WYBI: CCSS and NGSS, Where Dumb Meets Dumber!

Would You Believe It Wednesday
CCSS and NGSS intersecting is no laughing matter.
CCSS and NGSS intersecting is no laughing matter.

For the “Would You Believe It?!” file: Next Generation Science Standards AND Common Core, together in union to dumb down our students. As if CCSS isn’t harming them enough, we now have a new layer of anything but real education to look forward to!

Anybody Need a NAP?

No, I don’t mean a ‘lie down’ or a ‘siesta’, I mean NAP as in the National Academies Press. As in created by the National Academy of Sciences, as in chartered by the U.S. Congress back in 1863! NAP also publishes under the “John Henry Press” name. (source:  http://www.nap.edu/content/faq)

Technically, the National Academies  include not only the National Academies of Science, but the National Research Council, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Academy of Engineering as well. National Academies was designed to be a private, non profit government organization. (source: http://sites.nationalacademies.org/DEPS/DEPS_037300)

Ahh, those ‘magic’ words, ‘private, non profit’. I think you know what that means. Bring out the CCSS Machine big bucks to see who’s granting money!

If you can't already guess, Gates Foundation has been footing several NAP activities since 1999.
If you can’t already guess, Gates Foundation has been footing several NAP activities since 1999.

Carnegie Foundation has been giving NAP money since the 1980s from the brief search I conducted. On the website, everything related to NAP came back..over 50 pages worth! See: http://carnegie.org/grants/grants-database/

If you’d like to learn more about the National Academies of Science’s hold on education: http://www.nas.edu/

Bring on the Next Generation!

So where’s the “Next Generation Science Standards AND how do they intersect with Common Core? That’s easy. The NAP publication, “Literacy for Science”.


Who was on the steering crew for this NG/CC ship of disaster?
As far as the resource, I can’t offer it to you, but I CAN point you to where to get it. Trust me, you WANT this one! Visit: http://www.nap.edu/download.php?record_id=18803#, then choose your download method. You’ll need to make an account and thanks to data mining, if your account set up went like mine, it filled in my email AND password without me. Then I got asked how I was going to use it. I selected the ‘no thanks’ for my purposes.
Why you’ll want this? Names, organizations, higher learning institutions AND strategy on how to weave 2 wrongs and hope you get 1 right.


If you’ve got a legislative member who needs to know about this, please share the information. If you’d like to conduct a bit of research into the buying of American education by the rich folks with agendas, see the ‘related resource’. If you’ve got a school board considering Next Generation Standards and they are convinced CCSS isn’t a part of them, show them what you’ve found. We mustn’t miss the opportunity to use this information against further dumbing down of our students.
Related resource:
If you’d like a ‘fantastic’ report, snag this one! In 2013, a publication about the funding trends for education was released. In it, documented proof of which of the richest foundations are pouring money into education. See: Trends in National Foundation Funding for Education 2013

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  1. Really appreciate your work! Diva, Having email problems on my end. Could you please change your email address for me from “tjshoemaker@yahoo.com” to “tjshoe@cox.net” ? That will fix my problem. Also, please resend this to the new address.

    I know you are making a huge difference for me and those I forward.

    God Bless and Pray for Florida which is drowning in Bush Cool Aid. Terry

  2. More on Next Gen Science Stupid here:



    Releases C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

    April 2013
    “Earlier this month the Council of Chief State School Officers released the draft of the “College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

    It focuses on civics, economics, geography and history. States involved in the project are:
    Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah,Wisconsin, and Wyoming.”
    “I noticed that on pg. 29 it is mentioned we live in a constitutional democracy when in fact we
    live in a constitutional republic. It is troubling that those writing this document couldn’t get something as basic as that right.”

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