The CCSS Machine: ‘One Ring to Rule Them All’

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Those responsible for the existence and movement of the CCSS Machine won't stop until it rules us.
Those responsible for the existence and movement of the CCSS Machine won’t stop until it rules us.

Anti CCSS Warriors, for today’s “From the File” article, I am borrowing from the “Lord of the Rings”.  We MUST continue our fight against the CCSS Machine with ALL our might! It’s a BIG deal! 
Yesterday, I hope you found the encouragement you needed to call Congress and tell the members to vote NO to the re-authorization of the ESEA(Elementary and Secondary Education Act). Why? It’s a VERY big deal!


Why I Chose the ‘Ring’:

If you have read the book series or seen the movie series concerning the “Lord of the Rings”, you know the battles to preserve what was good, right, and, honorable took much effort; caused much sacrifice; and lasted a long time. You also could identify the pattern of a circle. You also may know the famous line, “One ring to rule them all.”

The educational impacts of the CCSS takeover are much the same. If not, why would SO many of the logos and visuals used BY the CCSS Machine contain the pattern?! The agenda behind the CCSS takeover doesn’t stop! It continues on…rolling from birth to the grave! I’ve given you plenty of documented evidence…as have others! This is NOT a conspiracy theory. It is reality and it is playing out right before our eyes! The CCSS Machine will not stop until it rules us all!

The agenda is quite simply: to rule over us all, not matter what our educational choice (as there will no longer be true choice); to create the rulers of those who produce and those who produce..not what they wish, but what they are directed to produce.

In plain speak this translates into the Workforce based Career Pathways or the American Apprenticeship Initiative. Those ‘rulers’? Look at how many post-secondary institutions (public, private, or for profit) are grooming them for CCSS alignment! Again, I’ve provided you with tons of documents and other resources to prove have others! Much like the saga of the “Lord of the Rings”, the CCSS Machine is sometimes very easy to identify, and, at other times, appears to present itself as THE solution to what plagues education!

What does this means in our plain spoken language? For those in the traditional type of schools, the circular pattern will roll on, continuing a cycle of gloominess and dooming our students. For those in non traditional schools, including home education, the circular gloom/doom pattern will begin. For those returning to post-secondary schools after years away, you too, will find the circular gloom/doom pattern will surround you as well.
It means the obsessive data mining, tracking will grind and roll on, it means the punitive assessments will continue on for anyone in education. 

NO one is to escape the pattern.

Again, too many well versed and researched anti CCSS Warriors have pointed this reality out.

What will be set around us IF the re-authorization of the ESEA is passed, will roll on into the re-authorization of the HEA (Higher Education Act)! This too, has been researched, evidence provided, and shared.

My point in all this comparison between a fantasy setting and our reality? Will we act against the CCSS Machine and break the cycle?! Or, will we let it roll on, grinding our nation down? We must be diligent and let NO part of the ‘ring’ encompass our nation, our educational systems, and most of all, our students/citizens!

If you haven’t called the members of Congress out on this issue, do so today! If you know others who are lulled into the quasi solutions the CCSS Machine is spewing out, let them read this, show them the evidence. Regardless of which anti CCSS warrior provided it. At this point, it isn’t so much WHO shared the evidence as it is that the evidence is SHARED and acted upon!

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  1. Hi Lynne, I enjoy your writing, and I applaud you for all you do to expose the craziness in our education system. I taught for 27 years and could no longer bear to be a part of what public education was becoming. I spent the next four years creating a documentary (Heal Our Schools) that discusses many of the topics you address. The film includes interviews with Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, and John Kuhn, among others. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a review if I sent you a copy. Please let me know if this is possible, and thank you for all you do for the cause. Laurie GabrielDirector, Heal Our Schoolswww.healourschools.org719-213-6850

    Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 17:10:40 +0000 To:

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