When “Infrastructure” Actually Means More Federal Expansion Into Your Life

As always, when the DC Beast decides to claim they are funding something, there’s always more unconstitutional items in that funding than they are authorized to fund. The latest “Infrastructure investment and Jobs Act” (HR 3684) is no different. This criminal, and yes it is criminal, bill funds a ton of unconstitutional, even fascist items the people never authorized in the US Constitution and all of them are aimed at targeting us and our children to be good little communist slaves, which is why the people must call it out and reject it. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to expose where the money is going and how it unlawfully expands the role of government in our everyday lives.

Articles, links and resources mentioned in this episode provided by Lynne.

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Here’s the link to the HR 3684 (that mammoth infrastructure bill both the House and Senate passed). Title of the Bill: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

When it’s to hit the President’s desk is a big question. 

See the activity on the Bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/3684

The Senate did propose an amendment (dated 8/1/21), but passed HR 3684 on 8/10/21.

Here the ‘reduction’ of spending the Senate proposed: https://www.cbo.gov/publication/57406

So, what’s all this got to do with education, since it IS Rotten to the Core Wednesday?

“Education” is mentioned in HR 3684, 234 times!

However, here’s the fun; because the Bill is 2,740 pages, the usual text version I can provide from congress.gov, isn’t working. All you can access is the version they have displayed. This means you don’t have specific page numbers to locate your area of interest OR conduct a word by word search of your topic of interest (at least not very efficiently).

Infrastructure investment and Jobs Act by Tim Brown on Scribd

Below is the list of page numbers (for education). Only the ones with a * by them, will be the ones we show the audience. This HR 3684 is so big we cannot get all of the Education topics in the one hour,so let’s plan to cover what’s below on Sept. 1 and finish up the rest on Sept. 8th.

Pages 32/33 Education is lumped in with research and technical to the tune of $25 mill (FY 2022) to $26 million by FY 2026. All in the name of infrastructure (IE not just roads and bridges)

P 165, Safe Routes to Schools for K-12th education will encompass every neighborhood within a 2 mile radius (conformity)

P 177 Education as part of the economic development outreach. Will bring in more P3s (fascism) Expect the corporate dribble of ‘best practices’

*P 179, the type of ed/econ P3 groups allowed

*P 278 “State Human Capital Plans” will include education connected to labor (**We’ll tie this back to the OECD’s definition of HC)

Near P 315 through 319, Community Energy and Fuel Grants will include education

P 429, Education ‘best practices’ for cybersecurity in transportation

*P 459, look at the ‘stakeholders’ in education/technology for stormwater

**Near P 474 you can find the Pollinator Friendly Practices Plan (means grants for States/communities) this will integrate the UN’s SDGs, but there’s even more sinister plans included.

Pages 483 and 488 include the first mentions of the agenda alignment for the Native Americans repeatedly woven in this Bill. The main funding stream in most accounts is the Self-Determination funds as given through the Bureau of Indian Education.

Pages 504/505 Data mining increases and income slotting for public education, jobs, access to services

* P 506 Public education/outreach (note the compliance clause used)

P 545, the first mention (related to education) about  Centers for Excellence. These Centers are repeated in several federal agency connections to infrastructure. This one is for New Mobility and Automated Vehicles. Each group of Centers in HR 3684, expands the federal government in vast measures. This particular set of Centers for mobility/autos ties to the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021. (The Senate has Bills with this exact title. Both appear to have been introduced, but most of the education related content is in HR 3684)

Senate version: https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/s1931/BILLS-117s1931rs.pdf

The other Senate version: https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/s1953/BILLS-117s1953is.pdf

(Note, on P 547, as part of the Centers, Higher Ed is considered a partner, as well as more P3s)

(Near Page 545, the SAE International Practices group is cited. Here’s the link to that group. SAE stands for Society of Automobile Engineers :
https://www.sae.org/publications/collections/content/E-JOURNAL-99/ )

*P 551 Workforce Development Training and Education begins. See the apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships; on the job training via career tracks in community colleges and trade schools (will end at the top of P 552)

P 553 will show transportation and education/training as a development and deployment program of grants. Workforce based education curriculum will be included. Woven into this and appearing on P 554, is the data tracking from education to job.

P 555, Post secondary education credentialing and skill based education

P 557 The Centers for Excellence for Transportation Resilience and Adaptations is established. Again, Higher Ed is an eligible entity. Each Center will receive $5 mill a piece, use climate science education (UN SDGs again) Related on P 564 is the pilot program for more data to include connections between jobs/ed/health care

* P 558 Show the 10 regions and one nation set of Centers. These Centers will also include all Non Profits run by Higher Education, too

(In this set of pages,above, the US Global Change Research Program and the Global Change Research Act of 1990 are cited. Here’s the link to the USGCR:

Here’s the link to the 1990 law: https://www.globalchange.gov/about/legal-mandate )

P 652 Higher Education will be considered a stakeholder in multi-modal freight

P 827 Establishes the Rail Research Development Centers of Excellence; on P 828 you’ll find the Higher Education and Non Profits will be included in a consortium for ed/workforce grants

*P 873 Promoting Women in the Trucking Workforce begins. We’ll look at the “sense of Congress” and lines 22 to 25, then the top of P 874. Related is P 875 where a national advisory board will be appointed for education/workforce and mentoring for women in trucking. One of the appointed board members must be from Higher Ed or a vocational school (look for this to trickle back down to the lower grades for career tracks)

*P 1080 Begins the Section 25005 (Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Grants (SMART Grants). This Section ends of P 1095. This section includes much SDG alignment and agenda points using education as a bully pulpit.

P 1105 Prepares a workforce for electric vehicles with the collaboration of TRADE UNIONS working with education and relevant manufacturing

P 1128 Safety Data Initiative establishes a massive data scheme to include education

*P 1134 Begin the ARPA-I (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Infrastructure). This expansion of the federal gov’t will be under the US Dept of Transportation. Higher Education is considered a viable partner. Outside the US entities are also included as partners with Higher Ed

P 1154/1157/1163 Interagency collaborations (means Us federal agencies) will include education (at all levels)

P 1178 Transportation Workforce Development begins.Will use WORKFORCE NEEDS assessments to tie into the (P 1179) skill based education

*P 1468/Section 40211 is where the 21st Century Energy Workforce Advisory Board can be found. See lines 22-24 and the top of -1469 (note that education is a priority for job training). Related is P 1470 where you can see cited is secondary and post-secondary education for energy apprenticeships

*P 1672/Section40513 “Career Skills Training” begins. See Lines 12 to the bottom and all of P 1673

P 1681 Higher Ed as industrial research and assessment centers. P 1692 shows these will include community colleges/trade or vocational schools or union training programs

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