The Latest Unconstitutional Spending That Attacks Your 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights

Unconstitutional spending is what is devaluing the dollar, leading to inflation, spurring on corruption and yes, is being used to both indoctrinate our children and turn fellow Americans against one another. It’s also attacking the rights of the people protected under the First and Second Amendments. In this episode, Lynne Taylor joins me as we look at the latest spending bill’s attacks.

Additional resources provided by Lynne, along with two previous shows mentioned.

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The Cornell University legal resources for DC vs Heller (cited in the 2nd article above. It is supposedly the single most important Supreme Court decision concerning individual rights for guns.
**When you consider the Supreme Court is supposedly the exclusive authority on the interpretation of the Constitution, this is a big deal. So why is Congress devoting so much to their versions of gun ownership?
From the 117th Session (none of these bills have the text uploaded to yet. Each has the nebulous ‘and other purposed’ attached to their brief summaries.):
Gun Control (First and Second Amendments):
HR 38 (no text of the bill is available, but you can read the press release from NC Rep Hudson, who’s sponsoring it. The bill has over 150 co-sponsors and is a ‘recycled’ bill (meaning it’s been introduced in previous Congressional sessions). While this bill appears to protect the 2nd Amendment, by making conceal restrictions relaxed for nationwide travel, that opens the door for more data tracking of gun owners.
HR 137 seeks to increase the mental health tracking of gun owners or citizens seeking to become gun owners. Supposedly by increasing mental health treatment, gun violence will decrease.
HR 135 seeks to have the FBI report to Congress about the number of firearm transfers and control who has access to them.
HR 125 seeks to increase the waiting time for certain firearms.
HR 127 seeks to limit ammunition as well as licensing/registration.
I cannot find current press releases from these bills’ sponsor (Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee from TX), but you can get an idea of her stance on guns from this 2020 article:
HR 167 is sponsored by Rep. Al Green of TX. This bill seeks to prohibit some gun show activities. I couldn’t find a press release, but here’s a look at the Representative’s stance on gun control across the board:
HR 95 seeks to redefine what can and cannot be classified as a firearm and thus impact the IRS codes for ownership. Sponsored by Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC, at least one gun news website is impressed with this bill. However, we must consider that anytime the federal government seeks to change the tax codes at the IRS, they are okaying the MASSIVE data tracking increases that Congress and the President just signed into law (PL-116-260) for ‘technology modernization’ using artificial intelligence and reworking the infrastructure of the IRS (among other federal agencies).

HR 177 from Rep. Wittman (VA) seeks to reauthorize certain parts of the HEA (Higher Education Act) to extend federal Pell Grants to more CTE (Career Tech Education) post-secondary schools.
This link shows you his ardent support for CTE (which is the adult version of Common Core):
HR 150 from Rep. Norcross (NJ) has recycled a bill from the 116th session called the Worker’s Memorial Day and seeks to make this a federal holiday. It will also attach to health, especially in the name of COVID. This will also go back to education via ‘skills’ or ‘learn to earn’.
HR 188 seeks to amend Title 19 of the Social Security Act in relation to giving States greater flexibility when it comes to excluding abortion providers. The sponsor is Rep. Cloud (TX). Title 19 is where Medicaid funds are located. These same Medicaid funds are using in Title One from the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to allow for schools to be recognized as federal health care centers. Even if the schools aren’t allowing abortions, the funds are calculated based on the number of 5-17-year-old children (regardless of school location or type) from your State.
HR 140 seeks to separate who’s considered a national and who’s a citizen upon their birth on US soil. The sponsor is Rep. Dr. Babin of TX. His stance on immigration can be found on his website.

Why I placed this under immigration is this will tie in several ways. One: globalism, two: taxpayer funds for all the support systems tied to education, three: ELL (English Language Learning funds in ESSA)HR 69 seeks to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in the US and year-round.

Bill sponsor is Rep. Buchanan (FL) His previous bill on this was the Sunshine Protection Act.
According to his 2020 stance, health and economics greatly benefit from DST. This will also attach itself to education via control of school days, and climate change.
HR 214 from Rep. Stewart (UT) seeks to also make DST permanent, but it’s the language used:
“Allows States to…”
Here’s the 116th’s version of Stewart’s bill:
HR 40 from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee seeks a national apology and repayment to descendants of slaves via a commission study group. Currently, there are 129 co-sponsors.
This attaches to education due to the use of America’s founding, using the years 1619 to 1865.
While Project 1619 is being used in schools to slant history, the 1776 Commission created by Pres. Trump is unconstitutional and has an appointed group leading it, thereby slanting views to fit the narrative, not the Constitution.
HR 29 from Rep. Biggs (A) seeks to defund the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. According to the Rep.’s website, these 2 separate funds are pork belly projects.
Both of these endowments just got huge financial gains from the omnibus PL116-260.
Both these endowments are embedded in education and no doubt many will scream over defunding both. However, both these endowments use the UN’s SDGs, align to Common Core, Career Tech Education, College/Career Readiness, and STEM/STEAM.
We shouldn’t use taxpayer funds in education at any level to support the UN. (Rep. Biggs also is a huge ‘school choice’ disciple.
Press release:
HR 144 and HR 204 are sponsored by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX). Both seek to use federal dollars to fund science education in either higher ed or early-career research. If you look at the Rep’s website, education is not even among her top issues.
HR 55 (lynching classified as a hate crime) and HR 156 (Blue Collar to Green Jobs Act) are sponsored by Rep. Bobby Rush (IL).
The last bill will increase the Dept. of Energy’s imprint on skill-based education for the ‘green agenda’ of the UN’s SDGs.

HR 210 from Rep. Frank (OK) is all about promoting STEM education, especially in rural areas. According to this Oct. 2020 feature, Frank totally embraces the nanny state gov’t for every American.

HR 97 seeks to totally wipe out the death penalty in the US. Sponsored by Rep. Espaillat (NY).
This will fall under civil rights in education. According to Rep. Espaillat’s website, civil rights and inclusion are his top goals. (his first act as a Representative was to join the LGBTQ Congressional Caucus)
If you look at his education platform, he’s a global sellout and sits on very powerful committees.
From Pres. Trump’s Desk (signed into laws Jan. 5th, 2021):
Former HR 1240 (will attach to skill-based education and the economy via the US Fish and Wildlife Agency)
Former HR 2468 (mandates schools for allergen and asthma control)
Former HR 4031 (creates the Great Lakes Initiative)
Former HR 7105 (creates more skill-based re-training for US Vets)
Former HR 7560 (extends the Peace Corps and US involvement)

On Pres. Trump’s desk and not signed:
HR 221 (an anti-Semitic bill which will have the US State Dept use global tactics)
Audience resources from my blog:
How these Endowments, as well as International Baccalaureate schools and CCSS aligned education mirror communism in the arts:
(there are at least 14 pages of published research on this one topic of education)

How the passage into law for FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making) openly attacked our Constitutional Rights and made the Patriot Act look like a coloring book:
*Most noted are the 1st and 2nd amendments
Here’s our 2019 broadcast of the Congressional oppression of gun rights via education:

One of my first articles on the CCSS Machine’s grab (via the U.S. Dept. of Health/Human Services Project AWARE): AND (where you can see an actual anti-gun CCSS resource)

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