4 thoughts on “I’m Not Giving Them Anything!

  1. just testified at the SRC to save our public schools and educators of color, sad part is the community and our schools are not connected. The Philadelphia school district as i was told by more than one reliable staff, is under going some changes and who know’s what that could mean. Ms. Karel from APPS mentioned that we need a quality school district. i’m hoping to get enough parents and community members involved to understand what is really going on aka rape culture. Thanks for being you!! #SaveOurSchools

    1. While I do understand that our communities and schools are important (as far as a relationship), what I am extremely concerned about is the 100% loss of freedoms at stake, thanks to ESSA’s overreach into education. What do I mean? According to the fine print of the Law, communities MUST become aligned to education in the name of student achievement. Communities, as a whole, will not be able to choose to do this, but will be forced to do so. That’s a loss of freedom. No federal government should be able to force a group of citizens, let alone, entire communities to do something. Also, thanks to ESSA will be the increase of public private partnerships in the name of ‘wrap around services’. While some of these are needed, again, it should be a local and state decision, not a federal mandate, as it is in ESSA.
      If we truly want ‘quality education’ we have got to cut the federal funding cords. They are illegal! As long as we continue to accept them in any way, we have surrendered our independence. Remember, all these ‘changes’ being made are traceable back to the US/UN 2015 SDG Agreement.

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