Still Standing

Would You Believe It Wednesday

Recently, anti CCSS/ESSA/Fed Led Ed Warriors, a pro Common Core education blog featured an article posing the view that the fight for modern education reform has lost steam. It suggests that all we’ve been doing is for nothing; that there are FAR more important issues upon us at the moment. It is truly a work of the CCSS Machine’s propaganda. So why am I bothering to even acknowledge this piece of ‘recycled rhetoric’?!

BECAUSE WE ARE NOT DONE! Because we know our students are THE future of our nation!
Because we wish to preserve our nation! Because we are SICK to no end of the illegally based movements which seek to destroy our U.S. Constitution.

Yes, there are OTHER issues upon us right now. Yes, we do see federal overreach and political mayhem everywhere. Politics ARE most certainly a part of the CCSS Machine, so any comments about fighting against CCSS without getting into politics is an oxymoron. The two are entwined on purpose. The education blog also brings politics into the article. It uplifts one side’s agenda and makes fun of the other’s. Warriors, BOTH sides are in the CCSS Machine! Think not? Go back and look at the ways our Representatives and Senators have voted one the education bills/laws/amendments. Both sides have discounted the TRUE voices when it comes to education…OURS!

So, what are WE going to do to PROVE that WE are just as committed; just as dedicated; and just as loud as we can be in the ‘War Against the Core’?! As long as we have the status quo in education, there is still time to show the nation WE haven’t lost steam.

Let’s go get ’em, Warriors!

If you’d like to see what got my dander up, see:

It will do you good to see the OTHER article the author (Chester Finn, Jr.) penned,

Finn Jr’s ties to the CCSS Machine?: President Emeritus/Sr. Fellow (Fordham Institute)
The “Excellence Ed” ties?: Michael Petrelli’s blog (Fordham Institute)


Fordham Institute has the audacity to call Petrelli one of its ESSA experts, too!
See: (*Note: ESSA is short for Every Student Succeeds Act)

You might find it interesting that Fordham held a contest earlier this year. The competition? Designing accountability measures. These measures were then used to influence the U.S. Dept. of Ed in writing their (current) Proposed Regulations for ESSA!
Check out the ‘peppy Petrelli’ video (just about 2 hours); see the CCSS Machine organizations who were the 10 finalists in this contest.

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