Monday Musings: Is Being an Anti CCSS Warrior Worth It?

Monday Musings
Gloves on, gloves off..the battle lines have been drawn. Where will we stand?
Gloves on, gloves off..the battle lines have been drawn. Where will we stand?

Anti CCSS Warriors, have you recently become overwhelmed with all that is before us in fighting for our students? I know it is easy to do from time to time. What do we do when that overloaded feeling creeps in? We hunker down, call a friend and hang on! Join me today as I wax encouragement for the battle weary Anti CCSS Warriors.

A New Season, 2015:

Ahhhh, summer 2015 is officially here. Oh the vacations, the time off, the toes in the sand and a drink in hand.. Wait, you’ve been so busy fighting Common Core you don’t have a break? It can happen. Yes, traditionally scheduled classes are on break, but do we dare to take one ourselves?! We should absolutely take a breather from this 24/7-in-our-faces war. If we don’t we risk being ‘anti CCSS ready’ when it’s most needed. So, gather your anti Common Core groups, look at schedules of when each of you are planning your breaks. Be strategic vacationers! Is your legislature planning big sessions over the summer? If so, factor those in as well. Many of the pro CCSS Machine members are banking on the assumption we’ll be so weary, so (literally) ‘out-of-town’, that we won’t be at our quick, anti CCSS warriors selves. Let’s prove them WRONG!
What if I’m a warrior without a group? Is there respite for me?!

Sure there is! If you have a family or a close group of friends who help you out from time to time with tasks or who know you fight CCSS actively and want to contribute but don’t know how, this is their golden opportunity! Ask them to help you out. What is your most pressing need as far as taking a brief break? Is it a couple of days away? Is it helping answer email? True friends and/or loving family members can easily help out with these types of ‘loving tasks’. Don’t hesitate to let your needs be known.
Can I disappear from social media for a little while?

If you are SO overwhelmed with the life and activities of an anti CCSS Warrior, then yes, take a social media ‘time out’. Speaking from experience, I’ve found that if I leave a short ‘see ya’ type of message, most of my other warrior buddies not only understand, they are still there when I get back. I would suggest if you are highly visible and post frequently that you pre-schedule your social media settings to release information in your absence. You can also find that many warriors will help share your information for you while you away, and still get the messages you need out. For example, one time I needed to get away from warrior life. I scheduled a few days of posts to be released, then contacted a trusted group of fellow warriors asking if they’d help each day by sharing the posts in the groups we all belonged to. They very quickly responded with “Yes! We’ve be more than glad to!”.

So, It’s Worth It, Right?

Being an anti CCSS Warrior, yes! It is ABSOLUTELY worth it! I wouldn’t trade in my battle cry or my battling sword for ANYTHING. Just remember to have a bit of non CCSS related fun every now and again. You’ll be a better warrior for it.

Who I most identify with in this CC War.
Who’s afraid of the big bad CCSS Machine?  ‘Not I’, I say!

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