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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’m sure you’ve been busy trying to get everything as ‘in a row’ as possible in our current situation. I know I have. Sure, we’re seeing things we NEVER thought we’d ever see in our lifetimes.

However, we CANNOT give in, give up, OR, sell out. With so many people at home, it’s hard to find a place where everyone actually feels uninterrupted. Routines have been turned on end; freedoms have been increasingly taken away, AND, the CCSS Machine expects that their brand of education MUST continue.

Today’s article, is geared to offer YOU some suggestions which can involve the family, ease the tension, AND, ditch the CCSS Machine!

Sure, many others, some more famous than others (myself included), have taken to the cyberwaves to offer encouragement, ideas, and, even read to your students. However, I wanted to do what I always do, and that’s give YOU the TOOLS to use as you see fit and to BEST fit your family.

The image below, shows a pot full of agenda packed into education. If you notice it’s all for a workforce result. Contrast this with the current situation, that many in the workforce AREN’T working, so how can we think that our students involved in all levels of education MIGHT have a future? This is where academics and family values can come in. With THOSE, regardless of what’s to come, students CAN have a future filled with this extra time with the family!

The Encouragement:

If you missed my latest Common Core Diva Facebook Live, I’ve got it right here. In that video I offer you some great ideas and resources that you can use now. Either long term (as in your kids aren’t going back to their former schools) or short term (where you might send them back, but want them to take a break from regular school).
I also address that very scenario in the video.

The tone of the video is upbeat and encouraging. My best advice? Use as many of the resources as possible to just plain have FUN. No agenda!

Resource links:

Warriors, I shared all these on Facebook, just before I went live, but by inserting them here, everything is in one nice and neat package for easy access.


1) My March 25th interview with Sons of Liberty Radio.
I gave a precursor of ideas and suggestions for what to do with the kids at home:

2) The Educational Games for Fun and Learning website:

3) The Big Book of Fun (1940) can be found on Thriftbooks, Amazon, and Ebay. ISBN: 0883650495 ISBN-13: 9780883650493 (Sadly, there is no on-line version I could find. Prices range from 99 cents to $32.00.)

4) No Cost/Low Cost Homeschool Curriculum is also on Amazon.…/…/0945519214
*Note: while you may not plan to homeschool during or after COVID-19, there are still some great ideas for what to do right now.

5) Valerie Bendt’s Unit Study Idea Book (the note from #4 fits here, too). On Good Reads, look at the comments.…/4387844-how-to-create-your-own-…

6) Dr. Ruth Beechick’s Easy Start Series (geared for parents who are staring home education at a young age, but many tips are here for those families with learners who struggle, too.)…/…/B0037Z1KEA

7) Barbara Shelton’s Sr. High Home Designed Form+U+LA:… (again, lots of ideas for older kids, even if you aren’t going to homeschool)

                                 ALL OF THESE PRE-DATE COMMON CORE

Warriors, there is one fun and family friendly resource I did not list, but featured in the video. It’s the Learning Seeds Activity Library. Currently, out of print and extremely hard to locate. My Activity Library is at least 25 years old. I’ve reached out to the original publisher for written consent to share this resource. It’s my goal to share it with you, I’m just not sure how, yet.

One last, somewhat related, resource for you:

The Citizens for Free Speech has created an on-line petition to create a much needed voice for the citizens. This concerns all those freedoms we are seeing being taken away, as well as power abuses by the federal, state, and, local levels in regards to Constitutionally secured actions during the COVID-19 events. Given all the educratic overreaches we’re seeing allowed during this, it’s well worth our time to preserve our family’s freedoms before further actions destroy them.

I urge you to read it, to sign, and, to share. Then, volunteer to help out. I did. I’ve love you to join me! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and PLEASE let me know how I can help you navigate the choppy waters we find ourselves in.
As always, feel free to comment on this article. You can also donate as a ‘thank you’, so that even more help can be given to others. Be blessed, my Warriors.


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