That “S” Word?!

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Greetings to all my fellow Anti Fed Ed Warriors and those opposed to overreaches into our homes in the name of education.

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So, what “S” word am I referring to in my title for today’s article? Warriors, it’s ‘Satanism’. Yes, I know you may have already seen and read my research about the ASSCs (After School Satan Clubs), but there’s even more news you should know about. The rest of the article is devoted to the updates surrounding schools and Satanism.

Back in 2014, I was able to trace the roots of the UN (United Nations) to Satanism. If you missed that one, go here.

So, what about 2019? What updates can you learn about? Why do I (as a Parent Warrior) need to know this, after all my child may not go to a school where ASSCs are located?

Because the Satanists are not content with simply having community wide after school programs, they are after every child in every school during the school day. As you see, below, that’s exactly what response I got. (*Note, if you cannot see the image clearly, open it in another tab.)

The news about Knoxville’s Satanic Ministry was SO big, several media outlets covered it. I’m including links to them. Be sure to look at the cute images used to attract children. Also, be sure to read that the way TN law is set up, even Christian based clubs/classes cannot meet on school grounds, use school money, and, must definitely have written parental consent. 

From WBIR, Nov. 4, 2019
From KnoxNews, Nov. 2, 2019

Deep In The Heart Of TX:

To access the guide from Protect Children Project, go here. If you’d like to see the other guides for students, those are available here.

Warriors, let me pause here. If you go back and read one of the TN articles, the argument raised by the Satanists is that all children should receive a government sanctioned education. They are in full support, yet, this Protect Project has issue with parts and parcel of the government sanctioned education. So, which is it? While claiming to want to protect students, there’s too much focus on religious freedom. The official site for the ASSCs boasts of 9 States across America with these Clubs. With the bold response I received from TN, we should be on the lookout for other Satanic Children ministries.

Warriors, to be 100% pro-active in this battle for our souls, we cannot hide behind man-made laws alone.

The moves, like a student guide to fighting back against schools, are a thinly veiled attack on parents and Christians everywhere. Go back and read the mention (by the Knoxville group) that every religion EXCEPT Christianity is open to being protected. For a group which wants freedom for all, they sure have a twisted view.

The UK’s Guardian also poses a few questions which need to be answered. Warriors, as always with the CCSS Machine and the UN involved, we must read between the lines when groups like the ones in Knoxville throw their hat into the education ring. If you look at the phrases uses, ‘humanism’, ‘normalizing Satanism’, ‘belief in scientific evidence’, etc. what we are seeing right before our eyes, is the shift AWAY from our values, beliefs, and attitudes of a free America, to a soul-less, mindless following.

Warriors, America’s hardly the only nation dealing with all the ‘isms’ overreaching into schools. This ‘isms’ are succeeding in one thing: one world, one belief, one body of minions.


Warriors, with the history of violence, abuse, and death surrounding Satanism, it is foolish to believe that in 2019 they’ve come up with a much blander and more sedate course of action to steal education away from parents. The real goal isn’t your family, it’s teaching your children to be self reliant, to be hard-hearted, and, to trust no one.

Isn’t that the same goal the UN’ SDGs offer? It’s no wonder that the ASSCs use and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). STEM is the UN’s education change agent of choice.

With a new push to go for students during school, what more will we be up against?!

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