Progress: Part Two

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I hope the first segment of this series got your attention. HR 2, the Moving Forward Act is quite frankly, one giant step into a scary new America.
While the Bill is to transform our highways and how we get around,  HR 2 also attacks education in an open face slap.

Millions of us are to be skilled or re-skilled to fit into the ‘new’ American system. That system places economics over people and nature over humans, as the most important. If the government’s not tracking us, then the social justice patrols woven into HR 2, will. All that in mind, it’s one twisted system!

Warriors, if we don’t do anything else in 2020, we MUST demand HR 2 to be gutted or killed. However, what we need to understand is, that Congress was crafty with HR 2.

You’ll see, if you read the over 2,700 pages, notice that several smaller bills were thrown in to create one mega-monster!
Where the ‘craftiness’ comes in, is that Congress also has several of those smaller Bills as independent, stand on their own Bills. Some of these types of Bills are twins (meaning one version in the House/one in the Senate).
So, the point is: if the mega-monster (HR 2)  doesn’t live, maybe some of the smaller versions will.

Academics? Who Needs Them, Anyway?!

Below, is an image showing the first few Sections of HR 2 where education is embedded with labor. Of these sections, some will also intersect healthcare.

Warriors, from Section 1609, a new federal task force under the Sec. of Transportation will work with LEAs (Local Education Agencies, Higher Education Institutions, Community Colleges, Skill Based Schools and Statewide Workforce Development Boards to create EXCLUSIVE Career Pathways in pre-apprenticeships and nationally registered apprenticeships and other work-based learning opportunities for youth. The goal is to attract all school choices and genders. As we know, CPs (Career Pathways) are aligned to both CCSS and STEM (Common Core State Standards and Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math).

Section 2503 will award federal funds (our tax dollars) for demonstration grants to ANY LEA, HEI, or Workforce Development Board in the name of access to jobs for reduced fares on all transportation routes/vehicles. This targets the low-income sector of America. Likewise, Section 2601 created a national transportation workforce center. Grants will be awarded to ANY non-profit group which develops CP programs. You’ll find that all connected to this will land at the feet of the U.S. Dept. of Education.

Warriors, look below to see more HR 2 Education overreaches:

The entire section on Digital Equity is worth reading, Warriors. It’s deeply rooted in Big Data/Big Tech and it means absolutely NOTHING good for us, as free people. You’ll find that Section begins on page 1331. Look for the Capacity Grants. On page 1356, look at the workforce/education ‘outcomes’. (remember, ‘outcomes’ is the government’s mold for you, not your personal choice). Related to the Digital Equity is the cost (page 965) of $50 million. Attached to this: are third party data collectors. (*Note: as we know, the Big Data goes much deeper than 3rd parties.)

As education watchdogs like Charlotte Iserbyt and Anita Hoge have shown us, the “Common Education Data Standards” are, once again, surfacing in HR 2.

See pages 2089 and 2092. On page 2453, be sure to see how the CTE (Career Tech Education) data collection and tracking will go. Page 2454 shows the trail doesn’t end after you get a job.

Connected to this, on page 1508, you’ll see ESEA/ESSA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act/Every Student Succeeds Act) brings in co-ops snd,  P3s (public private partnerships) into schools. Page 1753 shows you the collaborative education outreaches. These ‘efforts’ are a guise for data tracking and alignment in jobs.

Warriors, much of the ‘education’ aspect of HR 2 centers on updating everything possible to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

However, remember the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement)? Remember how that Agreement, accompanied by Congressional Bills to change America to adhere to the constructs of it? Education was 100% attached to labor/jobs/workforce in the USMCA.

While all the mainstream media showed us was how great this was to be for our economy, I was showing you the underbelly of it by how much of our constitutional sovereignty was thrown out the window with the Agreement/Bills (one of which is now law). HR 2 accomplishes almost 100% of the parameters for the USMCA.
Other places you’ll find ‘sustainability’ in HR 2 (aligns to both the SDGs and USMCA):
Section 10203 (aviation fuel), in that section, page 1189 shows you fossil based aviation fuel must be replaced with synthetic hydrocarbons.
Page 1239, All salmon trade/activities must be sustainable, including Tribal lands.
Page 1249, All fisheries and biodiversity locations must be sustainable.
Page 1523, Next Generation 911 (a massive data tracking system tied to geo-tracing) must be sustainable.
Page 1617, What needs to be converted to sustainable expanded energy.
Page 1652, All Smart Cities/Communities must be sustainable. Page 1653 defines just how.
Page 1702, All energy finances must be sustainable.
Page 1789, All federal public buildings and spaces must be ‘green’ in sustainability.

So how does ALL this attach to education? Simple: it’ll be what’s taught in schools, out of schools, in our communities, and everywhere ANYTHING can be remotely associated with it.

Warriors, School Bonds also made it into HR 2, Moving Forward. So, the government will yet again, expand the control attched to bonds. If we don’t pay back federal bonds in money, it’ll be in servitude.
Page 2501 reveals that $10 billion dollars will be deemed ‘school bonds’. At least 10 percent of that money MUST be used to bring in and support digital distance learning. Connected to the this on page 2507, is that the LEAs must provide ANY information deemed necessary. More than likely, the U.S. Dept. of Education will be among those agencies receiving the data. What’s interesting about the Bonds is that the government is picking and choosing which schools can get these bonds. Look on page 2542 for the expenses and credits tied to these bonds. You should see that some schools are not eligible. You can find ALL the credits and bonds tied to education in HR 2, beginning with Section 90111 and 90201. Section 90451 details the environmental justice credits (section continues to 90621).


Warriors, if you cannot see the pattern being set before you, I am saddened. It’s never been more visible, what our federal goverment has  before us. In my next segment, a look at healthcare and other education related activities will be in HR 2. Will they interact with education? Absolutely.

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