Congress Uses Tips They Learned From Silicon Valley To Control You Cradle To Grave

The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to expose what is going on behind the scenes both in Silicon Valley and in our own government as the US continues to usurp authority not granted to the government in our Constitution in order to advance a world agenda that is demonic in nature. See for yourself and act!

Articles, links and videos mentioned in this episode, along with additional resources provided by Lynne.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

The US House Republican Education and Labor Blog news release centered on the Gov. of MD’s latest ed/labor move that they feel needs to go nationwide:
The MD media approach to the Governor’s great move:
For context, here is my MD/Tucker article where Estonia’s ‘cradle to grave’ system is detailed:

The US House will be meeting on 4/5 to ‘mark up’ the latest reauthorization of the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).

Here’s the press release from the main House E/L Committee from March 2022, about the Markup on WIOA:
SO, how will a markup session on a federal bill intersect the recent announcement concerning the State of MD and it’s ‘new’ agenda?! Plenty!
Since the House (and Senate) will rubber stamp the idea of workforce readiness (as laid out in ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act), make the HR 7309 the open blueprint couldn’t be easier, now that MD is being hailed as ‘innovative’ and the Governor lauded.

How will the current GSV Summit play into the new WIOA and/or the MD announcement?

Easy: there are 4 keynote sessions (just in the virtual portion; which doesn’t count for the in-person schedule, where this theme will no doubt surface: 
“PreK to Gray”!!

Other workforce based ‘educratic’ sessions include: demographic diversity, bridging the labor gap in the US, STEM, SEL, CTE, Career Pathways, new ways to get by without college or to get into what’s going to replace colleges. AND more!
This bill will use every type of classification of citizens to cast a wide net. For example: ‘at risk’, ‘underserved’, ‘low income’, certain groups (namely Native Americans), ‘caregivers’, ‘adults’ and ‘youth’, ‘justice-involved individual’ (formerly known as ‘incarcerated’), ‘veterans’, ‘individuals with barriers’ ,and the ‘homeless’, etc.
*Another note: increases in federal to state footprints and expansion of national control are woven throughout, especially via P3s: Public Private Partnerships.
Page 2: gives Secretaries of Ed and Labor the power to orderly transfer any lesser authority of programs. Exactly where the other end of the transfer is wasn’t clear.
Page 3: the two Secretaries will then work up a new ed/labor regulations plan and place it on the Federal Registry for public comment.
Page 8: necessary skills of reading, writing, and math only need an 8th grade proficiency level of ‘skill’. (English language as the standard language). Career Pathways immediately follows. The skill based agenda is in plain sight in the entire portion for CPs.
Page 13: mentions the HEA , Higher Education Act (however, briefly under the ‘displaced caregiver portions before page 13, you can see that youth are now classified as between 14 and 24. (Target age for the European Youth Guarantee program that the US is putting into place)
Page 21: co-enrollment, competency, digital literacy all measured by ‘best practices’ (in other words, AI algorithms and high stakes testing)
Page 23, the Perkins funding (for CTE, Career Tech Education) and pre-apprenticeships appear. All props up workforce learning, not academics.
Page 27 will show a ‘diverse demographic’ is considered essential to the State’s alignment to WIOA. (Note: ‘Diverse demographics’ is a hot topic of the Global Silicon Valley’s conference. Why? It can ‘bridge’ the labor gap in the US with skill based ‘education’)
Page 32, it’s clear that the States are to place their efforts of the economic status of their territory NOT protecting the citizens.
Beginning on Page 36, you can see all the other federal education laws (or ones related) which will also be codified and amended by HR 7309. nOte the tone of community alignment as well.
By Page 42, you can see collective bargaining will be a government/biz tactic for job-aligned training which replaces academics at all education levels/institutions.
Page 43, the stackable, digital credentialing which gets everyone on the blockchain)
(See this short video from one of the GSV top elite presenters:
Link: (video is at the bottom)
Page 46 will begin the “Local Provisions” (more economics before citizens)
Page 49, ‘regionalization’ in woven in (will tie to the SDGs by the UN, as well as tie to STEM jobs)
Pages 54 & 55 *WILL NEED TO BE SHOWN DURING THE SHOW (technology will be inserted by default in effort to align the SLDS to the WQDI)
Page 75 will begin a new section (NEEDS TO BE SHOWN) in the following pages, the one stop job centers will now include public libraries.
Page 80 shows the infrastructure for one stop job centers will need to be changed, too.
Page 83 shows your State Governor will decide funding, not voters or local districts. Their voice will be heard (supposedly) before the Governor’s decision, but there’s no language to say that will be 100% honored.
Page 86: competencies must align with jobs to receive funding
Page 94 begins the Youth Workforce section (passed off as ‘investment’)
Page 103 shows how diplomas (or something considered as one)
Other must know items from this Bill:
Page 106: Summer and year round youth workforce programs
Page 115: Adult and Displaced
Page 143: General Populate Workforce “Investment”
Page 144: begins the JobCorps (will embed campuses, mentors)
Page 167 begins the National Programs (remember this is supposed to be a labor/job law)
This section targets Native Americans, migrant workers. Means lots of overreaching into tech assistance (data mining) infrastructure (got to have the internet to track and trace), will also have a separate child care and youth investment portion, too.
Page 181 begins how the cradle to grave worker bee system will use community colleges to increase WIOA’s grasp, esp. via P3s.
YouthBuild programs START at*FY 2023 and increase): $1,026,450,000
Youth Summer/Year Round START at: 6,650,000 

Adult Investment START at: $1,555,600,000

Dislocated/displaced START at: 2,486,300,000
Job Corps funding STARTS at: $1,809,857,925
Native American/migrant ‘investments’ START at: $159,500,000

Community College partnership funding STARTS at: $100,000,000

Resources for the Archives:
1) The 2021 article where readers/listeners can see the MD/Tucker influence permeate Congress:
3) Aligning the working class and increasing taxation is not new, but will continue to impact us:
4) This one, from 2019, will lay out how ‘competency’ word games have been deceptive, thus, used against us:
5) To see the current ASU/GSV Schedule where you can see much which ties to BOTH the MD poster State for ‘cradle to grave’ and HR 7309:
6) On 4/5/22, the GW Bush and CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) will host a GSV workshop about State Policy in education to HELP children!
(*Note: the education to work pipeline is a key feature on the website)
7) From Germany and meant for professional football (soccer): how psychology (SEL and mental health overreaches)for community alignment to support sports (and yes, how it connects to jobs and education) can be seen:
8) Since Congress wants to redefine youth, it won’t be long before the ages of children are also probably going to be redefined. Much of the UN/SDG agenda is a barely educated workforce, so think about how child labor was once outlawed. Moves like this will bring it back. Consider this short video on the present workforce of CHILDREN for greedy consumers:

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