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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, you know how many times I’ve used what’s happening in NC to help you sniff out what may be going on in your States. As I type, some 3 hours East of my house, the NC SBE (State Board of Education) is having a 2 day meeting to discuss, plot, and, plan all sorts of things for education. I got an email last week, sharing the agenda. I looked. It’s awful. Warriors, look at the ‘vision’ the NC SBE has for our students.

Between the plan to extend kindergarten readiness (down to the point of an intrusive assessment for even being accepted into kindergarten), to State level bills for more early college high schools, I wanted to find the quickest way out of NC, possible. However, I decided dig in and see ‘what in the tarnation’, NC’s up to now. Who knows? Maybe your State is doing the same things. Warriors, we know, if it’s happening in one State, it’s going to show up in the others. Either at the same time, or in the future.

Getting The Early Learners Ready:

Warriors, here’s an excerpt from the NC SBE agenda for Feb. 5, 2020. I found this under the heading of Kindergarten Entry Assessment and the SBE amendment. “..a change in the name of Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) to the North Carolina Early Learning Inventory (NCELI)…”

So, what in the tarnation is so bad about updating an assessment? Well, Warriors, for starters, this particular assessment is horrible intrusive! It’s not stopping at can Johnny or Suzy identify letters, no, it goes into the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) measures.
So, to change the name is one thing. At least, it’s a bit more honest as far as how much the State wants to snoop into your family! Wait, what? Snoop into my family? Yes, this Kindergarten assessment goes into behavioral and mental health, the family’s home life, and more. It’s been called out for how awful it is.

So, is there anything different about the “Inventory”? From one of the SBE supporting documents, this excerpt:
NC ELI is an observation-based formative assessment that includes a set of developmental progressions across the 5 domains (language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, approaches toward learning, physical well-being and motor development, and social and emotional development) of learning and
development. Teachers document student’s learning and development with evidence to substantiate a child’s skill attainment along the progressions.”

Warriors, the document also states that a NC State Statute can back this type of assessment up; that the first 60 days of Kindergarten are used as the ‘inventory period’.  However, if you look below, you’ll see a screen shot that tells a different side. The source of that screen shot (emphasis added is mine) can be found here. I urge you to read it.

To see the stakeholders list, visit here. To see the comprehensive framework for B12 Literacy, go here.
To see the B-12 Literacy plans (that’s birth through 12th grades) and part of the ‘whole child’ educratic word play, go here. (*Note: the Build the Foundation organization is a CCSS Machine member group, so when you visit their ‘whole child page, be aware.)
If you’d like to see other articles of mine, about the NC early education plight, here are several pages of evidence.

What In Tarnation Is Going On With Educational Funding?

Warriors, also to be discussed during this 2 day meeting is the federal and state education funding. As we know, ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) stated it was to supplement federal dollars to the States, not take the place of State funds. However, if you read the fine print of ESSA (better yet, go an look at your State’s ESSA Plan which had to be submitted AND approved at the federal level (totally disregarding the 10th Amendment’s power for education is at a State level, not a federal one). You’ll see there are several federal funds going to education that are outside of education!
So, it’s almost impossible to find out which taxpayer dollars are actually from the State, and which ones of from DC, right? Well, look at this from the NC General Statute 143C-3-5,“Except where provided otherwise by federal law, funds received from the federal government become State funds when deposited in the State treasury and shall be classified and accounted for in the Governor’s budget recommendations no differently than funds from other sources.”

Now, before we go on, I want to point out that the sentence before the one above, mentions funds for the Univ. of NC and its constituent institutions. Why does this matter? Because it helps expose the muddying of funds. I’m positive your State will have this too.

So, is the NC SBE a constituent? Warriors, yes. Included in the UNC system, there’s one high school (NC School of Science and Math). Also confirming a ‘yes’ is the NC State Board of Elections. While the State Board is an appointed one, the NC Superintendent is classified as a public servant. The Board, according to the State Board of Elections is also included under the umbrella of public servants.

It appears from all this evidence that even the NC State Statutes kowtow to the federal government! For being one of the original colonies and sovereignty, this should be a red flag of danger for all NC citizens!  Warriors, if you find similar in your State, please share. We MUST take back our States from the federal trough.

Early College High Schools, What In Tarnation, Now?

Warriors, be sure to enlarge this screen shot. NC is ‘establishing’ Career and College Promise High Schools as well as enlarging the secondary education to post secondary education realm. Back in 2015, I showed you have NC and every other State had begun shifting to (College and Career Promise) CCP via CBE (Competency Based Education). Also from 2015, I exposed the (then) College Promise from federal level.

As far as the pairing up of colleges and universities for streamlined ‘success’, I previously wrote about this. It was called a Lab School. By placing ‘innovation’ in the title, it sounds like Johnny and Suzy will be getting the latest and greatest education to fast track them into life. Warriors, as we know, ‘innovation’ is a code word used by the CCSS Machine to mean one thing: massive data collection used to slot students into tracks or pathways.

From the 18 page document supporting CCPs and Innovative High Schools, look at this:

The biggest ‘selling point’ to having high schools and universities/college unite, as well as lump in fast tracking ‘learn to earn’? WITHOUT COST!

Warriors, be sure to enlarge this screen shot. I’ve got some questions for this you can use. I’ve included the Report to the NC General Assembly (draft form) where all the early college/innovation is celebrated. Note the SBE members. Some are running for State offices and are using the ‘low cost education’ as a campaign platform.
So, if you’re in NC, ask those questions I’ve included above. If you’re not in NC, these questions are excellent points against educrats.


Warriors, there you have it. Enough tar to pave the road to ruin and then some. As I’ve said, if you’re outside NC, brace yourselves, it’s on the way. No matter which State you live in, if it’s already present, we MUST inform candidates and current officials to STOP their complicity in ruining education.

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