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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve had a Bill of Rights for a very long time. We’ve also had a Constitution as well. We’ve seen the U.S. Constitution attacked, ignored, and stepped on several times by the CCSS Machine. You could even say the Bill of Rights has been treated the same way. However, what would you say if I exposed the efforts currently going on in DC to create a NEW Bill of Rights?

That’s right, a new Bill of Rights, but not for humans; but for AI (Artificial Intelligence)! This means “Big Tech” will once again, be creating ways to control us, not educate us! Oh, and here’s the ‘delphi treatment’: We the People have several opportunities to watch what’s being created via Zoom. We even can comment in support of this new Bill, or, against it.

Have we been given much notice about this type of activities? No. Has this new Bill been talked about, much in the news? Not really.
What does this have to do with education? Plenty!!

The rest of this article will provide you with the information you need to get this news out to your circle of influence. I urge you to act quickly.
Before, I do, however, please note that this entire effort is being led by the current Administration and can be found on White House’s website.

A Timeline:

Warriors, on Oct 22nd, 2021, the Office of Science and Technology Policy announced there is an urgent need for a new Bill of Rights for AI. Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The official logo of the White House is seen, but the announcement is actually an opinion piece which was featured on the media website “Wired”. So, since policy is NOT law, why is the White House using an OPINION (also not law) piece to set up a New Bill of Rights, which will become a tool to rule We the People?! It’s because the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Deputy Director are the ones who wrote the opinion piece featured in Wired.

However, do they truly have THAT power? Do they really think that a policy office can write a Bill of Rights? That’s not how government is supposed to work! Look back at our history. The Bill of Rights was written by those people who represented their constituents; not APPOINTED officials in an Office; which is unconstitutional!

Here’s an excerpt from the Oct 22nd announcement from the White House: “Soon after ratifying our Constitution, Americans adopted a Bill of Rights to guard against the powerful government we had just created—enumerating guarantees such as freedom of expression and assembly, rights to due process and fair trials, and protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Throughout our history we have had to reinterpret, reaffirm, and periodically expand these rights. In the 21st century, we need a “bill of rights” to guard against the powerful technologies we have created.”
and this excerpt is where you’ll find the ‘delphi technique’ being laid out:
“In the coming months, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (which we lead) will be developing such a bill of rights, working with partners and experts across the federal government, in academia, civil society, the private sector, and communities all over the country.”

November 4th, 2021, OSTP announced a new joint effort for the ease of sharing AI and Quantum Information with the UK.
Here’s an excerpt: “Signing of the U.S. – U.K. quantum cooperation statement comes alongside the four-year anniversary of the inaugural U.S. – U.K. Science and Technology Agreement, and follows a recent call by President Biden to “work together with our democratic partners to ensure that new advances in areas from biotechnology, to quantum computing… are used to lift people up, to solve problems, and advance human freedom.” Recently, both governments have mobilized to harness the potential of quantum information science and technology (QIST) through dedicated strategies, funding, and initiatives. The U.S. National Quantum Initiative and the U.K. National Quantum Technologies Program both feature academic centers of excellence, industry consortia, and enhanced coordination of core research and development programs.”

November 10th, 2021, another White House announcement for the ‘opportunities’ for We the People to get involved. In this announcement it was stated that there are several planned public ‘hearings’ as well an invitation for us to comment on the current uses of AI in our lives; requests to see what future plans for AI are coming; as well as an email address to send your supportive comments or opposing comments to all this activity which supposedly will be factored into the New Bill of Rights for AI.
If you wish to respond the requests for information on AI, know that its all about biometrics and data tracking. If you wish to email the OSTP, use this email address: AI-equity@ostp.eop.gov
Also in this announcement are 2 public Zoom meetings we’re invited to.
Included in this announcement are 6 different sessions you can also attend virtually. Each of these sessions is co-hosted by our US gov’t (OSTP) and a private entity (meaning P3, public/private partnerships). The sessions break down AI in these aspects of our lives:
Consumer rights/protections: German Marshall Fund housed at Harvard University (well known CCSS Machine member)
Criminal justice: EPIC, Electronic Privacy Information Center (a supposedly non-partisan think tank)
Equal opportunities and civil justice: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (many of the Board of Governors have major CCSS Machine ties)
Democratic values of AI: Mozilla Foundation (parent company of Firefox and a member of Big Tech)
Social welfare and development: New America (major CCSS Machine members fund this group)
Healthcare: Center for American Progress (supposedly conservative group with global agenda so prevalent it’s ridiculous)
(*Note: you can sign up for each of these sessions right now, except the healthcare session, as CAP doesn’t have a link up yet. Even if one of the sessions has passed, you should be able to access an archive.)

November 14th, 2021, the White House announced that overseeing the massive national overreaches contained in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will be the former Mayor of New Orleans. Warriors, remember that after Hurricane Katrina, the huge amounts of federal funds which went to NO. Embedded in those funds were dollars for education. As we know, every school was turned into a charter school.
Today, November 15th, 2021 at 3 pm, President Biden will sign the HR 3684 (Infrastructure Bill) into law.


Warriors, this all ties back to the USMCA and will also connect to the recently introduced “Build Back Better” Act (Sept. 2021, currently still in the US House of Representatives). Education overreaches are also embedded in BOTH the USMCA and Infrastructure Act. They will also be found in the Build Back Better. Stay tuned for more on the, what I’m calling the Triple B. It’s also going to need our attention.
In the meantime, listen in on the AI Bill of Rights sessions, write your opposition and learn how biometrics and AI will be used against us!


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