The Morning After, What’s Next Anti CCSS Warriors?

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This upcoming week: Make D.C. tremble with the war cries of those opposed to the CCSS, CTE, Workforce agenda.
Make D.C. tremble with the war cries of those opposed to the S1177 bill.

Greetings, fellow anti CCSS Warriors! What an intense couple of days it’s been for us, and we’re not through yet.

We’ve seen how the Representatives voted. If your particular Representatives stood up and said ‘not on my watch’ with their vote against HR5, please be sure to contact them immediately with a heartfelt ‘thank you’. However, if your Representatives didn’t stand up for our nation’s students, like mine (Rep. Robert Pittenger), then there’s a message for them we also need to deliver. It’s time to round up those who ignored the citizens they represent and instead, sold out to the lobbyists, special interest groups, and the CCSS Machine.


cowboyHow do we do this?! There are 2 ways, one is immediate, the other is long term.

Immediately: share who your Representative is and that they voted ‘yes’ to HR5. It’s public record. Especially share it with your Senators as a warning signal that we, the people are holding them accountable. We notice what they do and they are to vote the will of the people. The vast majority has spoken up and said “NO!” 

 Citizens have a right to access public information. Just as we need to expose the CCSS Machine, we need to expose those who are elected to serve us, their constituents, in such unpatriotic ways. ‘Wait Lynne, you’re saying my Representative’s ‘yes’ was an unpatriotic move? Aren’t you being over dramatic?’ No, my fellow warriors, I’m not. See the below reasons.

1) Consider all we know, all we’ve learned during this fight for our nation’s students. The agenda is to reshape America via its economy, jobs, and mostly education. Education is big business, we’ve seen that. If you’ve listened to any of the past 2 days proceedings, you’ve heard how almost every aspect of our lives has been twisted to somehow be a part of the HR5 or S1177.

2) For example, during yesterday’s Senate session, the following topics were all covered in some way and tied to education. Child care, improved Pre Kindergarten, youth employment, the national economy,  after school and extended school programs, poverty, trained workforce, college and career standards, STEM, school lunches, teacher development, digital technology, data mining, assessments. Folks, there are in all, 100 amendments to S1177! See:

3 ) How is this a bad thing? Every one of the above has been part of the CCSS Machine’s agenda all along, or has become a part of it as time has marched on. But wait, there’s more coming. You know there has to be. Past evidence and research has already put us on the trail, or we wouldn’t still be fighting CCSS. So, with all this in mind, and considering how vocal we’ve been with all our Congress members, those who chose to ignore us, have very much shown their true colors of unpatrioticness.

The long term action? Easy, your vote. Come the next election, those who currently sit as our Representatives will want to be re-elected to continue their jobs. That’s fine and well. However, we need Representatives who AREN’T willing to bow to the lobbyists, special interest groups, or the CCSS Machine. We need patriots! As has been stated many times by not only myself, but other anti CCSS warriors, if Congress turns its back on us, we will harden our hearts towards those who did come election time. Our vote is our statement of the accountability we not only expect, but are Constitutionally protected by. Our vote is not one of popularity, but of integrity. We take our votes seriously, it’s time those elected take us seriously.

No to CCSS! No to aligned agendas using our students as capital! Either represent us or go home, D.C.! Ignore us?! No way.

CCSS/CTE/CCR/Career Pathways/Career Clusters/Aligned Apprentices = Epic Fail for America!
CCSS/CTE/CCR/Career Pathways/Career Clusters/Aligned Apprentices = Epic Fail for America!


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