School Board Special, Part Three

From the Files Tuesday
This group claims ‘they don’t take sides’ in education. The states pay to belong to this group. They also span P-20 education.

Today’s “From the Files” Tuesday, brings us to Part Three in my special candidate special series devoted to arming these brave citizens with as much ANTI Common Core/College and Career Readiness/Career Tech Education as possible!

So far, Parts One (focused on the birth to 5 year old alignment to CCSS (Common Core State Standards) via the ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act) and Two (focused on the K-12th grades in their alignment to CCSS via the ESSA), have been a huge success in arming those facing primaries in the next few months. This series is also a great tool for any citizen concerned about the overreach of the CCSSI (Common Core State Standards Initiative) into our educational system! This article is jam packed and a bit lengthy, but we MUST know what our nation is facing via this ‘great educational bill’.

In this article, the focus will be on my specialized area of research: Common Core/Career Tech Ed in POST-Secondary education. You know, one of the areas CCSS was supposedly never to be found?!

For the sake of consistency, I will use my phrase ‘CCSS Machine’ in the rest of the article to point to the Initiative behind Common Core, the agenda surrounding it, the public private partnership (P3s) side, the resources, the Standards themselves, and anything else connected to the illegally based education reform. ESSA, will stand for itself.

Before we see where the post-secondary alignment is, I offer a couple of points:
1) The ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is a law which is to impact K-12th grades ONLY.
Yet, in the law, (as I have pointed out in the previous 2 articles), we have found younger than Kindergarten (K), and, today, we will see older (aka: post-secondary students) than 12th grade involved.
2) Where the ESSA has now become law, don’t think the CCSS Machine is going to leave post-secondary education alone. In the picture above, note the use of “P-20”, also note the headline. You should see a definite warning! Higher Education (another name for post-secondary education) is the LAST link in the streamlined chain of education which HAS not been rubber-stamped by Congress to embed the CCSS into it.
The strings of the CCSS Machine are already in place in post-secondary education, they just have not been re-authorized. Think about it, since 1965, almost in tandem, the re-authorizations of the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education laws have occurred. I am almost certain that in 2016, we will be seeing the HEA (Higher Education Act) come up for re-authorization, too! You can bet the farm, all sorts of alignment will be embedded. (*Note: to save article space for now, if you have any questions about my research and how I can connected the links between PreK to Higher Ed, please contact me ASAP!)


To see the rest of the wheel:

The ESSA and Students in Higher Education:

In the picture above, this is an example of how our high school graduates (or for that matter, any citizen seeking higher education) are being described… a ‘return on investment’. (*Note: In yesterday’s article you saw 2 equally demeaning visual pictures of how our students are defined by the CCSS Machine.) According to the CCSS Machine, we are all just ‘human capital’, so it is no wonder the shift in how students are taught is happening right before our eyes!

From the ESSA Final Conference Report, I have previously shared with you that the phrase “Higher Education” is embedded 64 times, that “Career” is used 63 times, that “Workforce” is written in 33 times. Sprinkled throughout the ESSA, each of these will repeatedly tie back to not only Common Core, but to Career Pathways and its counter part, Career Tech Education to Apprenticeships; to STEM; and to the most damming of all: the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act). Why is the WIOA damming? In its language, Career Tech Education and Career Pathways are embedded a total of 21 times! STEM is also embedded to help create a STEM Workforce.

 As a candidate, you need to know that in plain talk, this means that not only will your traditionally educated public schools students be aligned to a workforce based education, but so will your private school students, your homeschooled students, your faith-based educated students, and ANYONE seeking a job! The difference (at least right now) is that those outside of public education will be aligned when they either 1) enter post-secondary education , or 2) seek employment! (*Note: I have published articles on all of the above, which I will be more than happy to provide you upon request.)

Here is even more you need to know as a candidate. I urge you to read the pages below for yourselves as what I have provided is a contextual paraphrase:
1) P. 33 deals with LEAs (Local Education Agencies) and state financial awards. Not only will you as a candidate need to see what percentages of the funding goes for a) the parents, 1b) the student services, and c) the students courses (including AP, IB, CTE), but you will need to read how all of these are to be aligned to the CSAS (Challenging State Academic Standards) by way of the ‘industry recognized credentialing system’ set forth by the WIOA of 2014!
2) P. 48 of the ESSA Final Conference Report states that the CSAS and post-secondary education must be aligned for a more streamlined education.
3) P. 50, special needs students who have benefited from IDEA funding/programs and seek higher education ‘on track with alternative aligned courses/assessments’.
4) P. 85, States are to measure and report students ‘post secondary readiness’.
5) P. 121, Those students in dual enrolled courses (AP, IB, early college, etc.) will be ensnared here. As a candidate, consider this is an area for your privately educated (including faith-based and homeschool students) to be aligned. (Also on P. 991)
5a) P. 123, the data mining of these privately educated students comes into play.
6) P. 137, the LEAs determine how students transition from one grade group to the next (including post-secondary) with the help of P3s and ‘other stakeholders in education’.
7) P. 255, technology and digital post secondary education.
8) P. 265, students taking credit bearing career tech (CTE) courses for a shift to post secondary education.
8a) P. 273, again CTE courses, credit bearing, and students
9) P. 323, how all school leaders, including teachers will be trained to teach students for post secondary education, especially dual enrolled, concurrent enrolled, and early college students. (also on P. 780, 81)
10) P. 344, how teachers are to prepare post secondary/workforce ready students.
11) P. 325, how all the post secondary course from above will be regionally specific only.
12) P.397, how eligibility of funds will be tied to post secondary graduation rates.
13) P. 427, how post secondary readiness and the English Language Learners (ELLs) will be joined.
13a) P. 459, ELLs in more detail; Page 460 will discuss their assessments.
In those Activities which support a student’s learning and success (Sec. 4107):
14) P. 474, Post Secondary career awareness and exploration activities, including FASFA (student financial aid forms) (*Added note: where in some states this is now a requirement to graduate whether you intend to go to college or not!)
15) P. 502, OBE (Outcome Based Education– a supposed improvement in education at all levels, but especially higher education) will be the preferred tool for aligning academics and accompanying evaluations.
16) P. 508, Data mining will need to be aligned to any CSAS implemented by the States.
17) P. 509, as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers.
18) P. 601, where entire families are tied into the post secondary success of a student. (Also on P. 609)
19) P. 610 and 611, At-risk youth are encompassed in the alignment here.
20) P. 663, begins the Native American students and their alignment. (*Note: be sure to read this entire section to see how these alignment plans are laid out.)
21) Pages 759-66 deal with the Military bases needing to be realigned. (For any candidate who has the military nearby, page special attention!) Added note: the U.S. Dept. of Defense is in full support of CCSS, CTE.


Candidates, do you see the pattern above? Do you see any educational choice exempt from the CCSS Machine alignment?! Is there more in the ESSA which directly relates to post-secondary education? YES!

Since very few Congress members read the entire over 1,000 page bill BEFORE it became law, we are only now beginning to uncover all the hooks baited and ready for our nation.
As a candidate, do your part of due diligence and use this information to stand in the gap!


14 thoughts on “School Board Special, Part Three

  1. Why are we not calling the implementation of this system of education by its name – Communism. Drop the ESSA, Career Tech Education,and all the clever acronyms – if we want the public to really grasp and reject what the elitists are attempting to do, then we must name the enemy – and the enemy is Communism.

    1. Thank you for your input. The only reason I use the acronyms is because that is what the current educational reform is using. It helps us be able to connect the ties.

      1. I understand, and did not mean you or your writings. What you write is extremely well written, and spells out the pitfalls of this new legislation. People such as yourself should be lauded. You put in tireless hours to get the word out to the public. But you need help. And all of us who toil over this issue need help. We are working with spoons when we need excavators.

        It is my belief there are sections of the American population who for several reasons are not awake yet or paying attention. For now, some have bought-in to the lies being told to them, others just want to be left alone to live their lives and raise their families, then there are those who simply do not have the time to become involved or pay much attention to what is going on, and lastly there are those who know, but for whatever the reasons are too afraid to speak out.

        However, I also believe all of these groups would sit up, wake up, pay attention, and get involved, and become formidable, if and when they learn the truth – there has been a Communist takeover of the American public education system. And not only will it impact every public school setting, but private, parochial and home-school as well.

        I live in another state, and as much as I see people working to make changes, few are calling this what it is. For the most part they continue to work within the current broken system to make changes – contacting and corresponding with corrupt unelected bureaucrats, corrupt NGO’s, appointed State Boards of Education, attorneys hired by the states, and the uniformed and often corrupt state legislatures who fail to recognize their state’s own sovereignty.

        But if it went public there has been a Communist takeover of the American education system – just like Planned Parenthood was exposed for selling aborted baby body parts, the cat would be out of the bag. And parents and citizens would be up in arms. If every school were required to replace its name with the word ‘government’ in every piece of literature, correspondence, curriculum, grade card, etc., people would get the message loud and clear. For example, when Arne or Alexander speak about schools being there for the children from P-20, they should have to say, “the ‘government’ will be there for the children from P-20, following and charting every movement from birth to post-secondary, and we will take care and ensure each of ‘your’ children are placed into the right job the ‘government’ believes is suited just for them” – that will get the public’s attention.

        When it comes to language, the word ‘school’ is too benign. People associate it with a place their children go to learn. However, instead of using the word school, replace it with the word government-run facility (which is what is really going on), the public would begin to see they are turning their children over to the government for eight hours a day. That’s when it becomes real to them.

        When liberty and freedom of choice are replaced by government intervention, the child stands little chance. That is why we must blow the lid off of this before it has an opportunity to wrap its tentacles around any local school system.

        We have to inform the public this is Communism, and we have to find a way for parents to associate sending their children to school is nothing more than sending them to a government-run facility where the government takes control of your child for one-third of the day. No wonder parents who attempt to instill their beliefs and values systems into their children quite frequently fall short – for an equivalent amount of time the government is directly and consciously teaching a completely different beliefs and values system. The family is fighting an intentional uphill battle created by none other than our own government.

  2. 14) P. 474, Post Secondary career awareness and exploration activities, including FASFA (student financial aid forms) (*Added note: where in some states this is now a requirement to graduate whether you intend to go to college or not!)

    Would you clarify the significance of the FAFSA requirement. Our Louisiana Superintendent and BESE just wrote new policy requiring all students to fill out FAFSA to graduate although there is an opt out provision. The justification was “we are leaving millions of $$ on the table” when students don’t apply.

    1. Certainly, I will explain a bit more. In the past month, I was a guest on the nationally broadcast call hosted by Women on the Wall. We were discussing the overreach of CCSS/CTE and all the rest in higher education (something I have done extensive research on. One caller, who didn’t specify what state she was calling from, shared that recently their state had made it a requirement for anyone who wished to graduate high school! Now, if a student desires to go to college, they should be encouraged to complete FASFA, BUT if they are desiring to NOT go to college, why hold them to this?
      I have several articles going into how the federal and state levels will use saving taxpayers money, reducing student debt, etc. as ways for more alignment to CCSS/CTE. Here are the most relevant to this question.

      The requirement to graduate also allows states to data mine students from the FASFA.

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