Monday Musings: It’s the End as We Know It?!

Monday Musings
If HR 5, S117, and HEA pass AS IS, we can expect more of this scene above.
If HR 5, S117, and HEA pass AS IS, we can expect more of this scene above.

I was once a very proud citizen of the USA. However, lately I’m not sure I’m so enamored with this land. Why? This battle against Common Core, all it stands for, all it’s destroyed, has rendered my Warrior’s heart quite beleaguered.
If this sounds about right for where you are in the War Against the Core, I invite you to read on and share in my musings. If this doesn’t sound like you at all, I encourage you to ponder the following words.

The End?

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember the R.E.M. song titled, “It’s the End of the World”. The declarative statement throughout the song is that while it’s the end, the people singing feel fine about it.

However, I’d like to ask, ‘If our educational system gets burdened down by MORE Common Core, Career and Technical Paths, data mining, teacher retraining to align to all that is CCSS/CT Paths, and high stakes assessments, will America be fine?’ I shudder to think so. In fact, from what I’ve researched and shared, I feel fairly certain America will  NOT be all; ever again. Quite a drastic answer, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be.

Why would I share these deeply felt thoughts with you? Because, if you’ve not been able to feel the seriousness of what we face before now, it is my hope for you to be impacted now.

We tend to react to that which sparks us, I hope you are ‘sparked’ sufficiently and ready to act to SAVE America from this drab forecast. I know I am.

The Time is Now!

It’s a symbolic time of the year for we, the citizens of America. We’ve just seen our nation mark another year of independence from our former oppressor, England. Unlike most Americans this year, I didn’t mark the observance of independence. Why? Because our nation IS oppressed now! Especially in education.

While my years of research have uncovered vast amounts of all the places where the undermined education has already occurred (or is occurring now or soon thereafter);  or uncovered the many groups of people responsible for such, I must be honest and admit  it was the uncovering of the evidence impacting our babies, that really cemented WHY I didn’t feel celebrating the 4th of July was appropriate.

You see, most coverage for the overreach of the CCSS Machine has been focused on the K-12th grade area; sometimes it’s the only area. As you may know, I was spurred into action back in 2009 to uncover all the OTHER areas the CCSS Machine had begun to mow over.

Areas like the post-secondary world, home education, private education, faith-based schools, charter schools, extra curricular activities, honor clubs, curricula choices, and on and on. With each new area discovered, researched, and reported, my heart has felt bereaved for this nation. You’ve no idea the amount of tears shed, not just for my children, but your children as well. No matter how old they are, they are our FUTURE.

While most days I’m as strong as an ox, and as feisty as can be, there are the days like I’ve described above. I’m blessed to be able to pick up my ‘belt of truth’ everyday. And, though my heart may be burdened, I’ll never stop fighting to right this wrong for our FUTURE..our students, no matter how old they are, where they were educated, or what journey it is which brings us together.  I’m fighting to preserve FREEDOM.

Your Turn, My Fellow Warriors: Will We Walk These Next Days United?
We find ourselves, my fellow anti CCSS warriors, on the cusp of a huge time for American education. If we’ve not done so before now, now’s the time to pick up our courage, pluck up our gumption, and face those around us knowing we’ve fought well, we’ve fought consistently, and we’ve fought without selling out to the agenda of the CCSS Machine.

We know that those elected to represent us, as citizens, taxpayers, and therefore, their employers, will of heard our voices as one.
We’ve successfully stood up for our students, our education system, our nation, and ourselves.
We uplift those with the duty to vote as the people have HALT HR5 and/or S1177. We’ve spoken how so many levels, using words and pictures, to the dangers of the HR5 and S1177 as they are currently written.
We’ve recognized the massive amounts of data mining, social emotional manipulation, the Workforce road map, and the ruining of education via the P3s (public, private partnerships.

You see, fellow warriors, it’s quite simple, if Congress has truly taken to heart our Warrior message, we’ll have another opportunity to take back American education. However, if Congress has hardened its heart against we the citizens, then, come next election, we turn against those who upheld the alignment of American education to the CCSS Machine. Our Constitutionally protected votes are powerful.

To call your Member of Congress:
U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 {main switchboard}

To Tweet a message of disdain about the mess our educational system is in:
#stopcommoncore #TakeBackAmerica #WakeUpAmerica #StopECAA

Feel free to leave any other way of contacting our elected officials in Washington, D.C. which are not mentioned above (use the ‘comments’ section below). We’re in this War together, and we stand much stronger as one, than we do alone.

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