Enter, The “Empress” Of Local Education

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, the featured image (above) was one I created after DeVos’ G20 trip, where she and other DC Administration members, posed among education and labor ministers, almost as royalty.

Fast forward to 2020 and she’s once again playing the ’empress’ role to a T. How? Context of COVID-19 government ‘assurances’ in education. What you see below, is what I believe should be OUR reaction to her ‘leadership’.

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DeVos’s Latest Educratic Directive:

Warriors, below is a screen shot of the 5 page ‘guide’ just released by the Sec. of Education. Actually, it’s a policy guide. How many times have we exposed that policy is NOT law? How many times do We the People, need the federal government to tell US what policy means?

In my last article (about co-operative education service agencies), I just went over how the special needs (as DeVos puts it, ‘students with disabilities’) education and services being usurped by the CCSS Machine.

Now, DeVos’s “Department” has done what I’m sure she feels is‘the good faith’ step of reassuring a panicked nation that on-line learning shouldn’t be denied to students (of all ages, mind you) in the disabled population.

Warriors, don’t get me wrong, I think that anyone at home, who wishes to continue learning, should be able to do so. However, it should be at THEIR choosing, not a government assurance or directive.

As you may know, some of the news out there is that on-line learning may not be able to be counted toward accredited requirements. While MI is making news about this, it could be the same case in other States.

Think how this will throw off the data mining and assessment algorithms. Eudcation, like everything else the federal government touches is a ‘hot mess’ and will be for quite awhile, in the wake of COVID-19 impacts.

Here’s an excerpt which is directly following the image you see above. Pay close attention, “The Department stands ready to offer guidance, technical assistance, and information on any available flexibility, within the confines of the law, to ensure that all students, including students with disabilities, continue receiving excellent education during this difficult time.”

Warriors, do we have to ask ‘what excellent education’ DeVos means? But, wait, there’s more! Look below:

Yes, the Dept. of Education is double-speaking in plain sight. Out of one side, federal reminders for compliance. From the other side? Locals know best. The entire document smacks of the superiority and smugness we’ve seen DeVos and company display before. Throughout the 5 pages, you’ll also see that we need to be reminded that federal law, not the Constition’s parameters, are cited.

Warriors, it’s unconstitutional AND in violation of federal law!

Warriors, you might be asking, what ‘control’? There were guidances and assurances in the Dept. of Ed document just released. See the phrase ‘any direction’? BINGO!

The Sec. of Education, of all people doesn’t need to assert herself OR ‘her’ department right now. Folks are hyped up enough. If we truly want to protect our local communities, why not give a break to everyone, so we CAN. Parents and communities were capable of caring for each other well before US Ed. We certainly can do it now, too! Espcially without federal overreaches.


2 thoughts on “Enter, The “Empress” Of Local Education

  1. We are lucky that in Berkeley county SC so far we still maintain some control over the education of our children. My problem is they do not challenge the children. They skim the bare minimum so they have taught just enough to be able to say they did. I am constantly asking my grandkids teachers to give them more work and while I know they want to it’s like they have shock collars on and if they even think of stepping out of line they get zapped

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