Anti Fed Ed Warriors, several of my devoted followers of researching the CCSS Machine’s educratic moves, have sent their concerns about what’s happening. I can say, that with the COVID-19 overreactions, I’m very vexed AND concerned. So, to that end, I’m using this article to bring up these troubling actionsContinue Reading


Below are the articles of my research pertaining to this video: From Noahide Laws To Technofascism To Transhumanism – Sons of Liberty Media – hosted by Tim Brown Website: Intellect: Yours Vs Theirs – Education Daze And Politicial Haze – About Dr. June: Dr. June KnightContinue Reading

Congress' Unconstitutional STEM Legislation - Fed's Usurping Chickens Coming Home To Roost

STEM legislation is currently in Congress. About 3 of the 32 have unconstitutionally been made federal law. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor walks us through what is taking place and what the results will be if the people don’t push back against it. See more here: BelowContinue Reading