Know Thy Government’s Militant Intentions

The attacks against us are coming hard and fast from DC.  The first part is their attack on five states for supposed civil rights violations centering on not masking up when the schools should.  The second part is the reshaping of our US military. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to explain what is going on and tell you that there is much We the People need to do.

Articles, links, previous shows and additional resources provided by Lynn referenced in this episode.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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Suck It Up Buttercup? No, We Will Not Surrender Our Daughters For The Draft! (Video)

The Last Days Madness In The US (Video)

When An Error Is This Great, It MUST Be Corrected! (Video)

We Are Engaged In A Major Psyop Because We Didn’t Deliver Justice Against The 9/11 Psyop (Video)

Links for the US Ed and COVID:
3b) Your interview with Suzanne on the same topic, along with the fake news over the approval of the Pfizer jab:
4) The Citizens for Free Speech’s project for vax/mask injury and dangers:
Links for military:
1) The Senate Committee’s recent closed meeting for the meat behind their newest Defense Authorization Act:
2) I couldn’t find the Senate specific FY 2022 bill I saw MSM harp on, but I did find this from concerning the Senate’s actions for FY 2022:
3) Senate version of Selective Service Repeal:

(This is where I believe the Senate’s FY 2022 mandates/budget are included)

8) Both Chambers are opposing the female draft mandates:
NOTE: These are resolutions, not bills, so the sentiment of opposition is there, but without a bill, it’s moot.

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