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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, time and time, again, here on my blog you’ve read and researched how the shift from academics to workforce prep is tied to a global agenda, not a local one, right? Well, what happens when that global agenda pops up in your hometown? How long has it been in the works?
What can you do to stop it?

For starters, get yourself educated on where to look, THEN you can educate those in charge. If the officials in town don’t realize how global they’ve become, TELL them! If they don’t see the workforce prep shift is harmful, SHOW them! Why is this kind of thing showing up locally? Because the global-to-federal-to-state-to-your-town system has OKAYED it, LEGISLATED it, and, FUNDED it!

Warriors, Meet The “Accelerate” Plan:

No, this isn’t a federal bill in the making, my friends. It’s a local to my town Plan which seeks to cover all kinds of topics for my town, including increasing public-private partnerships to PURPOSEFULLY align ALL levels of local education to WORKFORCE/BUSINESS.
It’s called the “Accelerate Mooresville 2030 Plan”.

As I’ve shared before, the town I live in is north of Charlotte, NC and has been shifting ever closer to the Agenda 2030 for some time now. I’ve called out my town officials several times on this fact every time they’ve unleashed a ‘new portion’. Always leaving an open invitation for more discussion, at that. You can image the response, right? Yep, crickets are louder than they are.

It’s that the associations with which my town officials are in bed with. They’ve muted the citizens voices/choices for BUSINESS/NGOs.

So, what’s in the Accelerate Mooresville 2030 Plan? It was published in Nov. 2020. While it’s been out a while, it wasn’t until recently, the document was brought back into the forefront, to the best of my knowledge.

1) It’s an update to existing economic plans already in the works.
2) It aligns to the comprehensive Mooresville One Plan (which is nothing BUT Agenda 2030 compliant).
3) The Plan covers 24 points, education is #9 and #10; regionalism is embedded (part of the UN’s dividing up our nation).
4) Big Tech and ‘branding’ of our town must increase.

Here’s the education excerpt,Recommendation #9 – It is recommended that the Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber of Commerce be tasked with forming the MSI Education & Workforce Alignment Council. The purpose of the Council is to facilitate the alignment of the K-12 and Mitchell Community College curriculum with the real time needs of employers, audit the effectiveness of the council, adopt the procedures necessary to sustain the effort and report annually to the ICEDC.Comments: The Town will take the lead in forming a high-level staff driven Education and Workforce Alignment Roundtable. Potential participants include: Chamber of Commerce, Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau, Iredell-Statesville Schools, Mooresville Graded School District, Mitchell Community College, Mooresville Downtown Commission, SIEDC, and Town of Mooresville staff.

*Note: the SICDC is short for South Iredell Community Development Corporation/ICEDC is short for the Iredell County Economic Development Corporation. The ICEDC was formed in 2017 to help promote jobs/growth and alignment to a more global good, while selling it as a local greater good for all.
Education is one of the kingpins of this group’s agenda. Follow this link, then access the ‘click here’ highlighted tab. It will take you to a PDF file you can download. Look for this excerpt, once there:
“Launched a comprehensive workforce development effort resulting in engagement of 23 schools and over 10,000 students with Edge Factor, and became a certified ACT Work Ready Community with 156 supporting employers and 8,232 National Career Readiness Certificates”
From KS, this just over 2 minute YouTube video explains the national WorkKeys owned by ACT, Inc.

Warriors, scroll down just a bit and you’ll see GIGA Data is a participant. I wrote about this BIG Data/Tech company setting up its data mining/tracking system back in 2019. If you missed this one, I urge you to read it now. You’ll see ties to the UN, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, and much more disturbing information.

So, is 2017 the year the NC shift to workforce prep happened? No, Warriors, that happened back in 1999, based on the documents I was able to find in this article. How about in the rest of the nation? MN appears to have been the first State to shift to the UN (United Nations) backed workforce shift in the mid 1980s.

So, how does all this tie to other parts of education? SAP (Student Achievement Partners). I exposed those in NC and all across the US, in 2019.


From 2015, the look at the National Career Path Network (look at the 10 agenda points and compare with the 2020 report, above).
The Digital push in education calls people ‘human capacity’ (from 2016).
Also from 2015, the gold/silver/bronze classifications WorkKeys uses (as seen in the KS video).
The International/Universal Credentialing we’ve seen (or maybe not seen) in our communities, uses the Six Sigma system. Rather than
Olympic style levels of achievement, this system uses colored belts (like you see in karate classes).
This ICE (Inst. for Credentialing Excellence) is also one to watch for.
ACT Inc.’s OTHER skill based credentialing exams were revealed in this article.
Lastly, back in 2015, I shared one of Anita Hoge’s interviews where not only all of the above was discussed, but how all of this ties
to your property taxes. Even now, 6 years later, this information (as well as the action steps included) is VITAL!


Normally, I would close out with action steps, however, I will not, today. There are already PLENTY of action items above.
I will encourage you to listen in, tomorrow morning, May 5th on the Sons of Liberty “Rotten to the Core” Wednesday show.
We’ll cover this AS well as the homeschool grabs by my local government I found in the classified ads of the local newspaper.
This information will be something you need to look for in your papers.
Broadcast begins at 6:05 am (EDT) and is always archived for those who aren’t awake yet, or, maybe live in another time zone.
Look on your right hand side of the SoL website and locate the SECOND video tab. That’s where you’ll find our show.

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