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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’m back from my extended on-the-road speaking and learning trips. I so wish I could share absolutely everything I’ve gleaned, but that might be a book’s worth, not an article.

My first trip took me to AZ, where I was able to meet (face to face) some Anti Fed Ed Warriors and learn about how We the People should step up in our fighting back against all the tyrannical moves being made against us, even in education. Those attending with me learned that the overall goals behind the tyranny are what we’ve been seeing in education since the CCSS Machine rolled into town: total global control of all we do, how we live, what we teach, and, where we travel.

One of the biggest control factors being played out nation-wide: our taxes
The biggest manipulator of those taxes? Schools and education, especially via ‘bonds’
Those in charge of the manipulation: educrats (elected or appointed)

Warriors, why I say this, is that while in AZ, I saw signs throughout Phoenix promoting a bond which will go for education and schools. The signs were very distinct in the message that citizens must say ‘yes’ to the bond. As this news source puts it, it isn’t just bonds, but overrides voters are being urged to vote for.


Upon returning to NC, I learned that the local county I live in (Iredell) has seen the County Commissioners decide to go ahead and place the $125 million school construction bond on our March 2020 ballot.

If you recall, before I left, I spoke against this bond at the October 2019 public hearing. As a result, I was also called by one County Commissioner as ‘unintelligent’. (Note; the above embedded link will take you to the interview where this is discussed.)

While that is an issue all its own, I have also learned that in the NC General Assembly a state-wide bond has cleared the NC House and is currently in the NC Senate Rules and Oversight Committee. This state-wide bond seeks a mere $1.9 billion for school construction. This bill (H 241) is called the Education Bond Act of 2019.

Warriors, it isn’t simply school construction, it’s mandated school construction all centered around technology infrastructure. If H 241 is passed, Iredell County will receive a total of $10 million for school construction or upgrades for tech infrastructure. 

The County is seeking $125 million MORE for career specific high schools. So, in essence, Iredell County residents are being saddled with $135 million in DEFERRED TAXATION.
Since no one I know in this county has that much money, it will take generations to pay this down.

Where are the technology mandates? ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). You’ll also find technology infrastructure can be tied to other State/regional/federal and UN (United Nations) agencies, policies, laws, and jurisdiction. For example, Iredell County uses an international CTE (Career Tech Education) service called Edge Factor. It’s based in Canada. Because of this, it falls under UN governed data policies. Iredell’s leaders are in their second year of using Edge Factor..all with taxpayer dollars.


Warriors, I shared this information with my County Commissioners. The responses totally ignored my questions about what if the citizens learn of this UN/local connection?
Would they like it? As citizens this type of information should be transparent, but it isn’t.

But wait, Warriors, the taxpayer debt load isn’t simply a total of $1.9 billion for NC, nope, back in 2016, a Connect NC Bond was a state-wide $ 2 billion! Below is a picture from that article I published.

Bond, bad bond
Warriors, on our November ballots, across the nation, we’ll see amendments to State Constitutions, referendums to increase educratic overreaches, we’ll see bonds, and, so much more that actually connects us to MORE tyranny, not less! We know in the 2020 elections, we’ll see more of the this.

We MUST be intentional in exposing as much as we can. We CANNOT do this alone. We MUST go in numbers. Crowds are not easily dismissed.  Remember, the underlying theme in all this is that the government (at all levels) knows better than we do. If we simply stay mad or get upset, we are stuck on revenge. Revenge will NOT win back our schools.


Finally, Warriors, we MUST participate in civil political discourse. If we don’t, we’ll certainly lose our freedoms. Our students will never know true freedom as long as educrats win and future generations pay back our debts. Let’s stop our States from being manipulated.

Closing note: If you’d like to learn more about the Iredell specific information (because it isn’t simply one county, in one State, which is the problem), tune in this Wednesday morning(6am EDT) on Setting Brushfires, where we’ll continue this discussion. One of my most burning questions I’ll be posing to my County leaders will be revealed. You won’t want to miss it! (Call in: 215-TOP-TALK or 215-867-8255)


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