9 thoughts on ““Executive” Science

  1. I would treat this carefully and correctly. The more fundamental bitch here is over dueling visions of science education. I tend to be focused on content, and my bitch is over what gets left out in a curriculum. So, if NASA wants to talk about cubesats, fine, cool, well there is a lot of other space stuff to talk about. – My vision of science education is still evolving. – As a point of philosophy we have to be able to recognize when a particular body of learning produces the “Educated Citizen” as opposed to the “Educated Worker”. What is the content of those two bodies of learning? I see the Educated Worker education plan as inferior and deficient. But I need to be able to specifically identify what is missing.

    1. Thanks for your input. What’s missing in science? Truth, for starters! Sure, educate the students so they can be as you put it, ‘educated citizens’. However, the shift with STEM and Common Core is it more about job skills training for a better economy. Instead of being honest that this IS the truth behind education reform, it’s dulled down, formatted for one-way-to-learn, and passed as ‘quality education’. BS!! Students, especially younger ones, should be able to freely learn, not be aligned for a ‘science pipeline’ of human capital.

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