Happy Greetings


I pray each of you has a happy time with family and friends this special season. No matter if it’s Hannukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, or Kwanzaa, I wish you the very best.

Let’s continue to fight against fed ed overreaches in 2020, regardless of political views or religion.

Look for new blog content after Christmas.

Be blessed, Lynne (aka Common Core Diva)

1 thought on “Happy Greetings

  1. I appreciate all that you and Tim Brown are doing, and I agree that what both of you do should be done. What I disagree with you about is the process. There are several ” holier than thou groups ” attacking the symptoms of the disease that we have been infected with. The “true ” disease is taxation. As long as the income tax funds the people that you want to change,
    IT just won’t happen. If we were to change from taxation to a–SELF-SUPPORTING ENTITY to fund our country—- We, the People would control our country.

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