Deception Lives In Congress: Amendments, Affirmations & Collusion

The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode of Rotten to the Core Wednesdays to unmask the uniparty’s agenda of unconstitutional indoctrination.

1) We’ll start with S 65 and HR 525 (sister bills):

Rep. Banks’  Press Release:

S 60:

Sen. Cruz’s Press Release:
** (Both of these amend ESEA/ESSA to allow military families to have Ed Savings Accounts)

3) HR 287:
(Amends ESEA/ESSA for federal $ to be given to LEAs (Local Ed Agencies) to create curriculum transparency)

Rep. Fitzgerald’s Press Release (2nd Bill, not the first)

4) H Res 54:
(Resolution denoting the vital role/need for the US to further assert its role in public education and ‘outcomes’ across the globe)
Rep. Meng’s Press Release:

5) S 105 and HR 463: S 105:

Rep. Good’s Press Release:

HR 463:
Rep. Lee’s Press Release:
**(Both set up money trails to follow students as they progress through education)

6) HR 571:(Sets up federal funds to follow K-12 students)
Rep. Roy’s Press Release: (it’s the second bill, not the first)

From my archives:
1) Cruz exposed for the educratic fraud he is and colluding with DeVos (first video):
2) Education Savings Accounts exposed as data trackers, not ‘freedom’:
3) Perkins Funding to usurp academics:

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