For today’s “Would You Believe It” Wednesday post, I’m updating my original article from Sept. 2014 that delved into Common Core Standards via Amplify…and a few others. Here’s the link to the original post: As I did yesterday, I’ll only be using excerpts from the original and contrast them withContinue Reading

Recently, one of my fellow anti-Common Core Warrior friends in Colorado shared with me (along with others on Facebook) about ICAPs and Colorado. Individual Career and Academic Plans combine not only Common Core Standards, but Workforce, College Career Readiness, Career Tech Education AND IEPs (for those with learning disabilities)! So,Continue Reading

Surprise! My latest article for “Prevent Common Core” was just released a couple of hours ago.   Here’s the link. It’s about our future in America with CCSS and the plans from CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers).   A must read/share, regardless of the season. Reading