Indoctrination Straitjackets For All!

Under the guise of education, indoctrination continues to plow its way over the American people at the hands of tyrannical government at the federal, state and local levels. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode of Rotten to the Core to point out how National University, as well as Infosys and a host of others are taking indoctrination into the Marxist system being created and why it must be exposed, resisted and torn down.

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode, along with additional resources provided by Lynne.

Resources for the show/archives:

1) National University’s Press Release on their new educratic angle:


1b) This 4:53 YouTube link from Nat’l Univ. explains ‘whole human education:

2) NU’s main website:

2a) NU’s About page:

(Note: the founder was a retired US Naval officer. Here’s a bit more about him:

As you’ll see, there’s a tie to General Dynamics)

3) NU’s “Workforce Education” page: 

4) NU’s accrediting body:

4a) Commission members:

5) Wongdoody’s website:

5a) Since Wongdoody is an Infosys Company, here’s the ‘about’ page for Infosys:

5b) Infosys’s ESG (think Chinese Social Credit system): AND

5c) If you’re interested in the creative leader of Wongdoody; especially since the digital programming used in education goes through this department, go here:

6) General Dynamics’s website:

6a) GD’s STEM announcement:

6b) GD’s ties to the UN:

7) Another school partner of NU and Wongdoody is NorthCentral Univ.  See:

8) My archives featuring the CCSS Machine/STEM and veterans:

8b) My archives on the Military and STEM:

8c) The one article where our show used an Infosys document to tie to the digital garbage and the massive ‘student data rape’ in the name of education:


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