Monday, February 26, 2024

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Who’s Child?!

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, if you know the header image, you’ll recognize it’s a depiction of the Old Testament account of King Solomon and the two mothers claiming a baby was each of theirs and not the other. If you don’t recognize this particular account, think about all the accounts of heated divorces where two […]

A Nation Swindled

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, while all heads seem to be more interested in foreign affairs than what’s happening right under our noses, in education; there’s deep trouble ahead. As we know, and have learned together, the educrats in DC and in our other levels of government have swindled entire families; ruined dreams of true life, […]

  • Lynne Taylor  commented on Brute Force Ahead?!: You can either go to the CALEA website and search
  • Miriam Williams  commented on Brute Force Ahead?!: Wow - thank you for the excellent information. How
  • SDGs Up Close and Personal – Common Core Diva  commented on Blurring Lines: […] above is an image I used back in 2020 to
  • SDGs Up Close and Personal – Common Core Diva  commented on Educratic Summations: […] far less intrusive than an all out UN fo
  • Carol Rohde  commented on The Con Jobs Live On?: The global predicament :