U.S. Dept Of Education: Our Pretended Savior

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, as you know, my blog has been active since 2014. My activism in speaking out against Common Core and all that goes with it, began about 2008. So, after all these years of research, there’s really not THAT much which surprises me.

Regardless of political parties, we’ve learned (together) that the agenda in American education is to make it as globally connected as it can be.
THIS, not only attacks our attitudes and beliefs as Americans, but insults our values about what Americans stand for.

Being globally connected in this particular context only breeds ONE thing: nanny-state control. Under the current administration, the Secretary of Education (Dr. Cadona) is working at a mad-cap speed to increase the nanny-state-itis.

The Latest From The U.S. Dept. Of Education:

If you will remember, Warriors, I’ve given you much information on the ARP (American Rescue Plan) and the billions being thrown at education from a federal level to the State and local levels.

So, when this recent blog entry, The American Rescue Plan: Building the Bridge to Education and Beyond for Students Experiencing Homelessness, shared that $600 million of those billions would be ‘devoted’ to reaching the homeless students, it is another avenue by which the federal government is seeking to micromanage families.
(*Note: the guest entry on the US ED blog is from the non-profit entity SchoolHouse Connection. SHC, as it’s called is devoted to ensuring that homeless students of ALL ages have access to the CCSS Machine and the global agenda. Key to understanding how is the fact that the McKinney-Vento funding (taxpayer funds to address education for the homeless) was expanded in the passage of ESSA (or the Every Student Succeeds Act; aka: ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act). If you look at the SHC’s leadership team, you’ll notice that the globalized views of social justice, equity, sexuality, and, P3s (public private partnerships). If you look at the SHC’s 2020 Annual Report, you’ll find that one of the partnering CCSS Machine groups, NAESPA, National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators.
NAESPA, at one point, was the National Title One Association. According to this KY press release, Title One was considered the ‘cornerstone of the ESEA’.

Why does that matter in 2021? Because of the ESSA, the ESEA was 100% embedded. Also, Title One funding was given a major overhaul to include more nanny state control of entire families and communities. Along with the Title One overhaul to embed expanded medicalization via education, the McKinney-Vento funding was also expanded. As was the definition of ‘at-risk students’ and the services for them.

Warriors, the expansion of McKinney-Vento funds via the ARP will ONLY increase the overreaches of the federal government into your families.
In home visits, household economic surveys to determine how many families can receive free/reduced meals, regardless of attendance (KS is using these NOW), medical services determined by MORE testing, as well as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and biometrics.

Throwing Money Will Bring Students?

Warriors, it’s no secret that the U.S. Dept of Ed has thrown away more money over the years, than most of the other federal agencies combined. Remember, this particular agency is 100% unconstitutional. So, imagine how skewed the economy of our nation will be by the time this press release’s announcement of billions of dollars reaches the students. If you don’t read the entire press release, it’s important to point out that a vast amount of the funding will go toward mental health services and grants to ‘re-engage’ students in post-secondary education because COVID-19 was such a disruption.
Add that concept to the fact that page 17 of the ESSA clearly stated that ALL education MUST be aligned to the same post-secondary readiness standards as laid out in the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).

An Experiment And We’re The Test Dummies:

The ‘experiment’ I’m referring to was featured in this recent press release by the Dept. of Ed.
Warriors, it appears the first experiment with Pell Grants (money awarded to students to attend post-secondary education) went SO well, that a round 2 is being planned. Here’s an excerpt,
“The Second Chance Pell experiment has provided education opportunities for thousands of justice-involved individuals who have previously been unable to access federal need-based financial aid. The expansion will allow up to 200 colleges and universities to offer their prison education programs with support from the Pell Grant program, up from the 131 currently participating.”
The press release goes on to brag on how many credentials the prison based education system has produced.

Remember, page 17 of ESSA’s mandate? This is just one of the places it’s CTE (Career Technical Education) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) will be joined to help boost the skill based education hype known as learn to earn. CTE and STEM are part of that ‘post-secondary standards readiness’.

As if that’s not an experiment enough, think about the fact that as taxpayers, we already fund the prisons and the services the inmates receive.
So, now the ED wants us to pay for education programs, too?

As an added bonus, the Republican led U.S. House of Representatives’ Education and Labor Committee recently held a webinar (now archived) where they are fully supportive of this type of move to help boost the unfortunate and low-income families a better education with ‘free money’. Be sure to read the opening statement by the NC Rep. Murphy. Then contrast the entire webinar with the image below.

Straight From The White House:

Warriors, it’s no secret that the Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans when it comes to the educratic BS. In the previous Administration, we saw a massive increase in the skill based labor (aka Career Readiness) training passed off as quality education.
We saw apprenticeships kill academics in the name of the economy. The current Administration is simply enlarging the banner of this change in how we education Americans.

Recently, Pres. Biden made an announcement for nominations he’d like to have work in various federal positions. At least 3 are going to go to AmeriCorps Board. Of these 3, look at the ties to the CCSS Machine. Look at the workforce based education stances, thereby totally supporting this shift. (*Note: if you’re not sure, the Jobs for the Future (another federal gov’t overreach), Education Trust (where former U.S. Sec. of Ed, Dr. John King is working), New School Venture Fund are all members of the CCSS Machine.)

AmeriCorps are also a part of the CCSS Machine. Back in 2016, I detailed for you, how bad AmeriCorps really is, when it comes to educratic overreaches. Since then, I’ve given you updates on their encroachment on the family.


Warriors, we’ve no time to lose, once again! The CCSS Machine is NOT slowing down in ruining our education, it CANNOT succeed in ruining our families! The image below was geared to point to the abuse ESSA meted out in schools. We need to update it to express how abusive the educratic overreach is to entire communities AND families!

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