Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Actions for Armchair Warriors

Sic 'Em Saturday
Calling all Common Core's time to get out there!
Calling all Common Core Warriors…it’s time to get out there!

An open letter:

The letter below is one that every leader of an anti Common Core group would love to have read by others, especially by those who’ve encountered CCSS,  express valid complaints, frustrations, or issues; yet are hesitant to become active in joining the fight. Please bear in mind this is a composite letter (meaning it’s not just one person’s viewpoint, it’s several leaders views combined). Actions for those who want change AND those leading the charge for change are included below. 

Dear Fed Up Parent,

 I feel your frustration with Johnny’s homework. You want to help, but have no clue what to do because the paper in front of you makes no sense. I know the pain you have over Suzy’s new attitude about her ‘lack of knowledge’. 

Thank you for sharing you do know the source of this frustration and pain…Common Core.

Please find below HOW you can help out:

a) Join us in this fight! Don’t just sit on the couch. Not sure whom to ask?  Here’s my contact information:

Stop Common Core Leader
10th Amendment Way/Take No More, State of Mind

Phone: 800-Get Tough

b) Using your voice outside your living room’s comfort is what we do with style. Your style is important to our fight. Why? United efforts in this battle win every time. We are all busy. By having your assistance, we can all get back home in time for whatever  life is calling us to do.

c) If you have time to know the problem, become part of the solution. Common Core is an affront to every citizen in its reach. While it’s true knowing the problem is important, it’s also NOT the’s a first step. As a leader against CCSS, I cannot fight this battle alone. I need you. As a concerned, frustrated parent, you need me.

d) Your children need you to fight for them. I know you’d do anything possible to protect your sons and daughters. As their chief role models, they are watching. What legacy do you want them to have? One where you talked strongly, but participated very little OR one where you talked strong and participated strongly? Lead them in conviction: Stop Common Core!

e) No 80/20 here. While human nature has  pretty much shown us 80 percent of any task is completed by only 20 percent of the same people, here’s where this pattern can be broken!  The flip side of this is no leader can be in charge 24/7. Leaders are only as strong as their physical bodies will allow. Let’s consider the leaders and their health. YOU are vital to the efforts being put forth. Our freedoms are worth our committing to  and  any sacrifice involved.

Sincerely yours,

The leader who needs you, the students who love you, the teachers who respect you, and the Constitution which needs your help in being re-instated as our guidance document of what are federal responsibilities and what are the sovereign states responsibilities!!


Considering all the above, keep these few facts in mind as guiding factors in your fight against Common Core.

To be a great leader, you need those willing to join you, not as armchair warriors, but as soldiers in the trenches. After all, we face Common Core together much better than on our own, or worse by not facing it at all.

To be a great warrior, get out of the chair, get out of the house…make some noise!

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