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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, have you heard of UBI (Universal Basic Income)? Do you know that those ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) are a form of UBIs? That’s right, remember the more subsidized our government tries to make us, the more controlled by the government we become. Today’s article will unravel this deception for you, but there are lots of twists and turns.
A word of ‘warning’: this article is jam packed with TONS of information. Take it slowly when you ‘dive in’. I have copious other notes I’ve not included in this article, so if you find you’d like to know what else I gleaned, please email: info@commoncorediva.com.

The Webinar:
What you see above is a screen shot I took during the recent Campaign for Grade Level Reading webinar that featured Rx Kids out of Flint, MI.
I’ve linked for you (above) one of the most important articles I’ve written on Campaign. It wasn’t long after DC started really throwing money at families in the name of ‘educational justice’ because, after all, so much ‘learning loss’ had occurred.  I’ve written other articles about this group and their agenda to overtake families. Go here to see the others. (*Notes: I’ve written on UBIs before, here on the blog. Be sure to check it out. I also featured an article about CGRL in this article discussing a charter school’s community overreaches in Charlotte, NC. )

So, what IS Rx Kids? According to the 4 individuals you see above, it’s a flagship program that’s taken about 1 year to get as far as they gotten. Basically, the entire town of Flint is supportive of this flagship. What does it do? It PAYS EVERY pregnant woman in Flint a one-time allotment to use during her pregnancy ($1,500). As soon as the child is born, the CHILD receives a $500.00 per month allotment for 1 YEAR. Rx Kids is also a project of  lead pediatrician, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Along with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (see my article on how much of a CCSS Machine member group this Foundation is. Note that when this article was written, the push for Community Schools was getting started.)

The premise is simple:
to totally erase inter-generational poverty in Flint, this program is a win-win. Healthy moms and children, money to buy diapers, food and have more time to bond. Oh, and the win for the City of Flint? More economic gain due to all the spending Mom and baby will do. The sales pitch which could rival the scene from “The Blues Brothers” movie where we hear John Belushi say, “How much for the women and children?”
Flint’s Rx Kids will reel in EVERY expectant Mom with cash, hook them into more government or P3 (public-private partnerships) entities via well being services. These services aren’t simply health care, they are all-encompassing of EVERY family.

Let the Twists and Turns Begin:

During the over 1 hour webinar to spell out all the details of the Rx program and how it’s a ‘one-of-a-kind’ system, you’ll hear clues that let you know this type of overreach into pure socialism isn’t new in recent history for America.
That’s our first twist. Come to find out, there are at least 4 other similar type community wide ‘incentives’ to have babies and have their health and education subsidized. San Francisco, CA has the “Abundant Birth Project”; Lynn and Roxbury, MA have the “Family Health Project”; NYC and Rochester, NY have the “Bridge Project”, and the longest running experiment of this type is found in Jackson, MS and called the “Magnolia Mother’s Trust”.
(*Notes: San Francisco was also tapped as a Rockefeller Resilient City to be the model for the world. I wrote about that in my Dollars Before Dears article. The evil turn of this fact is that with Resilient Cities comes UNIVERSAL behavior screening! This means EVERYONE is tested for mental health issues. Family Health Project takes the first 3 years of a child’s life to allow this 501-C-3 to fund its life. NYC’s/Rochester’s Bridge Project plainly states it’s going after a child’s emotional and mental health ‘aka’ well being’. Magnolia Mother’s Trust is currently seeking its 4th cohort of participants! It also claims to seek to wipe out inter-generational poverty. )

It’s bad enough that fascism is represented in a ‘do-good’ P3, but the socialism aspect hits you right between the eyes when you hear how the Rx Kids is a type of UBI or Universal Basic Income. Some of the groups involved also interchange GBI or Guaranteed Basic Income. UBI means everyone receives government money, GBI means if you are working, you are supposedly secure in an income bracket. HOWEVER, BOTH UBI and GBI are forms of subsidies. Meaning you’re taking someone else’s taxpayer dime, not just your own.
Come to think of it, if it was simply YOUR dime, you don’t need the government becoming the middle man used car salesman figure!
To see not only these entities I’ve mentioned above, but the long list of EVERY US City participating in some form of UBI or GBI, go here.

The second twist is that both Michigan State and the University of Michigan are participating in  Rx Kids.
The evil turns are: along with the P3 funded universities, United Way of Pierce County, the CA Endowment (which is a cover for Big Insurance) the Detroit Partnership for Economic Mobility, the MI Dept. of Health/Human Services, the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center and all involved. The Summer Works youth employment program is mentioned in the webinar as an advisory group. Working with Rx Kids is Dr. Luke Shaefer who has ties to the National Science Foundation (a UN alignment group and NGO of the US Government), Bill Gates Foundation, the US Census, Oberlin College as well as being a point person for manipulating US tax codes (where child tax credits are concerned) and TANF funds (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. TANF is a federal, top-down taxpayer funded stream that was set up in the ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act to allow more overreach into families in the name of student wellness and academic achievement.) Lastly, Drs. Mona and Schaefer are working together to write a book for the rest of the nation on how to leverage (manipulate) TANF funds in your State to start a Rx Kids!

Warriors, did you know that poverty is a pathogenic toxic root of our society? Near the 13:25 time stamp of the webinar you’ll hear that. Now, that’s the 3rd twist. However, it’s also a word game. Poverty has existed since Bible times and will continue. Here’s the evil turn: The UN’s #1 SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) is Zero Poverty.

THAT’S the used car salesman pitch. What the UN really means is that EVERYONE will be in poverty! Economies across the globe are set for utter and complete failure with the cyber currency and blockchain existence tied to UBIs, GBIs, ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) and more!

Wait, what?! ESAs are a form of UBI?! Yes they are and the cost to our families for accepting them is astronomical!
The cost of aligning a child’s well being, their education and all that connects the two far outweighs any amount of dollars we can imagine. Aligning your family to all the high stakes assessments for accepting all these types of socialism costs you your freedoms. It costs our children their freedoms as well as continues to skew the taxpayer base of this nation. The cost further extends the compliance of your family to meet GOVERNMENT “PRESCRIBED” outcomes! Outcomes meaning what box you fit in, regardless of, if the box truly fits you.

Think I’m joking? Take about 5 minutes to listen to this 2017 speech by Finland’s UN Ambassador as she addressed the UN’s Social Research Group. Her speech was centered on the booming success of UBI in ALL forms of social protection systems. How did this connect to their education system? Easy, because so much of UBI or GBI can connect to labor (jobs), the skills to get the jobs comes from where? EDUCATION. Especially when it’s aligned to the CCSS Machine’s adherence to remove academics as we knew them and replace with OBE (Outcome Based Education) which is also called SBE (Skill Based Education) or CBE (Competency Based Education). If you cannot see the image below very well, open it in a new window to enlarge it.

What’s the problem with this? This type of government ‘outcome’ is referred to as ‘human capital’. Human capital defines you as a commodity. It doesn’t respect you as a living breathing human. If you cannot read the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) 2009 slide, open it in an new window.

UBI and the SDGs:

Warriors, our 3rd twist revealed just ONE of the SDGs that UBI can be tied to. According to the Finland Ambassador, it also is tied to SDG #3 (Health Care), #5 (Gender Equality), #8 (Decent Work for All) and well as #17 (Partnerships to embed the SDGs). Since ESAs (also called Freedom Scholarships or tax vouchers) are a form of UBI, this will include SDG #4 (Education). Don’t just take my word for it, listed below (in no particular order) are the many resources I pulled together in researching this Flint Rx Kids program and the vast amount of treasonous activity involved.

1) A MSM report of the growth of UBIs in America:

2) How ‘liberating’ UBIs can be:

3) How DC Youth are receiving types of GBI:

4) Denver, CO’s experiment:

5) Finland’s Final Report from their 2 year UBI experiment:

6) Two links on the history of UBI:

7) From 2022, this webinar on UBIs as tools to change policy making (The Rx Kids seeks to do the same):

8) A science magazine perspective on UBI:
from an investment website’s perspective:

9) This blog called UBIs “Unconditional Survival Incomes”:

10) From 2 arms of the United Nations:

11) This UN article attaches UBI as a tool for gender equality; is that gender as we knew it or gender as it has been redefined?

12) This global article reported on the challenges of balancing everyone’s UBI:

**Social protection systems designed by the UN are well in place in America. Why? Because the UN mandates that ALL member-states’ government act as ‘duty-bearers’ to ensure ALL citizens USE the ‘basic rights of the UN’; which are equal access to social welfare for all and all social services connected. As such, when governments (including the US) ‘invest in people’; it’s not because government CARES about us or values us. It’s about churning us into a toxic mix of control and mandates so that a ‘sustainable public finance’ system will rule us. Remember, education was chosen BY the UN for this purpose in carrying out Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. Education IS the CHIEF ‘change agent’. Control what’s taught and you control the nation. 

So, my final questions to you are: What cost are you willing to place on your family’s freedom? What price tag are you willing to sell out your own flesh and blood? What cost are you willing to pay to support a government system that has reached all the way into your home to control your education, healthcare, attitudes, values, and your personal beliefs? Because cash is the tool being used to sway parents and families, what will happen when the value of cash is gone and replaced by Bitcoins and Cyber cash? The educratic system already has taken the algorithms (some used by Bitcoins, etc.) to pigeon hole your child’s education, even their assessments! What will your family or children be worth in that scheme?
If you’d like to access my School Choice Information Kits (full of on-line and hard copy resources) to help those around you to understand the deception BOTH political parties are using against us, go here.


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