The Crushing Blow, Part Two

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my first installment of this series on how the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) is going to impact education via the skilled workforce, I promised the follow-up article would contain how the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN (United Nations) would harm every American. Our children will be the most harmed, but, then, the ‘cradle to grave’ control over every one of us will be in 100% control under USMCA.

What do the SDGs have to do with education OR the USMCA?

In short, everything. The SDGs are already totally embedded in every type of educational resource available, either in print or on-line. I’ve shown you several ways this is happening in EVERY school choice, in past articles.

For example, it was a couple of years ago, when I exposed the SDGs Board Game, which was offered for free to any and all educators to download and play with their students (or children). The game cards were/are steeped in 100% UN indoctrination!

So, just by that one example, it’s not hard to see how easy it is to tie the SDGs to this new ‘agreement’ the US has become involved in. Add to the educational demise in America, that the SDGs are 100% embedded in STEAM/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and, Math/Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Have you noticed the amount of community programs offering for free, STEM/STEAM courses or events? That’s because in the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), community alignment to education became a mandate.

In the USMCA, the ‘educational attainment’ includes formal and informal learning for all ages and all school choices. However, weigh into this component, that ESSA wiped out TRUE ‘school choice’ with the mandate that ALL education be aligned to the SAME STANDARDS! What becomes crystal clear about the direction of education in USMCA is that ALL education will be skill based training. Think CTE (Career Tech Education).

In support of this direction is a document by the US government, where even more damning evidence about education as a workforce preparation tool can be found. I encourage you to magnify this image below.


So, how does the USMCA have a negative impact on the above industries? By the SDGs and the resolutions, compacts, treaties, agreements, and other actions the US has taken which uphold the SDGs.

The USMCA codifies those actions and the increases the mandatory parameters we all must adhere to be carry out the harmony intended between the 3 nations. However, since the SDGs are UN and, thus, global, other harmonious unions between countries have the VERY SAME mandates with the very SAME results..a controlled people with government ‘taking care of them’.

So, where can you find the SDGs ? Look below, you’ll definitely need to open in a separate window, if you wish to share it.

If you cannot read the image as is, I’ve given you the Chapter numbers and names as well as a brief description. Included will be which SDGs are involved. In all of them you’ll find SDGs 4 & 8, especially. SDG #4 is quality education; SDG #8 is decent work for all.

Warriors, the most troublesome chapter of all in the USMCA is the Environment one. That’s Chapter 24. This one chapter will have us treating the US environment better than the people. It’s going to seriously harm the fishing industries and lumber industries, among others. How we interact with nature will be under such scrutiny, we could face criminal charges, when you look at the UN’s Law of the Sea, the ECA (Environmental Cooperation Agreement) the US has previously signed.

The USMCA goes beyond anything else we’ve every been impacted by, by huge measures. We’re not just talking using education to feed the labor market; we’re talking our lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness! We’re talking about totally changing how we live!

If you’re thinking the overall workforce agenda simply popped up with the CCSS Machine rolled into the nation, I’ve found evidence that it was well before then.

A book by the name of ‘Human Capital: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Special Reference to Education’ by Gary S. Becker (1964). How is a 56 year old book connected to the USMCA? It was featured as a cited source in the footnotes of the US ITC’s supporting document on the economic impact for America under USMCA. (scroll back up and see the picture with the blue/white cover)

Becker’s book was combined with other books from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) back in the 1960s. The research Becker conducted tied education to labor as more of a detriment for our economy, than an asset. He was also funded by the CCSS Machine member organization, the Carnegie Foundation

To access some information about Becker’s first edition, go here. From what I could find, it was reprinted several times since the 1964 version, the last seems to be 1994. The source for the screen shot directly above can be accessed here.

Before I end today’s installment, I wanted to share with you some of the evidence others have shared with me, since my first “Crushing Blow” was published a few days ago.
First, if you’ve not seen the SDGs ‘decoded’ for Americans, I urge you to read Mike Adams’ version from Natural News, 2015. Once you’ve read his, go back and look at my screen shot for the SDGs in the USMCA. It’ll is a great tool to use this campaign season.

Secondly, if you missed this 2017 Report written by Carol Adams, you’ll want to go back and read it. It’s only 52 pages. On Page 50, you’ll be able to learn more about the groups supportive and which helped published this report. The report is all about getting corporations and industries on board with the SDGs.  How will corporations and industries help sway our nation? Total integration of actions and thoughts. Precisely with the USMCA in force, what will this mean? We’ll have overlords from both government and big businesses.

Warriors, basically this 2017 Report was a road map for businesses to invest in education for the sake of SDG ‘success’. Education was not the only thing invested in.

But take this into consideration. The USMCA has several parameters embedded for investments in education, labor, and so much more. Recall from earlier in this article, it’s investment for the environment’s sake, not ours.

Lastly, here’s Part One of the “Crushing Blow” series. In Part 3, I’m going to really dissect the expected impact on our US economy from an education standpoint. So, we’ll be diving into that ITC April 2019 Report.

Warriors, let’s keep in mind that it isn’t about the children under ESSA, it’s also about us under the HEA (Higher Education Act) and the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) that the USMCA ensnares us all. What other federal laws will be in connection? We’ll find out in installment #3.


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