The Liberty Belles Episode 7

The Liberty Belles continue the discussion surrounding the “MINDSPACE” document introduced in the last episode, linking it to the “GSR Behaviour Change Knowledge Review” document originating in the United Kingdom. As you will see, some proponents “proposed” in these documents are already being implemented and “felt” by the people despite the document disclaimer “not for government policy”. Moreover, an executive order by the former usurper in chief, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, “approved” the use of “behavior economy” on the people of the united States. While Trump was in office, this executive order was not rescinded and much of it remains intact moving forward.

Now, with a document coming out of Australia, these behavioral measures to maneuver the people in a direction approved by government are being presented without hesitation as a legitimate means of control. Stayed tuned for an in-depth discussion on this new document.

As always, sources are provided for review at your convenience. Keep in mind the Constitution for the united States of America does not authorize any of these measures or intrusions upon the people.

Keep ringing the alarm on education to affect change and always hammer out those issues to smell the manure!


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