RMT: Whom Shall We Send?

Riddle Me This Sunday

“Riddle Me This” Sunday, the last one before Thanksgiving 2014. Common Core Standards has had so many of us fighting non-stop this year that we may find we’ve taken little time to focus on much else. I know it’s been hard for me.

However, we’re only as strong as our weakest link. So, today’s riddle is quite simple, “Whom shall we send in our places as we take a much needed rest from battle?”

Classic battle plans have much strategy we can learn from, employ, and see success in our fight against the federal take over of American education. One of my all time favorites, the Roman’s “Testudo” Formation, see below:

Protecting each other well during a battle is vital for success.
Protecting each other well during a battle is vital for success.

Now, I’m not talking about the 3 men uncovered, I’m referring to the unique way the main body is covered. Have we taken the time to arm ourselves with much protective cover in our fight against CCSS? If you’ll notice the right side of the formation is exposed. Typically, when you search for a Roman formation like this, you’ll see all sides protected, much like a turtle. However, I’d like to point out that progress when this tightly compacted will be slow, it is progress. We have to consider our modern day battle much the same.

Pointers from the past:

When fighting battles against Common Core Standards, use these ancient maneuvers,

  • Go in a group, ‘safety in numbers’ mindset.
  • Have the best weapons available for the exact battle, you’ll not win against a pro CCSS supporter if your information’s inaccurate. If you’re facing the principal who’s supportive of the Standards, you would need HOW the CCSS is in violation of the law. For the state legislators, you’d need samples of homework.
  • Be organized, have a larger group divide up and ‘conquer’ each supporter with wave after wave of truth.
  • Go for ‘stun’, not ‘kill’, remember a pro CCSS supporter who has been won over with truth is more useful than one we’ve ‘killed’ and will spread negative about our mission.
  • You must be on the move and willing to travel, sometimes at your own expense. The Romans, as well as other great armies, knew going great distances was a given, we should be practice this, too. Use as much face-to-face time as you can in this journey. Utilize as much virtual as you can, too.
  • Be willing to spell each other, while one rests, the other fights.
  • Have several back up plans in place so that tactics are constantly being cycled and no one gets burned out, bored, or over burdened.
  • Be flexible, the worst kind of groups we can be are the ones where when the main person is not available, nothing happens.Know that like most soldiers, work is hard, constant, and often not compensated like we think it should be.
  • Small victories win more battles than epic, news breaking stories. Yes, we NEED epic, we also need consistency.
  • Great soldiers must be willing to rebuild what’s been conquered, not just tear it down. Remember, we will have to be willing to work together with others who do not always agree with us in order to have the best possible solutions for repairing the damage CCSS has created.
  • Great soldier know what’s worth fighting for the most, as well as what can wait until later. Timing is of supreme importance.

One vital lesson we can glean from the most recent NC Academic Standards Review Committee is this:

don’t send your freshest or most inexperienced warrior into a major encounter. It will implode quickly and defeat the purpose.

We’re not the only ones considering this a battle:

How often have you heard the supporters of Common Core use the term ‘cohorts’? It’s a military term the Romans used. So are troops, contingent, and corps (think Teach for America’s “Teacher Corps”)

While the supporters may be giant, we have smooth stones, all it takes is one beautifully cast, to bring the giant down.

Before I leave you, my anti CC Warriors, know this, we fight together better than we do alone. I’m so glad to be among you and so thankful to know you.

1 thought on “RMT: Whom Shall We Send?

  1. “Fight against the federal take over of American education”? That would be a fight against yearly tests mandated at the federal level by No Child Left Behind – for starters. Right?

    I know that Common Core is our common enemy http://thecrucialvoice.com/2013/10/21/a-common-enemy-of-public-schools/ but we don’t win the war if No Child Left Behind gets reauthorized with yearly testing still in it. We will be controlled by the tests….one way or another. That was always the plan. http://thecrucialvoice.com/2013/04/29/they-have-plans-for-u-s-children/

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