Tech Thursday Update: Aligned Work, Thanks, CCSS.

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For today’s Tech Thursday post, I’ll be giving an update to my original article titled, “Aligned and Employed” , which looked at Common Core extending from high school to community college.(see:

Nothing beats a trained mind, right?
Nothing beats a trained mind, right?

Before we look at what’s new about this subject, please note when you access the original one, it is specific to NC, however, like anything I write featuring NC, I do keep in mind that I have readers all over the world who are using this information to fight federal overreach in education. So, let’s see what’s new so that your fight against post-secondary CCSS, can be a fully armed one.

Here’s an excerpt from the original, “What you should know that’s revealing about this? Commerce in the state of NC, just as in most US States is all about businesses and economy. Most of the time, one organization is their common bond…Chambers of Commerce. In case you didn’t know it, the NC Chamber of Commerce is so supportive of the Common Core Standards, they formed their own CC Coalition…” 

Now, you may consider the fact the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s vested interest in Common Core old news. Have you checked with your state or local level chambers? They receive funds from the U.S. Chamber. Think of it as a passing along of a basket containing tasty biscuits. The U.S. Chamber received its money from the Kitchen, where the biscuits were baked (Gates Foundation contributed millions), then being a sharing sort, the U.S. Chamber gave each state’s Chamber of Commerce some biscuits. Then the state level chambers got busy promoting CCSS at the more local level. Finally, the biscuits run out upon reaching your local Chambers. So, let’s see what is new in the realm of Chamber of Commerce Common Core movements.

First stop, The Kitchen (aka Gates Foundation):

Straight from the Gates Foundation Grant Database:

Date: November 2013
Purpose: to lead the effort to engage and educate state and local chambers to support Common Core State Standards
Amount: $1,383,041
Term: 15
Topic: Global Policy & Advocacy
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Grantee Website: (this link is no longer viable)

Also from the Gates Foundation to use for ‘post secondary success’ by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for a Competitive Workforce, Sept. 2012 was $143,296.00. (see the Grant Database entry,

Here’s a short video from the Institute for a Competitive Workforce, titled “Talent Pipeline Management”


The above is a cutesy video to address the ‘skills gap’. Somehow, Common Core aligned workers will solve this ‘dilemma’.

Lead, Hunt, or Get Out of the Way?

New updated information about where each state is in, not only education reform, but Workforce training, 21st Century Teacher Force and more can be found at the U.S.Chamber Foundation’s website called “Leaders and Laggers” (way to be encouraging there, US CofC). The website, Since the Chamber is so concerned with a ‘talent pipeline’, here’s a resource you’ll definitely want to use in your state. It’s titled, “Preparing Students for the World of Work: The Need for Career Readiness Data” Wow, more need for our students data. Here’s how they are selling this angle, States have recognized the challenge and taken proactive measures to help students better prepare for their futures by adopting more rigorous college- and career-ready standards. Included in this mix are more than 40 states and the District of Columbia that have signed on to the Common Core State Standards, which “are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.” Common Core provides the baseline for all students to be ready for careers or college, leading to their eventual participation in the workforce.”
Read the article,

Out of the Kitchen and into Your State:

Here’s an excerpt from my original article about the NC Chamber of Commerce’s Common Core action, “Commerce in the state of NC, just as in most US States is all about businesses and economy…. so supportive of the Common Core Standards, they formed their own CC Coalition, send out a very suggestive communication (as in negative reaction) to any legislature who didn’t stick up for Common Core earlier this year when our state was in the early stages of trying to pass ‘repeal’ legislation.” So, let’s see if they have updated their efforts where Common Core is concerned.

The NC Chamber of Commerce's Common Core Coalition homepage looks like this more nasty letters, I guess.
The NC Chamber of Commerce’s Common Core Coalition homepage looks like this more nasty letters, I guess.

Wait, There’s More!

In the opening pages of the 2014 Annual Report for the NC Chamber of Commerce come these words, To empower the business community, the NC Chamber Foundation is leading initiatives to  provide solutions-oriented policy recommendations and to track North Carolina’s progress on the four Pillars of a Secure Future – Education and Talent Supply, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Infrastructure and Growth Leadership. ” Did you catch the ‘talent supply’ reference? Almost word for word what the U.S. Chamber said in their video. Yep, keep passing those biscuits, folks.

Here’s another excerpt, I’m sure the anti-CCSS warrior in you will love, Protecting HIRE Standards:
The NC Chamber Foundation led the Hire Standards, NC coalition to educate North Carolinians  on the
importance of high academic standards – joining the voices of our state’s military, teachers, business
leaders, police chiefs, parents, and local chambers of commerce. Coalition members steered many initiatives including a website, digital and print ad campaigns, local events, and others to create greater understanding around higher standards. Ultimately, Senate Bill 812 was signed into law, which brings greater predictability and certainty to North Carolina teachers, students and job creators by keeping the current higher standards in place while a standards review commission researches and provides revisions, which can retain elements of the Common Core State Standards, in part or full, as a basis for future standards.” Sorry, NC Chamber, this is SO not what Senate Bill 812 was to do at all or accurately states the process our educational system is in at all!

As far as the aligned employment? NC’s got us covered, I bet your state does too! Here’s a bit more from the 2014 NC Annual Report from the Chamber of Commerce, ” the NC Chamber Foundation has joined
the Office of the Governor, the Department of Public Instruction, Community College System Office and
the Department of Commerce to launch a statewide initiative to certify communities and counties as NC
Works Certified Work Ready Communities..” Remember, this is all thanks to CCSS, or those “Hire Standards” AND our state’s Chamber of Commerce. But, thanks also needs to be given to the providers..the U.S. Chamber’s Foundation AND the Gates Foundation. Yeah, right. If you’d like a copy of the NC Chamber 2014 Annual Report, see:


I hope that your state isn’t as sold out to an aligned employment system, but then again your state may be even moreso than mine. Either way, the move is on to ‘marry’ education and labor, no matter what, we the citizens say. Think about yesterday’s article updating the Workforce Quality Data as well as the Education Data? I urge you, look at what your Chamber of Commerce are up to. Use NC’s boon doogle as an example!

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