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Dear Anti Fed Ed Warrior,

In response to all the hype, misinformation, and pure fear mongering by the CCSS Machine out there, I’m writing you a ‘liberty letter’ to help you activate your civil actions.

Have you seen the U.S. Dept. of Education’s ‘directives’ (aka ‘resources’) during the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) cases?

Press Release link

Warriors, first off, while it was nice of Sec. DeVos to issue such ‘resources’ we need to be reminded that the Sec. of Education actually has ZERO business directing States on how to handle education. The entire Department is unconstitutional. Especially when it involves a health care situation.

Frankly, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services is equally unconstitutional when it comes to the States. Yet, because our nation is facing the COVID-19, it appears most have totally forgotten for the moment that U.S. Ed is one of the ‘bad guys’ when it comes to your children. As such, can we really trust their ‘advice’?!

Be sure to read the Press Release. DeVos is relying on FERPA as a way to soothe the blow of massive data mining which will increase horribly, now that so many students in ALL levels of education are being sent home. Also note that the US Ed is directing the LEAs (Local Education Agencies). At what point did the U.S. Dept. of Education assume States were so inept, they can’t figure out how to handle emergencies? Has the fact America has survived much worse emergenices than this virus not crossed DC’s ‘mind’?
Your liberty of freedom to move about and  ‘pursue happiness’ are under attack, Warriors!

My fellow Warriors, may we remind each other that our liberty of privacy is vanishing at hyper speed? FERPA was gutted and FEPA (Foundation for Evidence-based Policy-making Act) opened the channels for such levels of data mining that no FAMILY will be safe during this imposed isolation!

In the image above, from my article detailing just how many of our Constitutional rights are being wiped out with FEPA, notice the increase for in-home visits and the educational data. Do you think all those on-line classes your schools (at all age levels) will exempt this? Can you trust that assumption? Sure, the image only shows NC, but the article it’s from covers ALL States. We couldn’t trust our government in education BEFORE COVID-19, don’t assume the CCSS Machine’s grasp has suddenly disappeared. Not even with the news Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft will stop these educratic overreaches!

My fellow Warriors, the (WEF) World Economic Forum’s touting that ‘innovation’ (remember how I’ve shown you this is a code word for data tracking in education?) is a good thing coming out of COVID-19.

(Image source. Be sure to note that in 2015 what was happening under WEF, then think about in 2020, how WEF is actively participating with innovators and blockchains. Blockchains in education are highly toxic. Our fellow Warrior, Alison has detailed much about this.)
Below, I given you an image for the connection between Bill Gates and WEF. He’s a regular agenda contributor.

My fellow Warriors, have you seen the US Ed/CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) working together to ‘guide’ actions in education during COVID-19? That’s right, the very group which owns 1/2 of the copyright to the Common Core State Standards (aka: College/Career Readiness) has joined several federal agencies to lead States on.
Our liberty of choices and the ability to make them is under attack even more than before!

If you’ve not seen how the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid are being given ‘free’ passes under the COVID-19, be sure to read the fine print. Since the CCSS Machine is famous for hiding things in one area, that impact others, what type of protection should families take NOW? Also, ask yourself, what price tag will be rendered to taxpayers when all the dust settles? How ‘tanked’ will this make the economy?
Will the liberty of your healthcare suffer due to panic? This is the best place we can expect Big Insurance and Big Pharma to step in.

What about the Big Data companies during this time? Sure, offer ‘free’ access to their on-line services for all you educational needs right now. What cost will balloon later, if there is a cost? What snooping in your home will these ‘free’ services sneak in? Your liberty to be as you wish and do in your home is compromised!

My fellow Warriors, do you remember how the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) mandated more federal funds (your taxpayer dollars) to completely revamp the nation’s infrastructure and internet access so that no one could be without educational resources ANYWHERE, 365, 24/7?

My dear Warriors, what about the pain and literal suffering of those students who need human interaction on a daily basis and will be hard pressed to any opportunity to be in a group? Have you seen the social media complaints from parents who have no idea what to do with their own children, but will have to go to work, or may be too busy working from home to interact?! it’s downright shameful and heartbreaking. Considering where you live, isolations could be as short as 2 weeks. However, consider this, many colleges/universities are electing to shut down until the Fall 2020 semester/quarter. How do you think those months of too much ‘alone time’ will help those students who are most at-risk?

(Image source, added emphasis is mine)

While it pales in comparison (people are way more valuable than economics), but think about the economic disaster all of the above will create locally at any level or age, in education.

Sure the President is waiving student debt interest, but not the principal balances. How this truly going to help those students who cannot attend work due to the isolations?

Our children’s liberties are on the altar, here, Warriors! This isn’t about the controlling germs, so much, as it is about limiting citizens.
Is it any wonder more and more of us are feeling betrayed, confused, and, overwhelmed by all that’s happening?

So, my fellow Warriors, what can we do, in times like these?

1) We can remember and choose to operate under God’s provision that, no matter what, we are not forgotten or uncared for. If you are not a believer of Christ, this provision system may be seen as a ‘pay it foward’ system you may benefit from.

2) We can practice #1 by helping our neighbors. Homeless people, they may be students or not. IT doesn’t matter. School closures are reaching well beyond the students.

3) Enforce your constitutional rights as often as needed. Your ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ are being either taken away or greatly hampered. Temporary or not, it is a scary feeling to adults and children. Reassure each other, be kind.

4) Remind your children you are glad to have more time with them. Remember, you’re a team. No one’s going through this completely alone. Many of us have never witnessed our country in such a state. Check on the elderly and high risk. Share the burdens in your community.

5) As martial law seems to be the natural next step in all that’s happening, be committed to protecting your family, your neighbors. Fight back, if ever we have been with a situtation to test our Warrior stances, I believe we have our battle cry!

Sincerely, and standing with you,
Common Core Diva


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