Monday Musings: CCSS’s Twelve Pains of Christmas

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 CCSS,Not worthy of anything more than a lump of hard, cold, and dirty coal.
CCSS,Not worthy of anything more than a lump of hard, cold, and dirty coal.

Anti CCSS Warriors, in the recent days, we have heard the words straight from Congress how the newly passed ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is a ‘Christmas present’ to the children of America. I could NOT disagree more, as I am sure you share this viewpoint.

We, the anti CCSS Warriors,  have uncovered just how MUCH the ESSA will continue the following ‘Christmas presents’:
1)  embedding more CCSS (just under a different name),
2) aligning states to MORE federal control (under the misinformation about state grants),
3) controlling the data collection and sharing of such data with 3rd parties who have NO business with our students’ private information,
4) streamlining education to fit a workforce (WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) agenda
5) unfairly assimilating ALL education choices
6) embedding MORE CTE (Career Tech Education), STEM, etc.
7) forcing educators to receive inappropriate leadership training(ie: Public, private partnerships (p3s)
And so much more!!

Below, is an article I wrote one year ago today, (12/15/14) and can still be said today (12/15/15). Sadly, much in this information below is just as relevant today, as it was a year ago. So much for a ‘gift that keeps on giving’, huh?

The Original Post:

“It’s mere days before those of us who choose to celebrate Christmas will do so. In today’s Musings we’re taking a pithy look at the Common Core, Diva style. The inspiration? “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, that classic song. In the recent past a satire of the song by Bob Rivers, re-titled it “The Twelve Pains of Christmas”. I’m going a step further and applying it to CCSS. Hope you like it!

The First Pain to Me About CCSS:

The illegality of it all. This Grinch-worthy move is, to me, the worst of the offenses. It mocks our liberty, it trashes the U.S. Constitution, and it’s a sham! However, unlike the Grinch, who realized his errors and gave back, CCSS does nothing of the sort. It continues to suck the life out of everything it touches except the deep pockets of the liars, cheats, and thieves of education.


The Second Pain to Me About CCSS:

The deception game people play with our students. This ’emperor’s-new-clothes’ style of leadership is only useful for one thing…making an absolute fool out of our nation. It angers our citizens and drains our students. Want truth, goodness, peace, and light in your life? You won’t get it with CCSS.


The Third Pain to Me About CCSS:

 Sacrificing quality in exchange for conformity. The blanket assumptions of ‘rigor’, ‘clear and concise’, and all those other educractic, obtuse, doublespeak phrases we’ve come to shudder when we hear them. We know every time we hear them, somewhere, someone’s education has been compromised from one of quality to that of conformity.


The Fourth Pain to Me About CCSS:

‘Facts’ that lie, like ‘CCSS is only impacting K-12 public schools’; “They are just Standards!” BAHHH!! Humbug! Statements like this are usually delivered with a smile, a joke that’s used to deflect the seriousness, or in a ‘myth vs. fact’ debate. How dumb does the pro side of CCSS think I am?


The Fifth Pain to Me About CCSS:

Profits for those most undeserving. Money made at the cost of our students minds, attitudes, and hearts. Funds pouring in off the teachers, principals, and parents hard earned paychecks. I truly hope those profiting choke on all that gold…may it be known forever more as ‘fool’s gold’.


The Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Pains to Me About CCSS:

Three words: High. Stakes. Assessments. All the data mining that accompanies each. What an invasion of all that’s good, decent, private, and upstanding. If I want folks to know something about me, they need only ask, not spy on me, look at my test answers, or access my high tech devices. I also despise that those with the knowledge to do these type of things are using them for ill purposes and not something more worthy. I hope each of you receives the “Darwin” award for life wasted!


The Ninth Pain to Me About CCSS:

Public Private Partners who think they know better than educators how to run schools. P3s is their other name. By minding everybody’s business but their own, they’ve made mountains out of molehills. And to think, most of those responsible are overseeing million dollar industries. Makes me seriously wonder how they can be so smart and so clueless.


The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Pains to Me About CCSS:

Three more words: Killing. Great. Minds. No matter if it is the student in the school, the staff at the school, or the community at large, we all lose greatness when CCSS is allowed to continue. We lose valuable minds by continuing to see CCSS and all that goes with it grow. We’ve literally seen how the outcomes can kill some kids. Throw in how CCSS has killed a love for learning; killed the importance of reading for fun; killed the rich and storied history of not just our world, but of our nation, and there you have it…

    Common Core Diva’s 12 Pains About CCSS!


So, CCSS, delivering your lump of coal won’t be Santa, it’ll be from folks like me who are ready to see you go!”



Warriors, with these type of educational ‘presents’, we need to stay sharp in the new year (2016), we need to be focused as to where each of the ways the ‘presents’ will be enacted in our states.

I will be taking  an extended break from writing and blogging from 12/16/15 to 1/2/16. While I will not be blogging, I will continue my research into the aspects of the ESSA I have told you I would continue. I will also be re-visiting the other information and updating it, as I have also told you I would. I wish each of you a blessed Christmas/holiday season. We have much to do in 2016!

Be sure to listen in tomorrow morning, Dec. 16th, at 10 am (CST) on the “Truth for Our Time” broadcast where I will be joining the host, Tamara Scott and her other special guest, as we talk about some real truths America needs to hear. Details about the broadcast are below:
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