Virtually Tied Education?


Anti Fed Ed Warriors, there’s been much in the news about digital tracking, cyber snooping, and, systems which will build avatars of us to control us. Many of these set-ups are from within the US, as well as aligning us from the ‘global persceptive’.

So what do you do when your elected Representative (Rep. Ted Budd, NC) writes federal legislation to INCREASE our virtual profiling?!

You expose it!

Warriors, the link above in Rep. Budd’s name shows his ties to the CCSS Machine, especially in Big Finance.

In this article published in the Greensboro (NC)News and Record, Rep. Budd states his perspective. Aren’t our elected officials supposed to state their constituents’ perspective?

‘Meet’ US House Bill 4286:

Warriors, this 3 page Bill packs a big punch in the gut.

1) It’s name is “Virtual Apprenticeship Tax Credit Act of 2019” 
2) Amends the IRS 1986 Tax Code
3) Gives certain businesses tax credits for virtually training elementary and secondary age students in apprenticeships
4) Creates a virtual tax credit system
5) Covers 30% of ‘qualifying virtual training expenses’
6) Defines ‘qualifying virtual training expenses’ as “expenses related to developing or expanding industry-recognized apprenticeships for elementary and secondary school students”
7) States that these expenses are incurred by or paid by taxpayers (not businesses)
8) Limits credits to $2,500.00 per taxpayer
9) Virtual tax credits cannot be duplicated

Warriors, I’m not sure about you, but I have many concerns about HR 4286.
First, to the best of my knowledge, elementary and secondary school students aren’t taxpayers, so do this mean their parents and/or guardians recieve tax credits?

Second, creating virtual apprenticeships for these ages is placing them on MORE screen time (screen time is already too much for these ages).

Third, what businesses already have virtual apprenticeships for elementary and secondary students?

Fourth, this recreates the child labor practices which were outlawed many years ago. How? In the scheme of educational alignment, this is clearly a push for CBE (Competency Based Education). CBE thrives on how quickly you ‘master’ a skill. This will set up the continued push to do away with grades and diplomas and replace them with digital badges and credentials which are tracked globally.

Fifth, did you see the ‘industry recognized’ phrase? ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) also used that phrase in
mandating what TYPE of education was to be taught and learned, regardless of ‘school choice’.

Virtual Warnings!

From my archives:
1) The truth about that “Strengthening Career and Technical Education Act of the 21st Century”.
2) The push for CBE in younger grades is based on a global workforce platform. CBE for younger students is
3) What does ‘competency’ really mean? In educratic speak, words matter. Representatives like Mr. Budd need
to understand that this word hides an entire agenda his voters may not support.

From other sources, the shift for younger apprenticeships:
1) Germany based apprenticeship models adopted by the US.
2) From the State of Georgia, their Youth Apprenticeship program. This site explains the need to connect young students to businesses. A false CCSS Machine narrative.
3) When I searched the internet for “US Child Apprenticeships”, the U. S. Dept. of Labor’s website was the first result I got.


Warriors, the danger of elementary age students in any apprenticeship, virtual or in-person serves only one purpose:
grooming children for a work based existence! Start them young with a computer based ‘job’, then, by the secondary grades/ages, put them to work. Where they will be pigeon-holed  for the rest of their lives. What about those already graduated or haven’t been in school in decades? Re-skilled for work.

Tell your Representative what underlying damage bills like HR 4286 really cause!
I plan to contact my Representative..who just happens to be Mr. Budd!


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