Food for Thought-Control with Lynne Taylor

The Commoncore Diva is back to explain how the latest proposed new food standards for schools are going to make our kids (and us) even easier to control. We cannot lose sight of the fact that the schools are becoming the community hub for neighborhoods, so dietary policy aimed at schools will impact dietary options of people who aren’t at school.

Article about Utah teacher feeding students bugs:
Action for Healthy Kids – aimed at anything BUT, and shows the partnerships between big business and gov’t:

School meal standards: looks ok, until you realize what gov’t defines as “sugar” and what they plan to use in place of it, or what’s left once they remove it.

From the US Dept of Ag’s Food Financing Initiative:
(Note: Senate Bill 760 from the current Congress is tied to this:
(No surprise that NY’s Sen. Gillibrand is the co-sponsor)

Here’s a link to all the 118th’s Congressional activity on food/nutrition for the nation. Don’t overlook the SNAP benefits for children. That ties right back to the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).

From Lynne’s archives and related:
From 2015, how the FFA (Future Farmers of America) had sold out to the Common Core State Standards:

From 2016: School based ‘family’ cooking lessons:
(Note: This one, also from 2016, featured NC’s foray into ‘child success’. As we know, under this educratic BS system, ‘child success’ gets into what they think, how they exercise, and what’s eaten:

From 2018’s HR 2 (Omnibus Agricultural Act):

From 2019 here, in NC, the alignment of food to the UN’s SDGs:

From 2020, this article about fed spending showed the US Dept of Ag doing all kinds of things, especially with reforming food stamps:

From 2021, Lynne’s interview on the Sons of Liberty about the communism in using food/labor:
*NOTE: if you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the main article Lynne wrote about it:

As you can guess, all this will also play into the regionalism needed to transform the US into a great UN member state as well as a control mechanism for food, water, etc.

We need folks to look into their local plans for food, water (US Dept of Ag, EPA, etc). We need to understand that forcing govt food policies will not keep our nation healthy, but rather, weak, sick and under control.

(Note the tone of we must regulate everything)

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