Monday Musings: Lending CCSS Warrior Aid

In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.
In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.

Greetings, Anti Common Core Warriors!
A new work week for us to wage war on the Core. Are you ready? Is  the warrior next to you ready? Let’s help each other out.

Warriors and Sharing:

Governments use the concept of sharing to defray projects. Co-op groups of all kinds use sharing as a way to pool resources. The CCSS Machine uses it to coerce our students, teachers, and the educational we can certainly use sharing as a weapon. Question is, how is the best way to do that?

“Can’t Never Could, Because Can’t Didn’t Try”:

The phrase above is one I made up years ago when my children were very small. Every time an insurmountable task was presented (or what they thought was insurmountable), this is what they heard.

If the word ‘can’t’ was uttered, you bet your backside, this is what you’d get back from me. It got to the point the children would say it with me.

My point in sharing this, is the same mindset can be shared among warriors. There is no ‘can’t’ when it comes to fighting Common Core. As long as we make an effort at fighting, we’re ahead.

This is a valuable life lesson my children have taken with them. It’s helped them to become sharp as steel, as ready as they can be, as flexible as they need to be, and as quick on their thinking as possible.

Remember..positive movement doesn’t have to be up and down the mountain in the same day. CCSS didn’t appear overnight. Our fight will not be over quickly, either. We must prepare for length while we’re practicing strength.

Our States Groups Need Us:

I’m not sure how many anti CCSS groups you belong to. I belong to several, as you can imagine. However, this isn’t about me..this is about all of us. This is about sharing the war, not singling out a warrior.

As I post my articles each day on Facebook, what’s struck me as a pattern is there are groups where several anti CC items are shared daily. Then, there are groups where the only posts are months old. Then there are the groups who don’t post anything.  I understand if you don’t manage the page, you may not see all that is posted.

However, this is leading up to my real point. The number of members…this is the real focus. Why? Considering recent polls which reveal the greatest number of citizens and where they are in the educational brew-ha-ha: most are in the undecided group!

Yes, more oppose than support CCSS, BUT even more people are undecided! Belonging (or not belonging) to a Facebook group will not be the cure all to this sharing problem. The invitation to join in the war is!

As I see these small groups everyday in making the rounds sharing my blog, I long to be able to find out several things: 1) How can we, the other anti CCSS warriors,  help their group in their battle in __________? 2) Are you discouraged or overwhelmed in your state? 3) Are you so busy doing it all  you have no time? 4) Is any news getting through, do you have the latest ‘intel’ for the battle you’re facing?

So, warriors, let me ask you this: Have you joined groups opposed to the CC outside your state? Have you moved from one state to another and kept up with the fight in both your old state of residence and your new one?

Play a ‘game’: find the smallest anti CCSS groups you can, here’s a start, the Facebook page for Southeastern PA Stop Common Core has 2 members. Now, since I don’t live there, I have no clue if these 2 members are in their battle alone or fighting alongside many.

Many of us, as warriors, have gleaned much needed insight, advice, and encouragement from the various members in each group. What IF these 2 PA folks don’t have that? Guess what? We can come to their side and walk with them. I imagine these 2 would do the same for us.

Remember this: in battle, a small number of soldiers is much easier to target than when they are surrounded by other soldiers. Notice in the picture below, which people would be the ‘easy shot’? The CCSS Machine knows this battle tactic and uses it against us every single day.

Protecting each other well during a battle is vital for success.
Protecting each other well during a battle is vital for success.

Groups Who Fight CCSS (and related federal education overreach):

While not an exhaustive list, here are the small groups who purpose every day to fight CCSS. I’m sure they’ve love some more support.

U.S. Homeschoolers Against Agenda 21 and Common Core, currently less than 100 members. (IF you are a homeschooler, you may or may not know CCSS is in your educational choice, too. If not K-12, it’s post-secondary)

Stop Common Core in West Virginia, currently 14 members.

Southeastern PA Stop Common Core, currently 2 members.

Common Core Humor, currently 42 members (if nothing else, you can laugh your battle fatigue away)

StopcommoncoreKY (yes, that’s how it’s listed on Facebook), currently 16 members

Students Against Common Core Curriculum (if your student wants to join the war, this is a great place to start), currently 170 members

U.S. Citizens Against Common Core, currently 127 members (a national ‘clearinghouse’ feel of information can be accessed here)

Constitution Against Common Core, currently 619 members (considering the very existence of CCSS violates the U.S. Constitution, it makes sense to join this group as a matter of principle)

What You Give, You’ll get Back More of:

If you’d like to take the anti CC warrior challenge and join some of the small groups above, great! If you know of another group which is small and you’re currently not sharing information with, consider joining them..that’s great too!

The more warriors we have the better! Not to mention those undecided folks on the topic of CC will have more concerned citizens to aid them as they ‘see the light’. However, as cool as all that is, consider this: when you join forces with folks you don’t know personally in a war like this, you’ll discover their support of you is instant; their respect for your dedication grows; lastly, you gain a new friend. Not bad for an educational warrior, is it?


If you have an anti CC group you’d like me to know about and share with them, please…let me know. I would love to make some new friends.

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  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Is Our Core and commented:
    This is an important message in that some groups are more organized than others, some have more members and have valuable experience to share with less experienced groups. Over the past 6 months, our group CIOC in the Lehigh Valley PA has been in dialogue with the office of education from the Catholic diocese of Allentown who has adopted the PA Core (aka CCSS) in our Catholic schools.
    We have a strategy and plan to which we are executing but needless to say, it’s a tedious and slow process. Having said that, we believe we have made some progress but our objective is not accomplished until we convince the diocese to pause and then roll back from the PA Core (aka CCSS). Our crusade is small in the context of the national battle against the CCSS’s but our stand and resistance is important for the future sustainability of our Catholic Schools and important in the broader sense of shared goals with other CC opponents. One parish, one diocese, one school district, one state at a time!

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