The Change Agents SEE You!

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s not ‘new’ news that the NSF (National Science Foundation) has long been in unison with the UN (United Nations), as far as education’s direction.

All their combined roads lead to STEM and STEAM (short for Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and, Math).

Why? These joint programs are a direct ‘change agent’ tool to reshape America.

But, wait, the image above shows CCSS Math. CCSS and STEM aren’t related. FALSE, Warriors. The CCSS Machine, the UN, the NSF, and, even our own government TELL us the two educational overreaches aren’t connected. (*Note: in the image below, PBL, is short for project based learning. PBL is an arm of CBE, competency based education. CBE is tied to the UN  & OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). The two global groups use CBE to define our ‘worth’ as human capital for industry’s gain.)

Contrast that with my research/countless hours of digging to uncover REAL EVIDENCE which proved STEM was the goal all along for American education. CCSS (Common Core State Standards) was merely the distraction. (*Note: If you missed that first article revealing this, go here.)

So, exactly what ‘new’ news is there related to all of the above? A recent call for more STEM educators to help breed a STEM workforce. (*Note: workforce means the U.S. Dept. of Labor will be involved.)

What’s so wrong about THAT?! Beside the fact that it’s an obvious statement of what ‘education’ has become, it also uses in school, out of school activities (aka: formal and informal learning) to do it. In other words, STEM is 24/7, 365 days. It’s pure indoctrination for the SDGs in our nation. It’s a straitjacket of a way of working AND living.

If you missed the way the Charlottesville Education Summit set the stage for STEM (via ‘innovation’ in education), refer back to a recent interview I gave where the documents prove this.

If you’d like to read the entire 1989 document (see above), go here. Be sure to look for the top 3 goals in education by the NFS’s SEE (Science and Engineering Education): (#1: Math, #2: Good Health, #3: Environment). Also look for the ‘preK to post-doctorate’ information. (*Note: if the SEE program still exists, it doesn’t appear to show up by that acronym. It’s based on my researched opinion, but I believe SEE was incorporated into STEM. I did find a SEES program in the current structure of the NSF. The SDGs are all over it.)

Related Resources:
1) If you’d like to see the FY 2021 NSF Budget Requests, read the over 500 page document, here. The number one priority is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

2) The NSF partners with the APA (American Psychological Association), the NIH (National Institutes for Health), and, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). See this image from 2009:

To access the 2020 COVID-19 reconditioning of our culture, go here.

3) To see the APA’s Education Directorate, visit here.

4) Other Federal entities with Directorates tied to technology include the Dept. of Homeland Security (present day), the U.S. State Dept. (past), the CIA (both) even has a student geared brochure so their education can be streamlined to become an agent.
To see the “Sit Room” document from the CIA detailing 4 of the Directorates (2 of which directly impact STEM), go here.


So, Warriors, what does all this have to do with education? Plenty. When you factor in that the CIA, CDC, NIH, FBI, FEMA, Dept. of the State, Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Commerce, and, the Dept. of Transportation each have a global presence, STEM and CCSS will be involved. When you consider the student career tracks hand made for each of these departments or agencies, you can be assured the testing and data tracking used on them, will be used on us, after their employment. You can also count on the fact that the U.S. Dept. of Education is right there, too. It has so many student data tracking relationships in the federal/state/local levels, as well, as the international levels. My followers, as long as we have STEM, we’re set on a workforce treadmill aimed at destroying life as we know it and replacing it with cyberchains for life. 

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