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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, have you ever had one of those items you knew you needed to address but thought it wouldn’t take too long? Yeah, right. That’s pretty much been my experience in education research. Today’s article is just one of those items.  A mere 4 page worries. Not much can be gleaned from those pages..Boy, was I mistaken! Find out how no matter which way the wheel spins, the schools of America lose.

Everyday is a GREAT day to yank the CCSS ball right out from under the Machine’s feet.

A 2018 global education meeting. The goal? Another global declaration. As if we don’t have enough of those going around. However, look at the picture (below). This isn’t your every day global declaration, this is an EDUCATION declaration for globalization.

This particular Declaration reaffirmed the global takeover of education. But, wait, Lynne, the US pulled out of the UN and UNESCO (United Nations and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), so this won’t impact American education at all.

WRONG! American education is still 100% aligned to the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), no matter what small portions of the US government have ‘left’ the UN/UNESCO.

There’s more than enough evidence (here on my blog and other’s researched publications) to prove the US is still a UN member-state.

Brussels, 2018:


So what does the 2018 Brussels Declaration for Education state?

1) It reaffirms the call to transforming the world via education.
2) It decries the fact the global community is not on the 100% alignment track to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), mainly #4: Quality Global Education for All
3) Pulls in the 2015 Incheon Declaration (where the WEF, World Education Forum adopted the ‘education for all by 2030’ agenda)
4) Sets out the Education for All by 2030 Framework for Action
5) The Framework is based off UN’s global regions consultations for SDG #4.
6) “Ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes life-long learning opportunities for all.” (In spite of not being on track)
7) A reaffirmation to protect the UN’s declared ‘right to inclusive education’. This ‘right’ is a fundamental role in education AND training carried out by life-long learning and higher education.
8) Research on #7 is a key driver for Sustainable Development. Especially in climate change global adoption and mitigation (reducing the harm to the Earth).
9) Calls for a stronger collective effort for SDG #4.
10) Use formal and non-formal education to wipe out illiteracy.
11) Institute and strengthen legislation/policy/strategy so that all education and training is inclusive. Devote more funding to this end so that ‘no one is left behind’. (For example, in Congress HR 1453 seeks to align more energy activities between the US and the European Union)
12) Tied to #11, those efforts need to include crises and humanitarian efforts.
13) Commit to include migrants, displaced people, and refugees in the host nation’s education and training system. Recognize their ‘qualifications’ (aka: competencies and skills) and ensure these are in line with national and international education agreements.
14) Commit to gender responsive quality education and training, especially for females.
15) Commit to strengthen global citizenship education, especially for the SDGs. This will promote values (respect for life, dignity, cultural diversity) and will help bring social cohesion for democracy, peace, and social justice. It will also improve accountability in education as a ‘public good’.
16) Commits to an open/flexible and responsive education and training system which will support a broader range of kindergarten, secondary, and, college students (aka: early child to adulthood; ‘cradle to grave’; ‘life-long learning’; birth to death tracking) By doing this, global contributions for sustainability, peaceful, inclusive, and just societies will occur.
17) Engages global ‘decent work for all’, especially for rapidly changing labor markets.
18) Calls for public funding to increase for relevant PD (professional development) and continuous PD.
19) Stronger domestic resources and mobilization of these for international co-operation. Once this is set in place, solidarity and increased improvement of education can occur.

Warriors, that’s not all. If you look at the notes for all these items, you’ll find that politics and legislation are to ‘beef up’ host nations for these activities.

You’ll also see that teachers are to be elevated to some ‘god-like’ status.
You are sure to see the economic changes, as well as the social, political, and environmental changes which each host nation will have to bare.
Then, the increase in technology is a ‘given’. Add to that the ‘democratic and sustainable societies and lifestyles’. We’re really talking a total reconfiguration of our nation.


Education costs are to be placed at 4-6% of of host nation’s GDPs (Gross Domestic Products) and use 15-20% of all public funds (aka: taxes).

If you look at the United States GDP for 2018 ($21.trillion) and figure what 4-6% is, that anywhere between $860 billion and $1.29 trillion). The recent FY 2020 Presidential Budget request was $62 billion, just for American education. Fifteen to 20% of ALL US public funds? That’s outrageous!

P3s (Public private partnerships) are to be used to monitor and data track all the activities to ensure the plan is played out as this Declaration decrees.

Lastly, the Brussels Declaration reaffirms that education is a human right AND a public responsibility.

ICYMI: here’s the ‘catchy’ YouTube video about the entire meeting, Dec. 3rd-5th, 2018.

Warriors, was the United States involved in the Brussels 2018 meeting? Yes. In October of 2018, the US and other North American countries, as well as Europe, put together their progress notes and ‘advice’ for meeting SDG #4 by 2030. You can access that information here. The official “Outcome Statement” is a bit more concise. It was used in the Brussels meetings as well.

That information was then forwarded on and used at the Brussels meeting to help create the Declaration.

To access the entire website from the Brussels meeting, go here. (*Note, since signing the 2015 Agenda 2030 Agreement, this is the first time global education for all has been addressed in this fashion.)

While I couldn’t easily identify (in the photos and videos section) any member of the US officials in attendance, some of the groups we are members of (World Bank, UNICEF, OECD) were there. Also, NGOs (Non governmental agencies) were in attendance, so it’s highly likely someone or some people from the US were there.


Warriors, why am I bringing up a meeting from 3 months ago? Because one of the resources from that meeting will definitely impact America and its education. The GEM Report for 2019. AKA: Global Education Monitoring Report.

That Report is close to 440 pages. My next article will dive right into what those pages reveal. Trust me, you’ll need a break between this article and THAT one.

Why is it good to go over the GEM Report 2019 again (if you’ve already read it)? With the national immigration issues we are facing in 2019, it is imperative. Remember, the Brussels Declaration has stated legislation and public money will be used for SDG#4.

Also, because so much of this involves displaced people, immigration, and humanitarian efforts, this will be ‘visited’ on ALL educational choices due to the fact it’s being implemented community wide! What will this do to our rights? Our Constitution? Rather than ask me what to do, ask those who are your authorities.

11 thoughts on “Big Wheel Deal

  1. Great article Lynne but the US never pulled out of the UN. Trump “supposedly” removed us from UNESCO which is just a branch or agency under the UN. We are still deeply invested both in money and resources in the United Nations. I believe that needs to be clarified.

  2. EVERYTHING The UN does is to spread global communism, PERIOD! And any elected that supports the UN is part of the problem. We do a scarce few that agree we need to get out of the UN but as we all know they cannot get any support. Ron Paul had a bill every year while in Congress to get the US out of the UN. Rep. Braun picked up the gauntlet after Ron Paul left office. Education is not a right but if they tell a lie long enough and often enough it becomes truth. Brainwashing and indoctrinating the children (and massive data collection) is the key to changing the culture of a nation and the globe. Universal education? No they want universal redistribution of wealth (mainly from the US) and universal communism. The UN is and always has been a front for communism. Just look at EVERY leader of the UN…..all Communists. Alger Hiss the first leader of the UN was supposedly not a Communist but was found to be a spy, so he might as well have called himself a communist. President Reagan knew this when he removed us from UNESCO, the fact that they found UNESCO used American tax dollars to fund communist organizations and was anti-western. It wasn’t until George Bush reunited the US with UNESCO in 2003, just in time for Bill Gates to sign an agreement with UNESCO to deliver universal education, supporting the UNESCO Constitution and allowing UNESCO to create the teacher syllabus, did we officially have dealing with UNESCO but just like communism itself it never really went away, it just took its work underground until George Bush brought it back to the surface. Wonder why Bill Gates is so deeply invested in education?? Think about it. Think back to when the government accused Microsoft of being a monopoly? Did they make a deal with Gates he could not refuse. I personally believe that is EXACTLY what happened. For decades they knew the only way to change our culture in the US was via technology. If you want to do something REFUSE the use of a computer in the school. Demand paper and pencil tests, books and live teachers. Do not allow your children to participate in ANY school surveys and that goes for mom and dad too. Refuse all medical care that is carried our inside the school or community center. Those records are NOT protected by HIPAA. Attend school board meetings and know what is being taught to your child each day. Demand to see not only tests results but the tests themselves. Get engaged because until parents really see and know what is going on nothing will change and a lot will get worse. The majority of parents truly do not have a clue. They think they do but believe me they do not.

    1. Lynne – To the best of my knowledge Trump backed out of UNESCO but NOT the UN and the “Globalized Education power and control is under the UN’s Agenda 2030 especially #4. My two articles right after the 2017 “G20 Globalization Thru the World’s Education

  3. Wasn’t Alger Hiss convicted? It’s been a long time since I read Whittaker Chambers’ book WITNESS. In case you haven’t read it, Mr. Chambers became disillusioned with the Communist Party and went “underground.” Richard Nixon was Hiss’s prosecutor and Chambers testified at Hiss’s trial. I believe Hiss was found guilty. Hiss and Chambers were at one time members of the same Communist cell. On a different note, I hope someone can convince Pres. Trump that we need to get out of the UN and especially UNESCO. That would take a lot of the power away from Planned Parenthood International and in the US. It would take a lot of funding away from many, many of America’s enemies. Too bad Pres. George W. Bush put us back in; that was a grave mistake.

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