Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Aligned Parents?!

Sic 'Em Saturday
From the "Stop Common Core in New York State" Facebook page. 1/3/15
From the “Stop Common Core in New York State” Facebook page. 1/3/15

Outrageous, isn’t it?! Not only will this Community College help you, they will charge you over $100.00 per person! One sentence even says, “Changes in curriculum and lack of recall often render adults helpless when they try to assist their children with mathematics.” Oh fabulous, not only am I a parent struggling to help my child, dealing with their meltdowns over homework, feeling ‘less than’ about themselves; NOW I have to have a Course catalog describe me as being rendered helpless?? Could you be more insulting Suffolk??!!

The Community College is located in Suffolk County, NY. They also are offering a similar course for parents in the subject of science. Same price. If you want help preparing for college readiness?? That’s a whopping $408.00! See the course catalog: Courses mentioned are on pages 6 and 7.

I am hoping the citizens of  NY  will be wise, ditch the class. Why? Because when should the parents have to take a course to help with homework?! Community colleges in NY receive not only federal funding, but state level funding as well as county taxpayer money. Add to that the citizens are paying taxes for education and then they’re being charged to take a class to understand the education! Talk about insult on top of injury…Seriously, think about it..I pay taxes to fund education, both at the K-12 level AND the higher education level. Then, I have students in that education system. Add to that that the homework is gibberish. Help is now available, BUT at a cost. Are you kidding me?? Now, if I’m the county, I’m sitting pretty because I have the taxpayer over the proverbial barrel. Would this qualify as double trouble??

Are there others out there?

Are you wondering if there are other such courses for parents? I am! So far, I’ve not been very successful in finding a parent/child not for credit course from any other state for Common Core homework. However, I have found several sites that continue to point out the same resources, the Parent Guides from the PTA (pro CCSS), the Council for Great Schools (pro CCSS), Achieve the Core (pro CCSS). But why is it a big deal if a community college offers this?! Well, consider the fact that a) community colleges are usually tax payer funded. If you have a Community College course in your state offering ‘help’ for parents, please share the details. 

Here’s a somewhat related (pro CCSS) news report from Washington, D.C. See what they have to say about parents needed support/help:

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To help balance all the pro CCSS parent support, I leave you with my fellow warrior, author, parent, and friend, Karen Lamoreaux as she knocks the CCSS math out of the park!

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  1. When I saw that I am almost fell over! It is INSANE that we have to go back to school so that we can help our children with basic math, and they want us to pay for it! Well written! Thank You!!

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