Using Food For Educratic Alignment?

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, through the years of my education research, I’ve seen and read some pretty awful things. While some of the items happening in education are downright vile, others are just downright wrong.

Case in point? The level of federal bills specifically written for education to unite itself with labor for competent workers. As you know, I’ve written TONS on this topic. While I’ll give you the list of the 117th’s Session of CCSS Machine workforce skill based education, it’s the one bill where those receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) funds (also used to calculate funding for students in education) which is the most socialist of them all.

How?! It will use the ‘leverage’ of receiving those funds to ‘offer’ you more job based learning. Look at Shaw’s words below. When I read this particular bill using your food intake to align to workforce readiness in education, I knew immediately this plays into what he’d been helping spread about socialism.

So, which Chamber of Congress is behind such a bill? The House of Representatives. HR 487 (RESET for America’s Future Act of 2021). RESET is short for “Revitalize and Expand SNAP Education and Training”. This bill’s sponsor is Rep. Spanberger. The co-sponsor is Rep. Upton. Spanberger is representing VA. Upton is representing Michigan. From the press release on Rep. Spanberger’s website, we can learn it’s a bipartisan bill to increase the federal funding footprint. “The RESET for America’s Future Act Would Increase Federal Reimbursement for Job-Training Programs, Help Meet Employment Needs of Local Employers”

Warriors, not only does this increase the federal funding footprint in your State (should it become law), but it’s going to increase P3s (Public Private Partnerships), especially in education! This also proves what my research, as well as others, like Charlotte Iserbyte have been saying for years: REGARDLESS of political parties, the AGENDA is the SAME!

HR 487 will amend the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 so that STREAMLINED EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING PROGRAMS are easier to put in place. Near the bottom of Page 3, you’ll see that the Sec. of Labor is the most authoritative figure in this type of programming. You’ll also see that vocational education is mentioned. Warriors, “Vo-Tech” (as it’s referred to) was totally replaced by CTE (Career Tech Education) back in 2006 with the Perkins funding for skill based (Common Core aligned) ‘education’.

HR 487 also ties itself to the WIOA (2014), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. WIOA was ALSO embedded in the re-authorization of the  ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) of 1965, aka, ESSA (2015), the Every Student Succeeds Act. Why is this important? Because it was in the language of ESSA that ALL education had to be aligned to the same readiness standards as laid out in WIOA, not the ESEA!!

Lastly, HR 487 will use community colleges to help streamline workforce prep, as well as pre-apprenticeship programs (think older elementary and middle school ages), nationally registered apprenticeships (high school and community colleges or trade schools). This bill will amend the ESSA/ESEA and the HEA (Higher Education Act).

Warriors, if ever there was a way to use food against us, this is it. If ever we needed proof that our government is setting up where you’ll work and for whom: this is their ‘perfect solution’.

Other Fed Led Ed/Labor Bills Which Spell Danger:

In no particular order, these bills are from BOTH Chambers of Congress.

S 864 the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business by Supporting Students)
This bill amends the HEA and attaches itself to WIOA using Career Pathways (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math; CTE and CCSS). It will also extend the Pell Grant system for workforce alignment. Much of the same type of system as HR 487, can also be found in this bill.

HR 691 (Expanding Opportunities Through Pre-Apprenticeships)
The agenda behind this bill didn’t start with the 117th Congress. The REAL roots for this agenda are found in the UN (United Nations) and their partnership with the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The plot? Cradle to grave (womb to tomb) ‘lifelong learners’.
Back in 2020, Sec. DeVos carried out President Trump’s plan for pre-apprenticeships. If you’ve not understood the connection between these types of ‘opportunities’ being educratic straight-jackets by our government, I urge you to listen to my short video from then, explaining it.

S 52 (Gateway to Careers Act)
This bill creates a new career pathways grant system by the federal government to be awarded to each State. It will amend the HEA and attach itself to the WIOA. P3s will increase and BOTH the Secretary of Education (Dr. Cardona) and the Secretary of Labor (former Boston MA Mayor Marty Walsh) will set up and determine the grant system. Measurable skills (means competency based assessments) will be required. This bill will also tie to SNAP funding and rope in ALL education ‘choices’ via dual enrollment.

HR 518 (Strengthening Youth Apprenticeships Act)
This bill will use CTE funds (Perkins), IDEA (special needs funding), and ESSA funds to increase the amount of youth apprenticeships in your community (promotes regionalism, another UN parameter). Dept. of Labor awarded grants will align with the Dept. of Education. An inter-angency agreement will be made for the alignment (unity) to happen. Written in the language of this bill is how much parents and students alike will be able to realize their value in the national workforce NO LATER than middle school! This means school leaders will also be groomed to promote this type of agenda. This bill amends the ESSA/ESEA, IDEA, HEA and attaches itself to WIOA.

S 200/HR 602 (Relaunching America’s Workforce Act)
These ‘sister’ bills (means they are slightly different in a few areas) will unite businesses and education (P3s) for community colleges and CTE. These attach to WIOA and use COVID’s impact on jobs as a reason to create this alignment of education/workforce.
S 200 is 68 pages ; price tag attached will be about 3 billion dollars
HR 602 is 65 pages; at least $100,000.00 must be used to update data collection systems
These ‘sisters’ pack alot more CCSS Machine punches than I’ve given you a summary on.

HR 1338 (WPA; Workforce Promotion and Access Act)
Warriors, I’ll admit when I saw the acronym, I thought of FDR’s WPA system (Works Progress Administration). Back then, the Great Depression caused Pres. Roosevelt to respond to the economic emergency with this Executive Order Branch created. The WPA was dissolved in 1943.
This bill, however, will be VERY similar. How? The Sec. of Labor will be giving the nation job guarantees! The main targets will be rural populations and Native American Tribal schools. Other populations targeted are those traditionally outside of the education system. Pay for anyone in this system will begin at $15.00 per hour. Climate change is also embedded.

S 342/HR 594 (WORKER Act; Working on Rewarding & Keeping Employees Resilient Act)
These ‘sisters’ will advance STEM education (UN derived to totally embed the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals); amend the ESSA/ESEA and increase P3s tremendously. The expansion of STEM will mean elementary schools will offer skill based job training.
S 342 is 51 pages
HR 594 is 66 pages

HR 447 (National Apprenticeship Act)
Warriors, the House of Representatives has already passed this bill. This bill amends the 1937 version and expands upon it. It’s 169 pages long.
Not only does this mean that elementary schools (and elsewhere in the community) offer pre-apprenticeships, but the federal government will establish an Office of Apprenticeships! This new office will have an advisory board, set up apprenticeship hubs (regionalism) across the nation and require States to have State-led Offices of Apprenticeships. Page 5 shows all the groups responsible for educating in nothing BUT hands-on, competency based education! HR 447 embeds family literacy, the WIOA, CTE/STEM, a State-Union partnership,  workforce development for all ages/education levels.
There are apprenticeship systems set up for ‘traditional’ education and NON-traditional!
The price tag for aligning education to your State Office of Apprenticeships? FY 2022 is set at $75 million. Increases are planned until FY 2026, topping out at $115 million. Under the General Provisions (page 125) the Office set-up at the national level starts at $50 million and increases to $90 million by FY 2026.

Is WIOA To Get An Update?

Warriors, on March 24, 2021, the new Secretary of Labor was sworn into office. His top goal? To ‘bolster’ CTE nationwide.
On May 4, 2021, Sec. Walsh met with the US  Conference of Mayors to discuss revamping and renewing the WIOA of 2014.
The root of this discussion? The American Jobs Plan which President Biden has rolled out. In his plan, he urges Congress to pass
either ONE SWEEPING Jobs Act or break it up into several bills. As we can see, Congress has chosen to break up the Jobs Plan.

Let me state here, that I knew the Big Unions loved Joe Biden. When President Obama was in office, Biden was told to contact them to
help further the alignment of labor and education. President Trump, also massively increased the alignment of labor and education.
However, this article is extremely eye-opening about current relationship between President Biden and Big Unions. Including Sec. Walsh.

I have read and made notes on this new Plan by the President. Warriors, I can tell you that the list of bills above is only the beginning.
Will more than food be used against us as we are turned into a nation of workforce trained lackeys? YES! Are there MORE bills attached
to the American Jobs Plan? YES! When I was researching it, at least 303 American jobs or related to jobs bills are in the system.

Here’s my video where I lay all this out.

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