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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, while all heads seem to be more interested in foreign affairs than what’s happening right under our noses, in education; there’s deep trouble ahead.

As we know, and have learned together, the educrats in DC and in our other levels of government have swindled entire families; ruined dreams of true life, liberty and pursuit of their happiness. How-so? Those high stakes assessments which are being used to slot students for lifelong servitude (aka ‘career ready’). Then, there’s the overt and blatant attack on our students minds (aka ‘social emotional learning’). Finally the criminal level of purposed intent to forever blur the values and beliefs of every family into oblivion (aka ‘comprehensive sexuality  education’).
We’ve watched as America’s foundation has been mocked, re-written to fit a global agenda of collectivism; seen our U.S. Constitution obstructed, as well as several State and Federal laws be utterly ignored.  We’ve witnessed the removal of all things God related and been replaced with science as a god. Within that shift, the creations of God become what’s worshiped, not the Creator Himself.

AND, D.C.’s not done….

Meet The Crucial Communism Teaching Act of 2023:

HR 5349 was introduced into the 118th Congress on Sept. 14, 2023 by (FL) Rep. Maria Elivira Salazar. There are 27 co-sponsors listed on Rep. Salazar’s Press Release (dated 9/6/2023). Since then, 6 more have signed on to also, co-sign. What’s ‘interesting’ about these Congress men and women is that almost every one of them referred to America or its founding as a DEMOCRACY in the Salazar press release. Some of these people have families who’ve fled communism to come to the US. However, because these Congress members have been taught that America is a democracy is very evident. Schools, for generations, have not taught that the nation is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

So, which are we, as a nation? We’re still a Constitutional Republic. We are quickly being changed into a totalitarian democracy to better align with the UN (United Nations) which already acknowledges all member-states as ‘democracies’. When your Congress members are more content to refer to the nation as the UN sees us, I would charge you with helping them understand that that’s a treasonous act.

Almost immediately after reading this seemingly patriotic bill, I realized that 1) Congress was  assigning the development of curriculum to a Foundation that was created by former Pres. Clinton under Public Law 103-199; 2) the entire community (not just the school students) needs better civics to understand the violence of communism; 3) States and local school leaders will be coached in how to use this brand new curriculum. The cost to us the taxpayer? According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Foundation in charge of creating the curriculum will pay. (*Note: The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization. We must ask ourselves why did a public law need to be created to form a non profit? It wasn’t until 2007, under former Pres. Bush that the statue to remember the victims was dedicated.)

HR 5349 has a twin ‘sister’ bill, S 634 (introduced in March 2023). The sponsor is Senator John Kennedy (LA) and the single co-sponsor is Sen. Rick Scott (FL)

BOTH bills are being sold as imperative to thwart outside communism and similar ideologies from entering the US schools. However, what BOTH totally miss is the fact that much of the communism ideologies and those very similar are ALREADY present in all levels of US education!

Wait, what, Lynne? Are you sure? Absolutely! All you have to do is look at the level of accepted communism/socialism/fascism and totalitarian oppression our government practices. Look at the archives from Charlotte Iserbyt’s Deliberate Dumbing Down website; especially her section called Soviets in the Classroom (*Note: you can download the 3 page pdf from the link provided.) Charlotte first wrote this in 1989. What is still in existence? Well for one, the data tracking in technology advances. The ruse of ‘school choice’; SEL (social emotional learning) direct links to the United Nations and plenty more. Of course, along with all the contracts and multi-government level agreements between the US and the former USSR, came the ideology!

SO, why is Congress so determined to OVERLOOK every bit of this?! But will be quick to point a finger at China or any of the other nations with communism?! Because it’s a way to continue a TOTALITARIAN rein in the US over education, from cradle to grave. It’s a way to continue to treat us like frogs in warmer and warmer waters to help cover their increased moves to insert AI, Smart Cities, Universal Basic Income (which those Education Savings Accounts are a form of) and so much more.

What else do HR 5349 and S 634 do? As stated above, these set in motion a US government funded (as well as private funding) non profit called the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, as THE developer and ‘curator’ of education across the nation. While, on the surface, this sounds great and even when looking at the surface, the curriculum seems solid it’s not until you really peel back the mainstream media/federal government snow job, that you see all is NOT at all what it seems! Did you catch, above, that the Foundation is to pay for the curriculum? Did you also see that the Foundation receives federal funding AS well as private? Hmm..that makes the Foundation a P3 (public private partner). P3s are fascism 101 ‘solutions'(which is from an ideology similar to communism).

Take a look at the curriculum yourselves. If you don’t see the state standards that this new national curriculum is tied to, at first, don’t fret. It’s there. You have to scroll down to the bottom. I’ve done the digging for you, as to where the social studies standards come from. However, the trail is tricky.
First stop: It’s a national history Common Core aligned group named the National Council for History Education.

From there, the partner group housed at the Univ. of CA, LA campus called the National Center for History Education in Schools
(*Note: if you missed the Common Core words on the left hand of the page, go here to see the specific alignment to the Common Core State Standards. Oh, wait, Common Core’s still around and in use? YES! It’s been rebranded in every State and still is very much in use.)

So, which State does the Foundation acknowledge as being aligned to? Florida! Yes, FL, one of the States which claimed that Common Core State Standards were eliminated (nope, just rebranded). Here’s the website link to show the linkage between the Foundation and FL. Furthermore, here’s the link to Gov. DeSantis’s latest move on communism. The Foundation also uses Streamable on-line platform for both teacher certification from the Foundation, and those school/districts or homeschool families using the curriculum. Those standards which are used in Streamable? South Carolina’s! The entire set-up is to encourage MORE computer time, even for field trips! More computer time means more data tracking of your students!

More Proof  That All’s Not Well:
Included in the Foundation’s curriculum are homework resources available to public schools, private, homeschools, or whatever other educational group is using the course. One included a video about the violence of Communism. The producer of the video is Capital Research Center. If you look at the website, you’ll see and read words which may cause you to think, ‘ok’ they are more interested in truth than politics. But are they? Look at some of the globalistic groups and Common Core tied entities which have funded CRC. Influence Watch website has CRC listed as a right leaning non-profit with roots to Reagan, Bush, the Hoover Institute and Heritage Foundation.
Another classic example of people or groups which have appeared to support America as a Constitutional Republic and carried on actions which go against that. Former Presidents Reagan and Bush helped usher in the communism in the classroom (read Charlotte’s pdf link). Hoover Institute and Heritage Foundation have supported school choice for decades. In this archived article of mine, I exposed not only CRC, but Pres. Bush, Hoover and Heritage!

Did you know that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s Resolution is featured on the ALEC website? ALEC is short for the American Legislative Exchange Council. If you think ALEC is a great organization and loves American education as God intended, I would urge you to read this report. ALEC is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for education.

According to the VoC’s 2022 Annual Report, you can find links to other troubling groups* like Harvard University, LearnDash (to be used as a global access to teacher training and curriculum), the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, the Strake Foundation (TX), the Sarah Scaife Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust.
(*Note: Why ‘troubling’? Well, we know without a shadow of a doubt that Harvard is a key Common Core/globalism player in education. LearnDash is as well. The Foundations listed have tons of money to give, and if you read their information, you’ll assume they mean to do exactly what those word say: protecting freedom and America. That is until you dig in to see some of the global or Common Core Machine groups they give money to. As far as the National Trust mentioned? Here’s a quote from the VoC’s Annual Report for 2022: “National Philanthropic Trust’s donors continued to recommend grants to organizations offering vital human services and working to strengthen democracy, all while remaining loyal to schools, faith based groups, the arts…”)

The entire VoC educational staff behind the Communism curriculum has ties to many major and minor higher education groups which have taught Common Core and aligned with the UN’s approach to education.  VoC has a bi-partisan caucus in Congress and is very much in partnership with the US State Dept. The US State Dept is a huge supporter of the UN; Common Core; STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math); is a partner of the U.S. Dept. of Education AND is an unconstitutional federal agency, just like the US Dept of Ed.

For Further Research:
1) From 2019, my article showing how education was teaching every ‘ism’ EXCEPT patriotism.

2) From this month, my interview with Chosen Generation Media on HR 5349.

3) My interview on HR 5349 with the Sons of Liberty Media morning show.

4) TNT Radio’s October 13 show where I discussed UBI as part of socialism. As well as Liberty Talk FM’s podcast “Living in the Solution”.

5) The September 2023 interview that I gave on the WVW Broadcast Network on which type of communism will HR 5349/S634.

6) From a Civil Rights Icon, Clarence Henderson, as well as myself. We discussed socialism and it’s ‘buddy’ social justice (aka: massive collectivism with a militant attitude). The article which was referred to in the introduction. The link to the video (which isn’t working) from my website, but has all the resources mentioned in the Clarence Henderson interview.

7) To see the CCSS Machine members Sarah Scaife’s Foundation gives, go here. Look for George Mason Univ., Heritage Foundation and Hoover Inst.
From Source Watch’s website, you’ll be able to see that the Scaife Foundation has given millions since 2015 to key CCSS Machine members who pose to be conservative and love America. Look for FreedomWorks (key to the GOP school choice sales pitches we are hearing throughout the nation), ASU (AZ State Univ.) a HUGE United Nations partner.
Sarah is also the niece to former US Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (as in CarnegieMellon Univ). Not only is the Carnegie family a huge CCSS Machine member; the Mellons are also. Combined, their university is considered a leader in AI (artificial intelligence) as well as workforce readiness for all.
8) To see the CCSS Machine members the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation supports, go here. Look for the stance on globalization. On the education page, look for KIPP schools, Teach for America, and the Center for Education Reform. All of which support cradle to grave skill based learning tied to the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

9) Strake Foundation’s donations which are related go to Teach for America, KIPP schools, FreedomWorks and a local United Way chapter. United Way is a dedicated UN partner. Teach for America is a breeder program for social justice educators steeped in Common Core! (*Note: you’ll have to sift through several webpages to find the ones I did, above.)

10) To better understand the nationwide head games being played out that ‘communism is all outside of America’, go here. We’ve been being played for years by BOTH sides of the aisle.


Anti Fed Ed Warriors,  from a research standpoint, there’s absolutely no difference between the Republican/Democrat parties, in education. I don’t have to share this, but I will. I am not a socialist. I do not believe in or support Communism, Fascism, Marxism and most especially totalitarianism. I believe in our God given rights as supreme. Next to that, the rights and liberties a constitutional republic affords me. I have fought against this globalism, especially knowing the roots of the shift in America stem from a mix of all the ideologies which aren’t in our foundation.

Take an old dictionary, the older the better. Look up communism as a word. The dictionary I used was the Oxford 1971 English Dictionary. Among the different definitions, here’s one that totally embraces the people behind and pushing both HR 5349 and S 634:
Back in France, 1848 there was a group by that name and when Goodman Barmby first addressed the group on communism, he noted that the reputation of communism had become world-wide. (as published in The Apostle No. 1, 1848) It was also noted in the complete definition that communism starts with things whereas socialism begins with people.

Make no mistake, I am not attacking the Republicans (all of the sponsors and co-sponsors of S 634 and HR 5349). Nor am I supporting the Democrats who’ve yet to weigh in. How can we deny they won’t join in? Remember a BIPARTISAN caucus exists to ‘fight communism’.
I AM calling out this quasi ‘do good/patriotic’ foundations.
Using millions of their fortunes (and how many of them actually earned the money themselves or are actually using money from profits earned from their employees?) to INFLUENCE and CHANGE America’s policies?!

Remember policies are NOT law!
My burning question to you, and, to them: Why are we laser focusing on ONE type of communism outside our borders, but NOT focusing on the levels of all communism AND ALL related ideologies ALREADY within our borders?!





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