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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I know, that by now, you’ve heard of the ‘green agenda’. If not, it’s the buzz phrase used to denote the massive amount of hype, hysteria, and down right hoodwinking the top-down system of our world is dishing out.

Their goal? To eliminate ALL use of anything like fossil fuels, gas powered cars/appliances, and the list goes on. Their ‘justification’? The use of something like fossil fuels is forcing the temperature of the Earth to be SO bad, we can’t grow food.


The CCSS Machine certainly has made the most out of the media frenzy to help its cause.

There are many who have bought into the ‘climate crisis’ dog and pony show. There are many more who have not. The problem is our education system is propping up the climate crisis to unseen before levels of stupendous manipulation. Just consider the militant style young people we’re seeing verbally attack their elders for not complying. In some cases, attacks have been physical. We’ve seen adults attack each other over all the issues that come with not voluntarily doing something to ‘save the planet’. If it weren’t so serious, this would be laughable, almost like the scene in “The Wizard of Oz” when the Wicked Witch laments “I’m melting!”

Warriors, the question I posed in the title is rhetorical. Of course the ‘green agenda’ is mean, it’s only going to get ‘meaner’ if we allow it.
As you know, here on my blog, I’ve pointed out several ways our food supply has been attacked via education. Especially under the guise of helping students learn more about their world. You’ve read the articles where the food standards (PL_FES_2018) got made over by the CCSS Machine.

I’ve also shown you food corporations who’ve infiltrated schools to help sway the conversations. Then, there was HR 2 (The Agriculture Act of 2018) which was all about agriculture, supposedly. Education was laced in over 200 times! What about SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)? ESSA(Every Student Succeeds Act) roped that funding (as well as TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) into schools and students homes, not as a way to help, but as a way to micro-manage families! Earlier this year, I detailed how all this has been expanded upon.
(*Note: the image below was originally featured in the article I embedded with ‘food corporations’.)

The Most Recent Mean Green Information:

Warriors, just yesterday (11/15/23) the USDA (US Dept of Agriculture) announced a new and update planting zone map. Agriculture Research Service (ARS) stated this: “These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to ensuring the Plant Hardiness Zone Map remains a premier source of information that gardeners, growers and researchers alike can use, whether they’re located in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico,” said ARS Administrator Dr. Simon Liu. This seemingly helpful map is also used for insuring crops, by scientists for food research and even in schools.
The higher education institution which works with the USDA is PRISM Climate Group (Oregon St. University). In fact, the USDA SUPPORTS PRISM! (read the small print near the bottom of the page in the above embedded link)

PRISM is also a part of the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering! 
Oregon St. University actively works with, not only the USDA, but the UN(United Nations) when it comes to food and agriculture. If you look at the header image when you visit the OSU link, note the years they’ve been partnering. From 1998 to present.

Did you know the USDA has “Climate Hubs”? Yes! Here’s an excerpt from their website: “As significant impacts of climate change on natural systems are already evident, it is important to understand how climate change will continue and potentially intensify with time. The USDA Office of Sustainability and Climate has developed an interactive storymap to show what the potential intensification of climate change through this century will look like in the coterminous United States.”
, two important clues: 1) POTENTIAL is not absolute proof!

2) STORYMAP, is this a direct admission to continued support of the lies our US government is so actively spewing out? The question is “WHY?” Why is the government lying? To convince us that a SYSTEM is smarter than people!

From the image below, it appears to be successful. You gain time due to a government map?! This is like giving your baby the keys to the car and saying it’s okay to drive! Governments, even their maps, shouldn’t control what you plant and when you plant it. Are we SO hoodwinked we’ll blindly accept this kind of steering us into submission?
Wait, Lynne, where do you get all that from this image? This person is so heavily relying on a government manipulated system that their future growing plans will be centered on it. What happened to the time tested growing cycles we can find in an almanac (which are usually superior to the government’s maps) The Old Farmer’s Almanac even has an edition for children. When I looked at the weather information, not one word about ‘climate change’, but there were terms like ‘weather mysteries’.

Warriors, did you also notice the way in which this new map chops the USA up? You may wish to look into what other government systems are updating their regional maps/data trails. Oh, one more thing: The USDA is in bed with the United Nations, when it comes to food supplies.
However, that’s not the only similarity. Look at the information from the 5th National Climate Assessment. The map image is almost the same! Why does the US have a 5th assessment? Because of a decades long set of laws/regulations/policies/mandates to support the continued junk science involved!

Here’s an excerpt from the 2021 meeting (*Note: a 2 year span between a summit on food supply and a new government sanctioned food map. No relation, I’m sure): “In the lead up to the UN Food Systems Summit, USDA hosted three National Food Systems Dialogues to facilitate inclusive dialogue on sustainable food systems. More than 200 stakeholders took part, including farmers, food industry representatives, environmental groups, nutrition and food security advocates, unions and advocates for farm and food systems workers, and researchers.”

NPR Weighs In:
Ah, Warriors, just like the good little government funded (direct funds and indirect funds) mouthpiece the NPR (National Public Radio) is, they are reporting on the new USDA map as well. The slant, is of course, that climate change is all us humans’ fault. Growing, by default, will change, too. As in  what grows where. If you consider the uptick to growing plants indoors (it’s well into the billions of dollars as far as profit), you might think it’s a good thing.

However, ask yourselves  ‘Why is the government or its propaganda machine propping up climate change so much? Could it be because the land to grow our own food is disappearing?’
According to another UN partner higher education university (VA Tech) the biggest reason is urban growth. However, if that’s true, why is our government pushing Smart Cities so much? Smart Cities are not a solution to any of our food source issues. They are being set up to control them! Look at the homepage for the UN/VA Tech partnership: SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) where SDG #2 (Zero Hunger) is included!

Indiana To the Rescue?

Warriors, from this IN news media source, the new USDA growing map is absolute proof that ‘climate change’ is to blame. Here’s an excerpt:
Hans Schmitz, an agronomist at Purdue University, said it’s definitely possible for annual species to change to perennials. “Annuals could begin to overwinter and become perennial,” Schmitz said. “That’s the number one thing we’re talking about as we warm and switch zones.”
(*Note: go here to see how Purdue University is a UN SDG (since 2012) partner)


The ‘policy neutral‘ folks at “Climate Central” (*Note: those groups funding Climate Central are hardly ‘policy neutral’. Don’t miss the fact they brag about the UN using their data maps in 2021, either.) also weighed in on the new USDA maps. Here’s an  excerpt from their viewpoint:If heat-trapping carbon pollution continues these shifts could force growers to select plants adapted to a wider and warmer range of temperatures.”


Warriors, I’m very much concerned that all the lies being taught, not only to our children, but to society, as a whole are ramping up very dangerous circumstances for all of us. As we know, real science experts have stated that climate change is a farce. It’s too tied up in the UN to be truthful, from my research. Others, like me, have also proven the technofascism tied to not just climate change, but Smart Cities, and many other connecting dots to the SDGs of the UN.
We CANNOT continue to quietly sit by and let lies rule us. We must stand up and fight back. Minds are being compromised as we speak.



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