Diva blog:

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