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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, recently, I was sent some declassified U.S. Army Field Manuals (FMs) by two different Warriors. One of whom, is a former specialist in the U.S. Armed Services. Having served our nation, this person knows full well that the FMs are ‘gospel’ and those joining the military must, at all costs, adhere to their leaders who use these FMs. The one Warrior who’s not been in the military, sent this video* to show concern about FM 3-39.40.

That’s where I started my research. The other FM, 33-1.1 was brought to my attention by the second Warrior. What I’d found in the first FM was about resettlement and determent camps. The second FM was all about the psychology to be used in these camps. Most all of the camps will be FEMA ones, but can include any building the US government or military ‘squats’ in.

*(Let me pause here to state that the supposed sole purpose for these FMs was building US internment camps based to include UN presence. Much of what the FMs are based on isn’t always American, in creation. Since the video above only covered one FM (3-39.40), it also mentioned the Kissinger Report. That document laid out a population control plan embraced by the UN. It’s very evident that COVID is contributing to certain groups (chiefly Senior Citizens in nursing homes) of Americans and ‘population control’.)

(New Amerian Magazine link)


Since civilians are among the FMs’s major targets, we should all be wary. Knowing education (especially skill based) will be use to reward and hold back civilians (down to prohibition of reading materials) we’d better wake up NOW! In the image below, notice the pentagon shape. It’s used widely in our government and military. This particular image was from one of my archived articles about skill based education.

The awful items I’ve discovered in both these FMs is that not only is (a) education a tool for reward and control, but that the types of settings which are being set up in our nation involve the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), the USMCA (US-Cananda-Mexico Agreement), and, will partner with the UN (United Nations) to rule over us!
(b) Schools, museums, hotels, theatres, and, any other local infrastructure building deemed appropriate can be taken over by the US gov’t/military (including any group approved by US govt, mainly UN).

Warriors, while I could find no mention of Operation Warp Speed in either FM, It has been reported that our very own US military will be heavily involved in reaching We the People. So, how will the FMs come into play in this aspect? Remember, a trained military person MUST obey all orders. It’s what they are educated and skilled to do.
The issue is, this time it could be directed to Americans BY Americans.

My goal is not be breed fear or to be an alarmist in this article. My goal is to give you timely information that was never supposed to reach We the People, so that you may inform others and protect your loved ones.

This dastardly web woven around us is from the Dept. of Defense, our U.S. Gov’t, and, the CCSS Machine.

Warriors, if those facts don’t impact you, there are others which may. Remember, Because a ‘green light’ has been given in so many areas, including AND especially, education during the COVID-19 forced isolations, we cannot, for one moment assume that even more control over our lives is OUT OF THE QUESTION.

The 2016 news about UN presence in America. The irony, if you will, is the move was to ‘protect’ We the People during conflicts. Warriors, when we consider that the use of our military in Operation Warp Speed may also include activities of military personnel imposing on our rights, that certainly will create conflict!

Especially when it comes to something like mandatory use of vaccines to access education, education services, afterschool and community education programming, or, school locations!!
*Note: I am NOT saying all this is written in stone, however, if we do NOT do our due diligence to be aware of the plans against us, we cannot protect our families OR save our nation from tyranny.

In the “Book of Ours”* April 2020 video, titled “Quarantyranny”, I found direct ties to education, without them even being¬† spoken. What’s even more relative is that some of the very militant controlling uses of the corporate world and the governments during COVID pointed out to in the video, come directly from BOTH of the FMs featured above!
(*Note: when you visit the Book of Ours blog, the Sept. 1, 2020 post gives a nod to fellow Warrior Alison from Wrench in the Gears.)

So, where’s the ‘educational bait and switch’ in the 2010 Field Manual? Remember, there are over 90 in all. Below are the most alarming.

What about FM 3-1.1? What’s most alarming for education in that guide? See below:

Warriors, what IF, as a result of COVID-19 ‘tracking and safety’, we, especially as outspoken citizens, were to become a ‘resident’ of one of these types of camps. What would we wear? We already can see from above how our education or re-education would be treated.
I found an image from the FM 3-39.40 which shows what could be our attire. However, from the FM 3-1.1 you can see that PSYOPs will play into this. As will an old U.S. Army regulation (AR 190-8). In AR 190-8 it laid out how all these groups of people were to be treated and grouped. Supposedly families were (are?) to be placed together and be able to carry on life as normal. (Normal under these circumstances for whom?) AR 190-8 also brought up the ability to seize a person’s real estate/property.

, do we need to review the U.S. Military’s ability to keep families together in recent years? What about the ability to educate children or re-skill adults? Since it cannot be completed to a US level of ‘national policy objectives’ with humans from outside the USA, (see FM 3-1.1, page 11-4 where it’s addressed that the military fails at building schools), how can WE the PEOPLE be able to trust how our treatment/education/re-skilling would fare?!

The answer? The United Nations will ‘take care of us all’. Warriors, think about it, the US has sold out to the UN long ago, it’s helped shift our founding documents to global ones, it’s overtaken our education system (which reaches EVERY person in public schools or outside of them) with the US government’s help, AND, the US government, in turn, used the U.S. Military as ‘test dummies’ for Common Core! The U.S. Government and our local States also use the military for economic gain. So, what does all this mean, especially if we are classified as some sort of ‘enemy of the state’?! It means the words used in that 2010 PCAST Report will finally be 100% in place. (Those words were: Use STEM education to create STEM people with STEM jobs for a STEM nation to contribute to the global economy for the greater global good.)

Warriors, President Trump also has continued to support STEM and apprenticeships quite heavily in association to the most current PCAST Report.

Take into consideration the amount of militant type PSYOPs we’re seeing from the UN, our government (outside the military), and the CCSS Machine!


So, Warriors, what’s our reaction? Do we allow ourselves to become assimilated? No! Since the CCSS Machine, Big Government, Big Corporations think we must be controlled to the point of being held against our wills, we must use our actions to fight back. Not stand down, but rather, up. Especially for our families and children. The days are here where ‘education’ isn’t a factor anymore, at least not academically. So, if you don’t fight back to take back academics, then, fight back to save the family. Recent news has shown us that since education (especially during COVID) is such a mess, recent high school graduates from ALL educational backgrounds are choosing military service over college and trade schools.
I would urge you, to read this and consider very CAREFULLY. Would you want your own child, as a military personnel to take you into custody, if it came to it?!

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