Pandemic Ed Scam

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, several of my devoted followers of researching the CCSS Machine’s educratic moves, have sent their concerns about what’s happening. I can say, that with the COVID-19 overreactions, I’m very vexed AND concerned.

So, to that end, I’m using this article to bring up these troubling actions we’re seeing. Some are local, some are not.
However, Warriors, I do believe unless we get on the offensive side of this War Vs the Core, these moves/actions will only continue to grow in number and in controlling ways.

CDC’s Pandemic Ed Scam:

Warriors, by now, if you’ve not seen or heard of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) move for ‘school sleepovers’, my KS Warrior, Lisa sent me this:

Lisa, also has been warning anyone in KS who’ll listen. Her words to me were:
“They (CDC) are not defining “emergency.” In the history of kids in school, how NORMAL is it for a child to not be able to be picked up by a parent? What has ever necessitated PLANNING for your child to not be home with his parents at the end of the school day? PLANNING for a school sleepover? WHERE are schools planning to transport kids to? This is terrifying. Again … when parents drop off their children at the beginning of the school day, the reasons just keep growing for the UNTHINKABLE notion of parents not being able to pick them up at the end of the day.”

Wait, Lynne, where’s ‘sleepover’ in the above image? Warriors, it isn’t, however, it’s in the ‘fine print’, just below the ABCs.

CDC source

So, where’s the pandemic scam? Simple, telling you that access to your child means they can transport them elsewhere without your knowledge.


Warriors,  here’s my previous research on the CDC and its presence in the global CCSS Machine.
Below, is an image from a previous article I published on the U.S. Dept. of HHS (Health and Human Services). The ESSA overreaches into healthcare are very visible and are mixed in the CDC’s latest move to control families under the guise of an emergency. (Gee, Lisa’s spot on!) Also note that mental health is woven into the CDC’s latest ABCs tactic, as part of the ‘whole child’ grabs for their SEL (Social Emotional Learning).

COVID Pandemic Scamming Set-ups:

Warriors, this is one type of pod system being used in America. There are also other types of ‘pods’ being used as ‘solutions’, too. I challenge you to conduct an internet search for COVID Pod Schools. Many of the images will NOT look like the one from Denmark. Some will look like what’s below and others may resemble what looks like upper body bags or clear cubicles.

Wall Street Journal source

In this WebMD article, the pandemic pods are also called “micro schools”. These types of schools gather a few neighborhood families together and they use the same resources to learn. While some States allow this type of activity as a way to homeschool, it’s not ALWAYS true home education. For example, this article tells that ‘micro schools’ are using homeschool accessible curriculum. Warriors, the specific types of ‘homeschool resources’ cites are CCSS aligned!! The article also claims that the changes we’re seeing in education due to COVID are here to stay!

(Education Next’s full article and their 2017 source featured in the article)

My 2016 article about Gates, micro schools and the connections.
My article exposing Connections Academy as Pearson Publishing owned.

Warriors, we know Gates directly gave Khan Academy big bucks to align the free homeschool accessible (and all other educational choices) to the CCSS Machine. Laurel Springs Academy can be tied to the CCSS Machine via their accrediting bodies, one of which was formerly named AdvancED.

Warriors, this supposedly ‘new’ name for education (micro schools/pandemic pods) is truly a ‘dog and pony show’ effort by the CCSS Machine. In this 2020 YouTube video (just over 1 hour), you can hear 4 ‘experts’ (most of these women are on the same Facebook group. Scroll down the page and you’ll see quote after quote by Pearson’s Sir Ken Robinson) use their own words to laughingly tell you that almost NONE of the content or activity using these COVID pods/schools are licensed! Find that in the section between the beginning and 1:05 time stamp.

If that’s not bad enough, the host of the YouTube video was Howard Blumenthal. Don’t recognize his name? He’s a professor at the Univ. of PA as well as the creator of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” His modern take on global education (he’s a part of the Global Education Conference Network) is to use children’s education to align to the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Don’t let it be lost that the YouTube series Blumenthal’s hosting is called “Reinventing Education”! (Warriors, have you recently heard of the Gov. of NY’s partnering with Bill Gates to ‘reinvent education’ as a COVID response?)

Jeb Bush’s “School Choice” Week national group is also pushing pandemic pod type education. My 2018 article about this group will reveal even more we can now tie from ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to the COVID moves. Bush’s ‘school choice’ scam has reached epic proportions in the current political landscape.

So, where’s the scam? 1) School choice, 2) licensed and accredited activity in homes, 3) as such, what government overreaches will ensue, based off both COVID-19 safety and ESSA mandates, and, aligned to the UN’s SDGs in yet one more way.


The pandemic’s biggest scam? Taxpayer money being thrown at a system riddled with CCSS Machine alignment. 

The solution? Stop buying into the scam. So much of what is behind this shift to rush to a ‘solution’ in the name of COVID is about profit making, NOT academics! It’s about CCSS Machine controlled takeovers of whatever service or curriculum it doesn’t already control. When your federal government AND big tech use the same phrases like ‘re-imagine education’ you’re being given a distinct clue in plain sight of the ‘end game’ for ‘education’. 

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