Step In Line, Or Else

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, there’s a lot to cover in our fight against the overreaches of the CCSS Machine. Plans for a post-COVID America are underway in more than just D.C.

Taxpayer robbery will get a boost as We the People help build the new safer schools and udpated HVAC systems to be required in a post-pandemic society.

Warriors, if that’s where the agenda stopped, that would be one thing, but it’s just the beginning.

C’mon, we’ve got to step in line to follow the money and control!


Big bucks run big companies. Big companies run D.C.

Step In Line At the White House:

Warriors, if we were following our U.S. Constitution, our first REAL ‘step’ in the CCSS Machine’s line would be Congress, however, our current President Trump, has taken to bypassing Congress and We the People one more time to insert the workforce prep agenda into our preK to adult education system. (press release)

The ‘selling point’? Boosting a post-COVID America with skill based labor.

On June 26, 2020, just a few days ago, President Trump signed an executive order so new, the Federal Registry hasn’t had time to even number it! As of this writing the last Executive Order, EO, (centers on child welfare system updates), was 13930. So, the workforce based EO should be 13931.

However, since the President signed 2 EOs that day, it could also be 13932. We’ll have to see. (*Note: the 2nd EO signed was centered federal actions against States and citizens harming statutes and creating havoc.)

So what will yet-to-be-numbered workforce EO do?

Warriors, the new EO extends a 2018 one which created and established the national level streamlining of education and labor in CCR (College/Career Readiness) and CTE (Career Tech Education). Both these included STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and, Math). EO 13845 did a lot more damage to our freedoms that a simple step in line with globalism and a barely education working population. You can read how much damage was being put into place then (and lives on today), here.

This new EO will not only extend the National Council until 2021, it will connect to any previous or future workforce (employment/job) bills, laws, and, policies. This new EO also can be tied to several others which are related from the Trump Administration, as well as President Obama’s. (*Note: the ed/labor ties date back to before many of us were born! To see the EOs of both officials, go here.)

Next Step, Congress:

From the U.S. House of Representatives Ed/Labor Committee (Democrats), this June 23rd, 2020 member meeting. Why was this meeting important? It discussed the remodeling and reopening of schools across America.
Interestingly, the chair admitted that the federal government is TOO dependent on OUR property taxes (yet no one in D.C. is slowing THAT process down). Among those speaking was Randi Weingarten from AFT (American Federation of Teachers).

It was also revealing in this meeting that a new Bill ($130 billion) for updating (new HVAC systems in EVERY schools) or a total rebuilding of the actual buildings! (*Note: HR 2 is just over 1,000 pages. Education is embedded 72 times and does include services connected to schools which are available to all community members.)

From the U.S. House’s Ed/Labor GOP side, this
press release from Rep. Virginia Foxx (who has gone on record to state that ‘all education is CTE’.)

Next Step? The U.S. Federal Registry:

Warriors, this unexpected step reveals 3 distinct concerns for us in the ed/labor alignment.

First up is the Promise Neighborhoods for Native American Tribes. There’s a set of proposed rule changes. PNs, as they are called were an Obama initiative which was picked up and thrown into ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).
These neighborhoods promise wrap around total community services in the name of student success.
Comments on the changes can be made from now to July 29, 2020. Read the information, here. Comments can be submitted here.

Then, there are the recent FCC changes which appear to open Pandora’s box in the name of 5G and massive data mining. This will not only breech your privacy in daily life, but used as a tracker in ed/labor.

Lastly, the new faith based advisory council in the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. How does this connect to education? Safety in churches and faith based organizations. Not only overreaching into a personal belief system, but data mining increases.

Last Step, Corporate CCSS Machine Members:

Right in step with the House’s HR 2 Bill, The Gates Foundation has just awarded the CCSSO and CFC (Council of Chief State School Officers and Chiefs for Change) over $1 million to go directly to SEAs and LEAs (State Education Agencies and Local Education Agencies) for school upgrades in safety due to COVID-19.

If you go to the Chiefs for Change website, you can see they have ‘it’ all figured out and have also been to D.C. to testify before Congress on reopening/rebuilding.

Related Resources:

1)  A timeline which leads up to the national workforce council of today.

2) The article with the federal statutes broken by merging education and labor. This was right after the EO creating the National Workforce Council was signed.

3) Details Sec. of Ed, DeVos’s willing signature to take Americans down this aligned step-in-line path we find ourselves on.

4) Chiefs for Change and the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s Family Ambassadors (because parents need the federal government’s parenting agenda).


Warriors, our #1 action, is to submit public comments against PNs for Native American Tribes. Remember, a very short window of opportunity is given.
Also, contact your officials and show them why these new FCC and workforce councils HARM our freedoms. They DO NOT protect them!

Call, share, do something so that you can say at the end of the day, I’ve stepped out of the agenda line!


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