“Would You Believe It” Wednesday Since ancient times there’s been a divide between those who believe in God and those who don’t. If you research deep enough and far enough back, you’ll discover that science was born out of a love for and reverence to the Creator. Enter the Renaissance,Continue Reading

This will be appropriate for sharing with those you know in all walks of life, as insurance impacts everyone one of us. Have you wondered just how far reaching Common Core Standards are? I have. Being an avid researcher, I’ve come to know that the Common Core Standards are inContinue Reading

College football season officially kicked off today, and I, for one, am SO happy! I was one of those who ‘mourned’ when the season ended back in January 2014, with the crowning of the newest college ‘super team’ during the last bowl game. Alas, after 200 or so days, IContinue Reading

Think you know Common Core Standards? Maybe you do, maybe not. It is my purpose to give you concise bullet points how Common Core Standards and ALL its arms & legs, parts & pieces impact our daily lives. Got a question about Common Core? Based on my extensive research skills,Continue Reading

Recently, I was following up on an associate’s suggestion about looking into digital textbooks. Do you know RED? I stumbled upon “Project RED” from none other than the Pearson Foundation. You may not know Pearson Foundation, but I’m sure you are familiar with Pearson Publishing. The very company set toContinue Reading